Fiction: An introduction to Jacob

He held the back of my neck as he kissed me; a hard, determined grip. I’d forgotten how good his kisses are; deep, urgent and sensual. He released me and I glanced around the table. My friends, deep in late night conversation, were not paying attention. I sipped my drink as he casually let an arm rest over my shoulders, relaxed and comfortable, fingers just brushing on my nipple. I’ve always loved how laid back he is; he radiates calm.

I remembered back to the first night we had sex. No big romance; I hadn’t really noticed Jacob before that night. I was just 18 back then, young and beautiful with a libido in over drive. I’d had a night out on the town, drinking and laughing in the rock bars and alternative clubs. Towards the end of the night I’d fallen into the arms of an older man I’d never met before. Too intoxicated to care, I let him make out with me and grope me, and when it was time to go home he tried to get in the taxi with me. Myra, my fierce lesbian lover, fought him off, red nails like talons, as she spat curses in his direction until he backed off, leaving me in her protective arms, head resting on her exposed cleavage. But Jacob was allowed to join us; he was just a friend of Myra’s who needed a place to stay.

Back at Myra’s flat she stripped me naked, expertly unhooking my bra, and I docilely complied to her every command. She turned on the shower and bade me get in. Warm water soothed my body and awakened my senses, dulling the effects of a night of alcohol. Soon Myra was behind me, rubbing my shoulders and down my back, caressing my warm skin. I let out a long sigh, the warmth of the water mixing with her caresses to become pure bliss. The noise of the night gradually left my mind as Myra wrapped her arms around me and began touching my breasts, squeezing gently and rubbing her thumbs across my nipples. She added slow, hot kisses to my neck and I released a moan of pleasure, my nipples hardened and blood rushed to my vulva, sensitizing it.  I could feel her large, soft breasts pressed against my back as the water ran between us and she continued to caress my nipples, her tongue warm on my neck.

I let out another moan and she began moving her hand south, one hand still on my breast, the other stroking my stomach and side. A shiver ran through my whole body as her hand lightly traced the curve of my waist, then circled back around to my pubic mound, fingers deftly stroking the fine, soft hair she found there. I gasped as she touched my wet, swollen clit, her finger teasing apart my labia as she briefly pushed her finger inside my cunt before sliding back up. She moved in slow circles across my clit, slick now from arousal, listening closely to my reactions as I continued to moan. Her left hand still stimulated my nipple, gently caressing through the water that cascaded down my body like a shallow stream. I felt the wetness of my cunt grow with every circle of her finger, sparks of pleasure fluttered through my body as the orgasm began to build. My legs began to shake, my whole body shuddering in her arms as she tightened her grip on me, supporting my writhing body as she sped up her movements on my clit. My cunt contracted and released, pulsing out pleasure, and every nerve ending was on edge, my lower belly rock hard as the pleasure got more and more intense. I felt I couldn’t take anymore, on the tipping point of orgasm, and yet the feeling kept building as Myra kept her fingers moving in the exact pattern she knew drove me wild. She squeezed my nipple hard, sending a shock wave through my body and with that extra hit I came, a long loud moan escaping my lips, heat flooding through my body.

Myra smiled, stroking my wet skin and kissed my breasts. I embraced her, kissing all over her face, elated by the endorphins rushing through my body. We stepped out the shower, still holding on to one another. She wrapped me up in a soft fluffy towel that had been heated on the radiator. I felt warm and safe and loved, all cozy in that towel, and she led me to bed.

Jacob was sitting on the sofa in the bedroom, his eyes half closed, long dreadlocks splayed unevenly around him, an ice filled drink in his hand. Myra, thoroughly distracted by me, seemed to have forgotten he was there. She looked uncertainly at him. “Is it still okay for me to crash here?” he asked, meeting her gaze. I nodded sleepily when she glanced at me. “Of course, I’m going to sit up and watch a movie for a few hours if you’d like to join me? I always need to chill out a bit before sleep after a night out on the razz” Myra said. Jacob looked uneasy “to be honest, Myra, I’m beat”.

I had already discarded my towel and snuggled down under the warm duvet when Myra threw a blanket at him and unceremoniously left the room, closing the door so we wouldn’t be disturbed by her late night horror movie. I heard the sofa creaking as Jacob tossed and turned, trying to find a comfortable position on the too-small furniture, still wearing his black jeans and t-shirt. “You can share the bed with me, if you like?” I said, not intending anything more than to relieve his discomfort and offer him a pleasanter place to sleep.  He cautiously crept over, footsteps light on the carpeted floor, as if he was afraid to wake me. I lifted a corner of the duvet, welcoming him inside.

