Cupid’s Itty Bitty Beginner’s Butt Plug Review

As a beginner to anal play I was on the lookout for a cheap, small beginner’s butt plug that was made from a sensible material that could be properly sterilized. Cupid’s itty bitty beginners butt plug seemed to fit all my requirements: It’s tiny as it’s cutesie name suggests, it’s made of sillicone and its fairly cheap, with an RRP of £10 and because of its popularity it is often on offer. I picked mine up for a mere £5 in a Lovehoney sale. It’s been around for a while now, so there are plenty of reviews out there.

It comes in black or a baby pink. Not being a huge fan of the colour pink, I went for the classic black. The packaging in come in is very flimsy and cheap looking, but that’s what I would expect for a lower price toy. It’s basically in a hard plastic sleeve with a raised section that the toy sits in, the kind of which is designed to be displayed in a shop on one of those hanging shelves. The sleeve is all in keeping with the cute theme, which i’m sure some people enjoy, but I find a little creepy. My sex toys are definitely adult, and I don’t want any reminder of childhood toys when I buy them.


Once I’d removed the butt plug from the creepy packaging (which is easily done, you can just pull it apart and the front comes away from the back), I could feel how soft and squishy it is. It’s not as malleable and flexible as the Lovehoney BASICS Slimline Butt Plug which is made of jelly, but it still has a little give to it making it nice and gentle for a beginner. I also think the trade off in materials is worth it; the jelly material is porous and difficult to thoroughly sterilise, so it may harbour bacteria. A silicone toy is more hygienic when cleaned properly, and when something is going up my bum I want to be able to sterilise it properly.


In use, I found this butt plug very easy to insert. It has a tiny tapered tip which is very comfortable and allows you to slowly ease the plug in, with the aid of lots of thick water-based lube. It’s so tiny I can get it in when I’m in pretty much any position, as long as I have lube and I’m relaxed. The flared base is perfect to prevent it going in too far and disappearing up your bum, and the finger loop makes removal easy. I must say, although I am new to the butt plug world, I am already a big fan, mainly due to the fact that clitoral sensations are really amplified when I use one. I had a particularly interesting shower time the other day, where I inserted cupid’s butt plug and used my Satisfyer Pro2 on my clit and I came almost instantly. I think from initial clit contact to orgasm was around 30 seconds, which really took me by surprise.

However, I do have a major issue with this plug, and it is perhaps due to it’s tiny size. Every time I orgasm, or come close to an orgasm, my body pushes the butt plug out. There seems to be nothing I can do to stop this, it gets pushed out with every orgasm every time. I think it is possibly due to the narrow neck not actually being that much smaller than the widest part of the plug. So there is a trade off here between small and comfortable size, which is super easy to insert, and it staying put through your whole session.

Overall, I  think this is a great starters butt plug, but once you get used to anal play (and if you find it enjoyable), I would think you would need to upgrade to something with a better neck-to-plug size ratio. That is what I intend to do. Saying that, you have to start somewhere, and what better place to start than this itty bitty plug?

You can buy it here

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