Lovehoney BASICS Slimline Butt Plug

This was my first ever anal toy. I’ve had anal sex before, with varying degrees of success and pleasure. I’ve also had partners finger my butt during sex, particularly at the point of orgasm and always found it enjoyable. I think because of this sometimes when I masturbate I feel like I want to add another level of sensation down there. So, naturally, I went in search of a suitable, small, non-intimidating beginners butt plug.

As butt plugs were a completely new experience to me, I didn’t want to spend much money, just incase I didn’t get on with it. This one from Lovehoney is very affordable, with a RRP of only £6.99. It is, however, made of skin-safe rubber which is phthalate free and safe to use, but it is also porous so could potentially harbour bacteria. Therefore I think this toy is a great starting point, but for regular use I would upgrade to something non-porous such as silicon or glass (as I have done, see this and this and this).

The first impression I had was “wow, butt plugs are big!” I don’t know why, but I kind of expected it to be the same size as the picture on my computer screen, but boy was I wrong! It’s about the length of my hand. I’m so glad I took the time to find a slim, beginners toy, as I don’t think my poor bum could take anything bigger!

On removing it from the packet I noticed how soft and squishy it is. It’s made of a very flexible purple jelly material. It’s also got a really nice tapered shape, with such a gradual gradient opening to about the diameter of a 1p coin. This immediately made me feel more at ease. I thought, okay, this could feel nice.

So I lubed it up with loads of water-based lube, both all over the toy and on myself, with an extra blob of lube on the very tip of the plug for extra ease of insertion. I started off slow, just teasing the entrance to my ass, which felt nice. I slowly added more pressure, stopping if it felt uncomfortable. I found that if I breathed out while pushing in I was more relaxed and open, allowing the full length of the plug to go inside. The flared base worked perfectly to keep the toy from inserting any further.

Once in place, the feeling was intense. It’s difficult to describe, it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before. It was like all my nerves were on edge and every stoke to my body was intensified. I masturbated using my Lovehoney Magic Wand with a flutter tip attachment to tease my clit. Oh my god, the feeling was amazing! Every sensation had been amplified, and I was moaning and squirming in pleasure almost immediately! I felt an intense heat over my whole crotch; another new sensation, that built up to an explosive, screaming orgasm. The plug stayed firmly in place through the whole ordeal.

Once I’d calmed down and my afterglow had subsided, I removed the butt plug by gently pulling on its flared base, and it easily slid out. Then I washed it in the sink with antibac soap and hot water. It was then I discovered its base doubles as a suction cup, so I stuck it to the tiles to dry.

As an anal beginner, this toy was a definite winner for me. It’s opened my eyes to the wonderful world of anal play and I look forward to growing and exploring this brave new world, both alone and with my lovers.

You can buy it here

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