He silently slipped in next to me, lying on his back, his toned chest rising and falling slowly as he breathed, but otherwise still and at peace. He smelt sweet and masculine, a faint scent of rolling tobacco and marijuana clinging to his dread locked hair. My heart started beating fast, thumping inside my chest. I was intoxicated by his warm body, and the scent of his skin, so close to mine. I cautiously reached out and stoked his hard, solid bicep. He turned to look at me, rolling onto his side, a curious look on his face. A smile twitched at at the corner of his lips. I stroked my hand down his arm, feeling the ripples of his muscles, coming to rest on his hand. He laced his fingers with mine, somewhat absent mindedly. My heart was still thumping, the blood rushing in my ears, my naked body aching to be touched by him. He seemed to be thinking, weighing up his options, all the while just calmly holding my hand.

Abruptly, he moved his face closer to mine, our intertwined hands acting as a barrier between us. I was looking into his deep brown eyes, that playful look still on his face, completely powerless to speak or move least I break the spell.  Then he lent in and kissed me, cautiously at first, and then passionately as I enthusiastically reciprocated. I broke my hand away from his and grabbed on to the back of his neck, breaking the barrier and forcing our bodies closer together. He moved his face away so I could see that same curious, excited expression on his face, his lips twitching and eyes glinting. He traced a finger down my spine, causing a shiver to run through my body. Then, giving me a questioning smile, leaned over the side of the bed, picking something up off the floor and popping it into his mouth.

Turning back, he quickly kissed me again. The shock of a hard, cold object being transferred to my tongue by his sent tingles rippling from the top of my head, spreading out and swirling down my naked body. A wide smile spread across his gleeful face as he registered my shock and arousal. He turned away to retrieve another ice cube from the glass next to the bed, sucking it sensually. He knelt up, his broad chest leaning over me, and I turned onto my back in response, looking up at his beautiful silhouette in the pale dawn light. Taking the ice from his mouth, he began to slowly trace it along my neck and chest, the cold, hard, wet sensations mingling together. I shuddered as he moved the ice along my collar bone and drew wide circles around my breasts. He slowly spiraled the cold wet cube towards my nipple. As the tension and anticipation grew inside me, he was taking enjoyment in taunting me, taking his time. Right as the icy spiral was about to reach my nipple he stopped and began spiraling in the other direction, outwards until he began circling the other breast. I let out a grunt of frustration, and he smiled at me coyly.

I gasped in shock as he suddenly touched my extra sensitive nipples with the icy cube, both nipples hard at the same instant, my back arching, as he reached into the glass with his other hand for another cube. With one hand tracing icy paths between each nipple, he traced the second melting cube around my stomach and down to my thighs, spreading them open so he could trace along the sensitive inner thigh skin. He leant over and sucked on my nipple, his hot mouth contrasting to my icy treatment, sending waves of warmth through my body as my cunt pulsed and my wetness joined the cool liquid of melted ice. I felt cold ice on my clit, tracing over my labia and over my clit again. I let out another frustrated moan, this time deep, on the edge of pleasure, as he slipped the ice into my cunt. My back arched again, the heat of my body quickly melting the cube that was inside me, it’s icy water dripping out and running down to my anus.

Unable to take anymore teasing, I grabbed a fist full of his thick dreads and pulled his head to my face, kissing him deeply and fumbling with the top button of his jeans. He got the message, and pulled back from me to pull off his t shirt, shaking his dreads free, his dark skin gleaming in the dawn light. Deftly, he took his wallet from his jeans pocket and thumbed out a condom, a look of excitement in his eyes. I tugged at his jeans urgently, and he pulled them off, boxer shorts and all, and suddenly we were there, both naked, lying next to each other in Myra’s bed, our young bodies pumped with sexual anticipation and excitement, breathing heavily and regarding one another. I leaned in and kissed his neck lightly, stroking his chest as he fumbled with the condom, sliding it down his hard erection. He passionately pushed me back down onto the bed, spreading my thighs and maneuvering one foot onto each of his shoulders. He massaged my clit with his thumb, his hard cock pushing on the entrance to my cunt. I moaned as he thrust hard against me, filling my cunt with his cock, still massaging my clit as he got deeper and deeper inside me.

Footsteps outside, the living room door slammed deliberately. He sprang off me as quickly as he could, our naked bodies quickly concealed by the duvet. We lay stone still, eyes closed in a fake sleep state, as Myra came bursting into the room. She glared around the room suspiciously. Spotting the condom wrapper on the floor she violently shook me awake. “Where’s the condom, Jez, where is it?!!” she roared at me, pointing at the crumbled wrapper. Stunned, Jacob’s eyes snapped open, as he attempted to shelter me from Myra’s rage “Myra, where the fuck do you think it is?!” he said calmly, looking her straight in the eye. Myra’s jaw dropped, she stood there gob-smacked, her eyes moving between me and Jacob, processing the situation. “Give it to me! Give me the condom!!” Myra screamed, unable to focus on anything else.

Back in the present, I laughed out loud at the memory of Myra, standing there in her dressing gown demanding to be granted possession of a used condom. She was angry at Jacob for some time over that, but she forgave me. Now I’m older and wiser I know I put her through hell. Jacob glanced over at me curiously. I just smiled and whispered in his ear “isn’t it time for bed?”.

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