Satisfyer Pro2 Clitoral Stimulator

The Satisfyer Pro 2 made me fall in love with sex toys again. Don’t get me wrong, I always love sex toys, but I was getting a bit jaded; not enough money to buy the high end goods, and my boxes of buzzing joy had all become a bit routine. Sure, I was orgasming, but it wasn’t as intense or exciting as it used to be.

Enter the Satisfyer. A fan of good oral sex, as most warm blooded adults are, I had been craving after a “gentle suction” clit toy since the womanizer first arrived on the scene. Alas, the womanizer was way out of my disposable income range, being priced at an eye-watering £150. The satisfyer, however, was within reach, priced more reasonably at between £60 and £70, depending on where you shop. I lusted after this toy for so long, as I read other bloggers and reviewers raving about it (for a just taste of the reviews out there see this, thisthis or this) I finally could not resist treating myself any longer.


The Satisfyer is USB rechargeable, and it has a helpful LED that tells you when it is charging and when it is fully charged. Its USB cable fixes to it via a magnet port, which stays in place and makes charging easy. I’m happy to report it only took 2 hours to fully charge before first use, not the 8 hours the instruction manual warned. It’s incredibly simple to operate; the small button turns it on and off and the larger button turns up the suction. It is light and the handle is well shaped and sized, making it a very comfortable toy to use. I have trouble with some toys that have too long or too short handles, particularly insertable toys, that I can’t get into a comfortable, orgasm-promoting position and still get at the toys controls. With the Satisfyer pro 2 this is not an issue, the stimulator will latch on whichever way up it is, so you can hold the handle at the height that is the most comfortable for you.

The look of the toy is a bit strange, particularly as I’m not used to looking at suction toys. The main body of the toy is made of a standard plastic in a tacky gold colour, it’s not got a glorious metallic shine to it, it’s almost as if the designers thought “what looks expensive? I know, gold!”, without really thinking about what looks stylish. I would like to see it come in a range of colour options, with a nice slate grey or black for people like me who like their toys to look a little classy. The head (or suction part) is made out of a high grade silicone, which is skin safe, hygienic, and feels lovely and soft to the touch.

In use it is, simply put, intense. I had expected some light suction that would slowly tease me to orgasm, with a joyful oral-sex simulation much like I experienced with my Flutter Tip. That is not the case at all. It takes a bit of practice to get it to latch on perfectly to your clit, lube is great for creating a tighter seal. I found it’s easiest to get in the right position if I spread my legs and hold my labia majora open, but some movement is always required to find the most orgasmic position. Once in place the feeling is so intense, it literally dragged the orgasm from me in seconds. It wasn’t a weak and pathetic orgasm either, it was a long and very vocal orgasm that made my whole body shake. I’d compare it to the feeling you get when you come for the first time using a magic wand. Except better, because the magic wand numbs you, and your hand, and you keep cranking it up to make the explosion happen. With the Satisfyer, it just grabs hold of you and makes you come before you’ve really realised what’s happened.

It also leaves your clit super sensitive, making this toy and ideal foreplay tool. You partner gets to witness your massive orgasm, and the heightened sensitivity afterwards means it’s likely to be easier to orgasm again during sex.

I think the product is described as “gentle suction and fluttering vibrations”. I would say there is nothing gentle about this toy, if you’re using is right. Although the vibrations are fluttering and weak, the vibrations are not the point at all. And that’s what I love so much about this toy. However, prolonged suction can be uncomfortable, and I did find this toy uncomfortable if the suction wasn’t directed at the exact right spot or if I wasn’t aroused enough to begin with it can be a bit much. I’ve never turned it up past setting 2 (it has 9 levels of increasing suction), and I wonder at the clit that can be stimulation to the highest level this toy will go to.


As if joyous screaming orgasms weren’t enough, this toy is freaking waterproof! Shower time is now my favourite time of the day. Shower time is also the perfect time to enjoy this toy because it is loud. If you need to be very discrete this is not the toy for you. It almost sounds like a hair dryer when not in contact with skin (just watch the product video on Lovehoney for some idea of how loud it is, Annabelle Knight has to almost shout to be heard over it once its on). The sound of the shower and the extractor fan easily drown it out though, the sound of my screaming orgasm was a little more difficult to mask.

My only disappointment, and this is so minor it is barely worth mentioning, is that the packaging is flimsy and nothing special. This was my first “luxury” toy (as labelled by me because of the higher end price tag), and as such I was expecting a beautiful presentation box and satine storage pouch.

Overall, if you have a clit and £60 to £70 going spare, I can’t think of a better use for it. I’m sure expansion of the Satisfyer range is imminent, given the resounding success of the Pro 2, and I’m really excited to see what they put out next.

You can buy it here (UK / EU) or here (USA)

6 thoughts on “Satisfyer Pro2 Clitoral Stimulator

  1. I only wish I had the money to spare. Been lusting after this type toy for awhile now. Your review just got me all worked up again! 🙂

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