Tracey Cox Supersex Clitoral Vibe

I’m a big fan of clitoral stimulation and when this little beauty was on offer I just couldn’t resist treating myself, and I’m so glad I did.

It comes in Tracey Cox’s signature packaging, which has clear concise operating instructions and some tips on how to use it if you’re new to clit vibes. To get going you just unscrew the bottom of the remote, put in two AAs and close it back up again. Simple!


The remote is really well designed. It’s got raised ridges on the front which help with grip, and a flat back for your palm. It’s shaped a bit like a handle, important for when you need to keep hold and change up the settings with lubed up fingers! The cable is pretty long, about half the length of my king-size bed; plenty long enough to hand control over to a partner. Operating it is easy, you just click the top arrow to turn on and increase speed and down to decrease speed and turn off. It’s even got little LEDs to tell you what setting you’re on.

The vibrations are deep and rumbly, impressive for such a small battery powered toy! For me, this vibe is plenty powerful enough, I never need to go higher than setting two.

The petals combined with rumbly vibration feel amazing on my clit, they flutter and flick, offering more varied and interesting sensation than vibrations alone. You can turn the petals around until you find the precise orgasmic position. For me, having one petal at the top of my clit and the other just under it produced the best results. Keeping it on the lower setting allows me to tease my clit and slowly build up to an immense orgasm, much more intense than using something harsher, like a bullet.


A second fantastic feature of this toy is you can remove the petals completely and have yourself and powerful rumbly little love egg! One of my favourite things to do now is to insert the love egg vaginally and use a clit vibe. This has been truely a revelation for me; I have been using G-spot vibrators or glass dildos, but when I’m using a clit toy too my body tends to push out a vibrator or dildo. Love eggs, however, are a completely different story! My body just grips it as I get closer to orgasm, making the vibrations feel even more intense.

Clean up is super easy too, as the toy is waterproof I can happily give it a good scrub with some antibac soap.

Overall, I’m very happy with this toy, a RRP of £19 is such a reasonable price for such a great 2in1 toy! I only wish I had two of them so I could use it as a clit vibrator and a love egg at the same time.

You can buy it here

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