Fiction: A brief encounter with Myra

It had been 5 years since I’d seen Myra. We didn’t end things on the best of terms. I could see all the damage I was doing to her, how she couldn’t bear to share me, but I couldn’t help myself. I used her like my own personal pleasure toy, like my own cheerleading squad. It was a toxic pleasure that ate into my soul, making me arrogant and superior. I had to cut her off, to save myself as much as her. Yet there she was, standing before me in a sundress, in Barcelona of all places.


“Myra! Oh my God!” I exclaimed, my voice high-pitched in polite awkwardness. Myra flung her arms around me, her large soft breasts pushing up against mine. “Jezebella, I am so pleased to see you! It has been far too long, my darling! And in Spain, of all places! You and I always talked about having a Spanish fling!” Myra crooned seductively in to my ear. She released her embrace and held me at arms-length, looking determinedly into my eyes. “Now, darling, you simply must visit my villa! This really is a fine chance encounter, Bobbie is away and I’m getting awfully lonely up there by myself. Who are you here with? You’re here for pleasure, I expect?” I smiled, I’d missed Myra’s flamboyant tones. “Myra, I’m here with Jacob.” A shadow spread across Myra’s face, her eyes darkened for a second, but she recovered quickly, “Well, darling, bring him along too! The more the merrier, as I always say!”


Jacob held my arm as we walked into Myra’s villa. Always the picture of calm, he actually looked pleased by the prospect of seeing Myra. He said he felt like it’d be good to make amends after all these years. “Jacob! It’s so wonderful to see you!” Myra loosely embraced Jacob with one arm, her other was clutching a cocktail. “Sangria? Jezebel, Sangria?” she said. I nodded and we followed Myra into the dimly lit longue while she talked incessantly about the villa. She gestured to a low sofa for us to sit on. It was comfortable and warm, and with the aid of the cool, sweet Sangria we were soon talking and laughing together like old friends.


When Jacob left to go to the bathroom, Myra slid from her chair and knelt in fount of my knees, a sly look in her eye. “Remember when we first got intimate?” she whispered, her voice thick and seductive, casually stroking my thigh “I was in a position not unlike this”. I stroked her soft dark hair, heat rushing to my crotch at the evoked memory “I remember, Myra.” I softly replied. She kissed my knees, fingers sliding cautiously under the hem of my skirt. I relaxed back into the comfortable sofa, the warm buzz of alcohol sinking through my body. My knees fell slightly apart. Myra took the motion as an invitation and gently pushed my knees further apart, exposing my soft inner thigh. She began giving me little kisses along one leg, starting at the knee and moving upwards, stroking my other leg beneath my loose fitting dress. I closed my eyes, lost in the pleasure of her caresses.


“Well, this image takes me back to my teenage fantasies” Jacob’s deep, warm voice filled the room, breaking the spell I was under. I opened my eyes. Myra was sat straight up, staring intently at Jacob, a determined expression on her face. Jacob was calmly holding her gaze. He walked slowly towards us, Myra following his every move. He walked behind the sofa and loomed down over us, his thick dreadlocks tickling the top of my head. I looked up at him to see his eyes were still fixed on Myra. He carefully slipped the strap of my dress down over my shoulder, exposing my breast. Myra pointedly pushed my skirt slowly up my thighs until my black lace knickers were exposed. She began kissing my legs again and I ran my fingers through her silky hair. I felt my dress slip down over the other shoulder, Jacob’s hot mouth on my neck. I let out a moan of pleasure as he began caressing my exposed breasts, my nipples hardening in response to his touch. Myra slid her hands up around my hips and pulled me closer to her face, her hot mouth kissing my clit through the soft thin material. I felt my cunt growing wet, waves of gentle pleasure flowing through my body. I sighed. Jacob’s grip on my breasts grew tighter, then his strong large hands slipped around my back and under my arms, swiftly lifting me to my feet and forcing Myra back. Not missing a beat, Myra slipped her fingers beneath the waist band of my knickers and pulled them to the ground. My dress slid to the floor. There I was, utterly exposed, Myra kneeling in front of me and Jacob still supporting my back. I stepped out of my clothing and shoes.


Myra pushed my clothing away from her as Jacob stepped around the sofa, taking a seat behind me. Myra stood up and kissed me deeply, her hot tongue warm in my mouth, the sweet taste of Sangria on her lips. A shudder ran through my body as she traced light circles on my lower back. I felt warm, large hands grasping my hips. With a gentle pressure Jacob guided me down on to his lap. I leaned back against his solid chest, his large dark arms embracing me. Myra stood looking at me curiously, then her eyes met Jacob’s. Keeping her gaze, he slowly spread my legs wide on top of his. Myra sunk to her knees again, running her hands across my naked thighs and lower stomach. “Do you want this?” Jacob softly whispered in my ear, an excited edge to his voice. “Yes!” I moaned back as Jacob’s lips caressed my neck. Suddenly I felt Myra’s hot mouth on my clit. I let out a gasp of pleasure as she slowly licked from the entrance of my cunt up to clit. I felt my cut grow hotter, as Jacob grasped my breasts again, still kissing my neck, his thumbs running over my hard nipples. Sparks of pleasure radiated from each nipple adding a level of sensation to the pure joy of Myra’s tongue on my clit. I moaned louder, my hips gyrating in response. Myra began to gently suck on my clit, her fingers searching for the entrance to my cunt. My hot wet cunt pulsed out waves of warm pleasure as she pushed two fingers inside. I let out a scream of ecstasy as she began flicking her fingers against my G-spot, still sucking my clit, as my cunt contracted and pulsed, dripping out hot arousal. My whole body began to shake as the orgasmic pressure built up inside me. Jacob tightened his grip around me, pinching my rock hard nipples and pinning me down so Myra could continue her work. Myra flicked her fingers faster and sucked harder as white hot heat radiated from my cunt in wave after wave of pleasure, every nerve ending on edge, my lower belly rock hard, body shaking under Jacob’s tight hold. I let out a long loud moan as the pressure released, flooding my body with violent orgasm, as my cunt pulsed again and again.


Myra stood up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, a faint smile on her lips. Jacob bundled me up on his lap into a close, warm embrace, kissing me all over and softly stroking my back. I felt warm and safe in my afterglow, protected by his strong arms. Then I began to laugh, an uncontrollable hysteria taking over my body, tears escaping my eyes. Myra smiled widely “Sangria, anyone?”.

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