Mötley Crüe classic & bullet vibrators review

I’ve been waiting for what feels like an age to post this review! I received both the Mötley Crüe classic vibrator and bullet vibrator to test and review from Lovehoney months before their final launch on the site. Although the bullet vibrator came out not too long after I’d reviewed it for Lovehoney, the classic vibrator took a long time to be released. But now it has been and I can finally tell you all about it, hurray!


Although the bullet and the classic vibes are separate products, I’m reviewing them together in one post. This is because as far as I can tell the bullet is effectively exactly the same as the Lovehoney magic bullet which I have reviewed already here. However, I still wanted to show you some pictures of what this fantastic bullet looks like with it’s Mötley Crüe branding. I received the “classic skull” version, which I love, and it also comes in “Girls Girls Girls“, “Shout at the Devil” and  “Too Fast for Love“, so there’s plenty of styles to chose from. The packaging for this bullet is also really fun; they’ve made it look like a Mötley Crüe CD case with the bullet floating in the middle. Unfortunately I was a bit too eager to open my bullet and ripped the packaging, so I haven’t photographed it for you, but here it is from the Lovehoney product page.


Even if you’re not really into Mötley Crüe but would like a bullet with a bit more of a rock and roll or punk vibe to it, the classic skull would work for you. It’s a beautiful shiny gold metallic colour and the skull on it looks really cool, not tacky at all. I wrote Lovehoney a fun and gimmicky review of the bullet, where I tried to squeeze as many Mötley Crüe song titles as I could into it while still being informative. You can read it here, sexy points if you can spot them all 🙂



On to the classic vibrator, and the main reason I’m so excited to tell you about these toys: The Mötley Crϋe classic vibrator is seriously the most powerful battery powered vibrator I have every held! In true rock style; this toy is not for the faint-hearted. Power queens and kings, rejoice!

Like the bullet, it comes packaged in a simple cardboard sleeve, with a picture of the band on the front and simple operating instructions on the back. The packaging is well designed and although it’s the wrong shape to be a CD case (maybe they thought going large and making it the same size as a vinyl case would be a bit too excessive) it still has great rock music style to it, making it a great gift for any die hard Mötley Crϋe fan. I received the Dr Feelgood design, (after saying Dr Feelgood is my favourite Mötley Crϋe song) which is a stylish shiny black with Mötley Crϋe written on one side and Dr Feelgood on the other in silver. You can also get it in “Girls, Girls, Girls“, “Classic Skull” (which would perfectly match the bullet I have) or “Shout at the Devil” designs.  Although I haven’t tried them so I can’t say for sure, I think the Mötley Crüe  range is exactly the same as Lovehoney’s Mötorhead range, so there are plenty of designs to choose from.


The classic vibrator basically like a massive bullet vibrator (you can see from the top image how much bigger it is than it’s brother bullet). It’s made of a hard body safe plastic, in fact there is nothing soft about this toy! To get started you just unscrew the top and add in 3 AAA batteries, then screw the top back on tight because this baby is waterproof. Operation is super easy; it’s just a single push button at the top turns it on and lets your scroll through the settings. Holding the button down for two seconds turns it off. It also has a memory function which is pretty cool; when you turn it back on it begins at the setting it was on when you last turned it off.

Although this vibe is quite a bit more girthy  (4inch circumference) than other classic vibrators I have tried I found it really easy to insert because it is so smooth and has a tapered tip. However, as the toy is so turbo powered, I find I need a good warm up with lots of clit stimulation before using it. As soon as I first turned it on inside my vagina, I knew this toy is not fucking about; it gets straight to the point, which is Holy Christ I think I’m going to explode!  I can actually hear it rattling against my pelvic bones; that’s how powerful it is! It has three constant speeds (each faster than the previous one) and a range of wonderful patterns, one even sounds a bit like a Mötley Crϋe drum beat. I love using a pulsing pattern; it’s so powerful it almost feels like I’ve got someone thrusting inside me.


I don’t think I have ever orgasmed so quick or so hard from an insertable toy before. It had me shaking and screaming in record time. It’s a simple design that really delivers incredible results, you can even use it on your clit because it’s taped tip is small enough for precise stimulation (although my clit can’t handle that much power!). This classic vibe is now my go-to insertable toy when I want undiluted raw power. The thumping, rumbling patterns stimulate my G-spot like no other toy, reliably leading me to extremely powerful sometimes squirting orgasms. It can get me there without any need for extra clitoral stimulation; a really impressive feat. I do like to using the classic vibe and the bullet together in my favourite DIY rabbit style, as the two toys look so good together, which is great fun but the bullet gets kind of overshadowed by the awesomeness of those deep powerful internal rumbles. Aptly named; my Dr Feelgood toy will definitely make ya feel alright, and leave you feeling good.

This toy is thankfully not just a gimmick; it’s incredible, a product I’m sure the band is proud of.  Bottom line is: I don’t care what kind of music you listen to, you’ll want this in your vagina!

You can buy both the bullet and the classic Mötley Crϋe vibrators from Lovehoney here

*I received both toys reviewed in this post from Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review

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