Fiction: An introduction to Dai-tai

Dai-tai stirred the food with chopsticks. We were housemates, squashed together with 4 other undergraduate students in a too small house. Dai-tai flicked their short, black hair out of their face as they lent over the steaming pan, concentrating intently on the food. The aroma was intense with soy and five spice, and I breathed in deeply. Dai-tai looked at me and smiled their wicked half smile, eye’s glinting in the twilight “it’s nearly ready, you’ll be well fed soon” they said. I smiled back at them, the secret of my anticipation revealed; I couldn’t wait to fill my mouth with the delicious flavours that steaming pan promised. “Go and sit down, I’ll bring it to you when it’s ready” Dai-tai said, impatiently ushering me out of the room. “But I like watching you cook” I offered shyly, allowing myself be lead to the small, round table.

I busied myself lighting candles, bathing the room in a gentle orange glow. I poured a large glass of red wine for each of us and relaxed into a large comfortable chair. I sighed deeply, letting my whole body relax. It was nice, being pampered, allowing myself to surrender to the care of another person. Dai-tai appeared in the door way, a steaming plate of stir-fried rice, vegetables and tofu in each hand. “Aw, you made it look so pretty in here!” they exclaimed with sincerity. I smiled broadly and took the plate, my stomach growling in anticipation. Dai-tai settled themself opposite me, a golden candle flickered between us.

I loved watching Dai move, they were so precise, every gesture so delicate and purposeful. Some people might mistake their manner for nervousness, and maybe it was, but I liked to think it was excitement. Dai-tai felt a genuine joy for the world, barely contained within their slight frame. Just being near to them made me feel hopeful, as if their positivity were contagious. “This is delicious, Dai, truly wonderful. Thank you.” I smiled up at them, the warmth of the food and the wine filling me, I felt love and gratitude spread throughout my body. Dai blushed, dark hair falling across one eye, and smiled back at me.

I reached forward and touched their hand, stroking the soft palm with my thumb. Dai-tai looked at the hand, curious at this new touch. They were unsure, unsure of me and what I was intending. I calmly stroked their palm, my fingers tracing around their wrist, waiting for them to look me in the eye. Although our relationship had yet to be sexual we had been getting more and more intimate, and the little glances we shared told me they felt it too. Dai looked up, our eyes met. Excitement filled my body as those eager brown eyes looked deep into mine. I leant in and they met me half way, our lips joining as I flung my arms around them in a passionate embrace.

We were standing now, soft warm mouth pressed against mine, I rubbed my hands up and down their back as they kissed me slowly, savoring every moment, every movement of tongue and lips. The candles flickered, mirroring the warmth that was growing inside my body, spreading from my lower belly and along my limbs, as I slowly stroked and kissed, desperate to touch Dai’s soft skin. I felt a hand slip under my shirt, smooth circles being drawn across my lower back. I released a sigh of pleasure, feeling my cunt growing wet. Dai-tai slid their hand up further, landing on my bra clasp which those dexterous fingers deftly undid. They grabbed hold of my hips, and spun me around so my back was pressed against their chest, pulling my shirt and bra up over my head, leaving me wearing just my jeans, my exposed breasts bathed in the gentle candle light. I felt soft kisses on the back of my neck as those hands began tracing circles on the soft, sensitive skin of my stomach. Shivers ran through my body as they slowly moved their cool hands up towards my breasts.

Dai-tai massaged my breasts, adding kisses along my neck and shoulders, their finger tips tracing my nipples. My nipples grew hard in response. I felt the wetness grow, my cunt getting hotter as it ached to be touched. I moaned in pleasure, lost in ecstasy as I reached a hand up to stroke the back of their head, fingers running through silky soft hair. They moved in front of me, a wide-eyed smile on their face, as if they couldn’t believe something this incredible was happening. Dai-tai grabbed both my hands and gently tugged me in the direction of their bedroom. I eagerly followed, wrapping my arms around their waist, planting kisses on their neck, my body feeling nothing but joy and elation.

Dai-tai pushed me down onto the bed, forcefully, their eyes full of passion. I submitted completely to hot kisses all over my chest. I let out a moan of pleasure as they licked and sucked my breasts, my body writhing, hands holding tight to the back of Dai-tai’s neck. The top button of my jeans was undone, the fly pulled low, and an experienced hand began rubbing my hot, wet clit through my white cotton underwear.  I gasped. Dai-tai never missed a beat, their sensual mouth still sucking on a rock hard nipple, tongue expertly licking. My moans grew louder and louder as I felt the orgasm building within me.

