Lovehoney Get Started Tie & Tease Kit (3 Piece) Review

This stylish kit is a beautiful introduction to light bondage and sensory play. Although I have had a lot of fun bondage play in the past, mainly with previous partners, this is my first official bondage “kit”. A lot of spontaneity and improvising went into my bondage encounters before now, with a lot of robe ties, neck ties and scarves being used as make shift restraints and blindfolds. Although there is something to be said for the creativity and fun of this kind of improvisation, it is far from stylish and sometimes ineffectual.

I was particularly interested in getting a non intimidating beginners set, because I would like to gently encourage my partner to be more open to light bondage and sensory deprivation play. This set is ideal for that, it’s simple yet stylish, and everything about it is very gentle and soft, perfect for a beginner. It’s on Lovehoney for £10 at the moment, which is an absolute bargain.

Everything is the same vibrant red colour, paired with black for contrast, which I find really sexy. Each piece comes in its own sheer black drawstring storage bag, making it a lovely looking gift and easy to store and keep clean. There are also little purple cardboard tags attached to each little bag with helpful suggestions of how you might like to use each item, again a lovely and thoughtful addition, especially for beginners. I’ll describe each of the items in turn.

Silky Restraints:


This is basically two wide red satin ribbons with the end doubled over and sewn to form a loop. They are about 4 feet long; plenty to play with. To use them you basically thread the end through the loop to create a loop that you can tighten around the wrist or ankle. You can then tie the other end to whatever you like, be it the classic headboard or something more creative.


In use I found the restraints comfortable, even when pulled tight, they didn’t cut into my wrists at all. They also feel very sturdy, I can’t imagine them breaking easily. I loved how the satin looked, really shiny and vibrant.


The Feather Tickler:


If you went to school in the 90’s you probably remember seeing a feather pen at some point. Mine was bright pink and had a sparkly stem. The feather tickler is my new, adult version of this very same pen, and although I can’t write anything with it, it has a much sexier colour scheme going for it. The feather part is exactly like that pen; the feathers are very small, soft and thin and they are attached in a circle, so you can stick your finger through to the middle.


I’ve yet to lose any feathers, and it seems pretty well made considering the price. The handle is a simple black plastic. The whole thing is incredibly light so easy to wield for long periods of time. In use, the tickler feels very nice when swept across naked skin. I got a particularly good response using it on the neck, sides and stomach. Playing with it is a fantastic way to find new sensitive parts on your partner.


The Satin Blindfold:


I saved the best for last! This is by far my favourite item in the whole pack. It’s made of a lovely silky red satin on the outside and a super soft felt like material on the inside. The whole thing is slightly padded. It’s got a little Lovehoney label discreetly sewn on the side in the red and black colour scheme. Then it’s got two elasticated straps that are fairly thick and secure the blindfold to your face. The stitching on mine is absolutely perfect, it seems like a really well made product, and the materials feel luxurious.


In use it is fantastic, it is very comfortable and blocks out all light. I have even worn it as a sleep mask once all night, that’s how comfortable it is. I can just about peek a very small amount around my nose, meaning the black out isn’t perfect, but I’ve never tried a blindfold yet that is. For me, this wasn’t a problem at all, because by having most of the light blocked out it encouraged me to close my eyes and keep them closed. Being blindfolded is a truly special experience, it made me less self-conscious so I could relax more, and without vision my other senses where heightened. I now want to try adding ear plugs as well for even less distraction!

Overall, I think this is a fantastic and very stylish beginners couples kit. The thing I keep coming back to is that this only costs £10, and for that you get two restraints, a really comfortable blindfold / sleepmask and a feather tickler, and the products don’t feel cheap. Sure, they don’t feel like top of the range luxury either, but the materials all feel nice on your skin and the vibrant red colour scheme is damn sexy. The little storage bags are a really nice touch, and I could imagine it’d be pretty lovely to receive this set as a sexy gift.

You can buy the full kit here

Or buy each item separately:




*I received this product from Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review.

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