Wand Essentials Flutter Tip Magic Wand Attachment

I got myself a Lovehoney Magic Wand after hearing all the hype about wand massagers and reading all the glowing reviews. They were all true, and I love mine. However, I’ve always been a fan of the light touch, and although my wand can cause me to orgasm in record time, I kind of miss the build up. Enter the fantastic flutter tip attachment!

I cannot sing it’s praises enough; this thing sends me to explosive heights only previously reached during oral sex by a talented lover. It’s made of a simple purple silicone, soft to the touch, but not as nice as high-end silicone. The head slips easily over the head of my Lovehoney Magic Wand (I can’t comment on other models), without the need for any lube. This is great because it keeps the actual wand head clean. I never like it when I can’t put a toy under the tap to give it a proper clean, so this way my Magic Wand is protected and the flutter tip can go in the sink for a scrub when I’m done.

Once it’s securely over the wand, I turn the dial of the wand to the lowest setting. On this setting you can see the whole sail of the flutter tip moving in a memorizing way. I recommend covering the whole sail and yourself in lots of lube, it really adds to the oral sex vibe, and feels much better. I like to keep my wand on the lower setting for a slow build up, using the flutter tip between my labia and also to the side of my clit. Doing this, combined with lots of water based lube feels like my clit is being gently licked and the orgasm builds up deep inside me really slowly, until ever nerve ending is on edge and I’m moaning in pleasure. It’s a slow but truly joyful experience, and I love taking the time to treat myself properly.

You can also use the horns to pinpoint stimulate your clit, however, you’d need to turn your wand up so those delicious deep vibrations make it through to the tip, and the vibrations tend to diffuse a bit as they travel along it.

Finally, if you want to change up the sensation and go back to a large area of powerful stimulation, simply turn your wand so the sail of the flutter tip is facing away from you and use the flat side of the attachment like you normally use your wand. In fact, I would recommend doing this to keep your wand clean, even if you don’t feel like using the flutter tip.

Overall, I think this is a fantastic attachment, it can cause a range of sensations, and works as a fabulous oral sex simulator. It helped me get a lot more magic out of my wand!

You can buy it here

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