Dai-tai sensed my arousal and slowed their movements. They looked up at me through long, slanted eyelashes “Shhh, not yet, beautiful girl, I’m not ready for you to be done just yet” they whispered, their voice deep and sensual. A shiver ran through my body in response, a look of hunger in my eyes. Still looking deep into my eyes, Dai-tai slid my tight jeans down the full length of my legs, throwing them purposefully on the floor. My head was raised, watching their every move, “Relax. You just lie back there, I’ll take good care of you” they breathed in that deep half-whisper, sending waves of warm arousal through my body. I rested my head on the soft pillows, my whole body surrendering to Dai-tai’s caresses. I felt slow stokes to my calves, cool fingers circling my knees, my legs being gently opened. Kisses joined the fingers, beginning at my knee and slowly moving upwards along the sensitive skin of my inner thigh. Fingers slid under the waistband of my underwear and tugged them down. Dai-tai spread my legs wide, stroking up my thighs and circling my stomach, purposefully avoiding the most sensitive area of my body. They were driving me wild with desire, my hips started moving, my body responding to their touch. I looked down at them and saw a wicked expression on their face, thoroughly enjoying every touch denied.

Dai-tai slid up the bed and lay next to me, their clothed body in stark contrast to my bare skin. I lay back again as they stroked down my body with the back of their hand, fingers coming to rest on my vulva, fingers stroking the surrounding soft hair. They kissed me deeply, making sure I stayed flat on the bed. One hand teased open my labia, a finger traced slow, steady lines from the top of my clit down to the entrance to my cunt, gliding easily, the other hand stroked along my side, and lightly traced circles around my breasts. I moaned, bathing in the warm waves spreading from my cunt. “Close your eyes, beautiful, I’ve got a surprise for you” they whispered softly, hand still slowly stroking my clit. I obeyed.

I felt Dai-tai moving, then small kisses along my collar bone, Dai-tai’s soft hair tickling my throat. The kisses grew wetter, Dai-tai licked my hard nipple, sucking it gently. My cunt pulsed, hips moving in a slow rhythm, it ached to be touched. I felt hands firmly on my thighs, as they spread them wide open, hitching my knees up. Hot breath tickled my clit. My mind was racing with the possibility of what was about to happen, I couldn’t help but let out a cry “Oh god, I want you so bad!”. I felt a hard pressure at the entrance to my cunt. Something smooth and very hard was teasing the entrance, begging to be pushed inside. Then that warm mouth was suddenly on my clit. I gasped, waves of pleasure echoing outwards. Dai-tai licked over my clit in a slow, deliberate pattern. They began to gently suck, the heat from their mouth mixing adding to the heat of my cunt. I let out a long, deep moan of joy. The hard object increased its pressure as Dai-tai continued their sucking. My cunt pulsed, letting down its guard and allowing the dildo to be thrust deep inside. I let out another gasp, this new sensation intensifying the pleasure I already felt, as Dai-tai continued sucking sensually at my clit. They slowly thrust as deep as they could go into my hot, wet cunt, then gradually pulled back, right to the entrance, holding still there, teasing me. I began to shake, my lower belly rock hard, deep moans escaping my mouth uncontrollably.

The sucking stopped, the dildo just resting, it’s head just inside my cunt. I opened my eyes, my whole body in a haze of arousal. Dai-tai was looking intently at me, a curious expression on their face. They stood up off the bed and moved above me, a hand on the top button of their jeans. My hands reached forwards, grasping at their waist, desperate to undress them, to have them join me in my naked ecstasy. They pulled down their jeans and underwear in one smooth motion. I reached forward and touched their cunt, felt it slick with arousal. Dai-tai began stroking my body again, standing next to me as I lay flat on my back on the bed, my hand working away between their legs. My hand moved in quick circles around their hard, erect clit, a sense of urgency in my fingertips, so at odds to Dai-tai’s slow, sensual approach. I notice their legs begin to shake. They looked at me with hunger, “you’re not getting away that easily” they rasped.

They pushed my hand away and climbed up on to the bed, pushing my shoulders down and kneeling over me, one knee on each side of my head. I could the smell warm skin and intoxicating pheromones of their cunt, just inches away from my face. I grabbed hold of their hips and pulled them towards me, wrapping my mouth around wet labia. Dai-tai let out a moan, pushing their cunt further onto my mouth, their hands pressing against the wall. I held tight to their hips, sucking and licking their hard clit as they rocked their hips, grinding into my face. I squeezed their butt, sucking harder and harder as their moans got louder, hips moving faster, my head pressed hard into the bed. I squeezed harder, my eyes closed, fully focusing on Dai-tai’s pleasure, concentrating on the exact pattern of sucks and licks that was driving them wild, my own cunt swelling with arousal once again. Suddenly, Dai-tai let out a long, loud moan, their body shaking violently above me. I kept tight hold of their hips, still licking their hot, sweet cunt. Dai-tai’s whole body seemed to explode in orgasmic pleasure, their back arched, head thrown back, legs shaking either side of my head.

