Rocks Off 7 Function Rock Chick Mini C-Shaped Vibrator

I’d been excited by the C-shaped vibrators, ever since I saw an ad for the very first we-vibe. I thought they looked like a very good way to achieve external and internal stimulation without the need for a girthy rabbit, and some can be worn during penetrative sex, but when I saw the price tag on the we-vibe my jaw-dropped. Years later, I came across this little thing and thought, hurrah! An affordable C-shape at last.

On first look, taking this toy out of the packaging, it looks and feels great. The silicone is super soft to the touch, it’s flexible but still firm, and the colour is appealing. I think it’s well manufactured, which is what you’d expect for the price tag. You just unscrew the top, put in one N size battery, screw it back on, and you’re ready to rock.

I have to add here that I hate and I mean HATE N sized batteries. They are difficult to find and run out of juice quickly. I recommend always removing them from the sex toy as soon as you are done to prolong their life.

The bullet vibrator’s functions are great, good variety of patterns and speeds, yet still not too many to scroll though, so you can easily find your favourite. You just have to click the top button to get to them. They feel nice and pretty strong, no high-pitched buzzing either.

This is when things went down hill for me. Being slim, and flexible, the bottom shaft is pretty easy to insert, which is great. However, the vibrations don’t travel particularly well down it, leading to not as much stimulation as I would like. Also, because its flexible, it doesn’t apply much pressure to the G-spot, if you are lucky enough to be able to find your G-spot with this thing. So I think it would be difficult to get a G-spot orgasm with it, unless you can orgasm with very little stimulation to this area. Still, it feels pretty nice.

The next problem, for me, was that if I got the inner shaft in place, the outer one was doing pretty much notting to my clit. It is smooth, and the vibrations are not super powerful, as they are diluted along the shaft of the top section. The problem for me, I realised, was that I either need to be able to precisely stimulate my clit using the tip of a bullet, or have powerful, rumbly vibration that cover a large area. With this toy you can do neither of those things, which left me frustrated. No G-spot or clitoral orgasms achieved using this toy.

The final issue, is that this toy is not hands free. It slips out easily and is tricky to hold in place, if you happen to magically stumble upon a position that feels good. The position of the button makes it difficult to change the setting while it’s inserted too, particularly as you have to push the button fairly hard, you end up pushing the whole thing out, and, sighing, have to start again.

I think this toy would benefit from some texture to increase the clitoral stimulation and perhaps a remote control. That said, the bullet is removable and is a great little bullet, pretty powerful once you remove all that padding of the silicon sleeve! So on the bright side, you’ve got yourself a nifty little bullet even if you get not joy from this toy being C-shaped.

Maybe there is a magical woman out there who has the ideal anatomy for this toy to be amazing. Sadly, that’s not me. I’ll be continuing my search for C-shaped vibrator that I love.

You can purchase it here



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