Panting, they moved off me, lying down beside me once again. They kissed me deeply, the taste of their own sweet cunt still on my lips. I teased the top button of their shirt open. Dai-tai reached up and gently moved my hand away, shaking their head slightly. They kissed me again, a hand cupping my breast, thumb deftly stroking my nipple. “I need to warm you back up” they whispered, kissing my neck, massaging both breasts. My nipples hardened again, my body quickly responding to their touch. I gave in to pleasure as they stroked the soft skin of my lower stomach, their hot lips now caressing my breasts. Every nerve ending felt on edge, my orgasm being denied for so long. I squirmed in pleasure as they kissed down my body, not teasing me this time, hot mouth arriving quickly on my cunt. I let out a gasp, my body beginning to shake as Dai-tai expertly licked and sucked my clit. I let out a loud moan, once again feeling the hard dildo pressing against my cunt, waves of pleasure spreading from my clit, the orgasm building inside me.

Dai-tai slowed down their licking, controlling my pleasure, keeping the build up to orgasm gradual. They thrust the dildo slowly inside my hot, dripping cunt, adding hard pressure to my G-spot. Licking slowly over my clit, they moved the dildo slowly, keeping the pressure on the front wall of my cunt. As the pressure built up inside me more and more, each new sensation amplified, my moans grew louder. My cunt pulsed, my body expertly maintained on the edge of orgasm, every molecule within me urging Dai-tai to push me over the edge, to let me explode with pure undiluted pleasure. They pushed the dildo more firmly into my g-spot, confident they’d found the exact right place. My body shook in response, my lower belly rock hard, trying to force the orgasm from deep within me. Dai-tai placed a hand on my hard stomach, stroking it gently “Shhh, relax, beautiful girl” they whispered, their husky voice soft in contrast to my uncontrolled moans of sexual joy, one hand slowly rocking the dildo inside me, keeping the pressure building, “don’t you worry, I’ll get you there, I want to take my time with you”.

Under gentle stroking of their hand I relaxed the tension in my stomach, my legs stopped shaking, but my body could still feel the orgasm rising up. Without the muscle tension every sensation was amplified, I could perfectly feel the hard ridges of the dildo, filling my cunt as it gripped in response. Dai-tai gave my clit and long, slow lick, the heat from their mouth amplifying the heat from my clit. I was still on the edge, I felt as if the smallest of extra touches would tip me over, but Dai-tai knew exactly what to do and how to keep me at exactly that tipping point. I was utterly at their mercy, my whole body drenched in sweat. Their tongue caressing my clit, one hand smoothly controlling the dildo’s internal strokes. I felt a finger playing in the wetness just below my cunt. The finger moved down, rubbing the slick wetness around my anus. I let out a deep, long moan, this new sensation mingling with the gentle sucking of my clit and hard internal pressure in my cunt. Dai-tai’s sucking became stronger, small, slick circles being draw on my anus, as my whole body convulsed, my back arching, my mouth open in a silent scream. I heard a click and suddenly my whole cunt was filled with deep rumbly vibrations, the pressure on my G-spot even harder as my cunt gripped tighter and tighter, waves of pleasure flooding through every part of my body, my cunt radiating an intense heat. Hard pressure on my anus intensified every sensation as the finger pushed its way inside. I screamed, sweating and panting, every part of me full, fuller than I’ve ever been before. Dai-tai sucked harder on my swollen clit. I began to orgasm, the explosion flowing through my whole body, every nerve singing in pleasure, my cunt pulsating, body arched, as the pleasure consumed me. I let out a long deep moan as the orgasm continued to flow, radiating from my cunt like a white hot heat that sent warm waves rippling over me. It felt like time was frozen; the intensity of the orgasm filling my soul so that nothing else existed.

Speechless and out of breath I lay motionless, basking in the afterglow. Dai-tai carefully slid out the dildo and their finger. I winced slightly at their touch, every part of me extra-sensitive. Dai-tai smiled, looking thoroughly satisfied. They pulled up the duvet and wrapped me up in it, pulling back on their underwear and jeans. They tucked me in tight, kissing my forehead. With one last look, they left the room.



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