Womanizer Pro 40 Review

Unsure which womanizer to buy? Read my comparison review here.

Edit 5th Aug 2019: the womanizer pro 40 has been re released after being discontinued as Womanizer X Lovehoney Pro 40.

Edit June 2020: the womanizer pro 40 is back on sale on the womanizer website.

The Womanizer revolutionised clitoral stimulation, and clit possessing people have been raving about it’s gentle suction design ever since the first garish model appeared on the scene. And it just keeps getting better and better. The latest model, the pro 40, has been made sleek and stylish and now it is even waterproof. They’ve also dropped the crystal jewel button and the price tag. I’m so happy to have to one put through its paces and write a thorough review for you.


The box the womanizer comes in is sleek and stylish. It looks like the box for high end cosmetics, I really like it. The outer box is a sturdy cardboard, it’s not flimsy at all, great for long term storage. To open it, you just slide the inner box out of the outer sleeve. Inside you’ll find the Womanizer Pro 40 nestled in a plastic support, which once you take out you’ll find your USB charging cable, USB compatible plug, full instructions and replacement head. I really love the extra effort they took to include a USB wall plug, these things are so useful and it’s the first company I’ve brought from who has done this (usually it’s either a cable with USB port or a plug). woman6

The Womanizer Pro 40 itself feels really nice to the touch. The back of the toy (purple part) is made from a coated plastic which is really smooth and velvet soft. The silver part is also plastic, but without the coating. Instead it has a gentle dulled metallic shine to it. I actually really like the slight change in texture; it makes the back feel sleeker to have a different finish on the front. The suction head is made from a solid silicone which feels a little rough to the touch. The controls are clear and simple: a power button for on and off and a + and – to control the speed.


To get started you first need to charge this beauty up. There’s a little silicone tab at the very bottom that you need to pull out to plug the pin of the charger into. Then plug the USB end into your USB port or the handy wall plug they provided. When you plug it in the whole silicone head glows a wonderful bright green. That was my first surprise, it’s brighter that I thought it would be! It didn’t take long to at all for the flashing green light to go solidly on, indicating the toy was fully charged. When you’ve finished charging make sure you put that silicone tab back securely to keep any water from getting in.


Before moving on to the functionality of the Womanizer Pro 40, I really do want to take a second to praise it’s style. They really have worked hard to make a sleek product, from its shape to its colour scheme and material. The handle is perfect for me to grip, it feels really light and natural in my hand. The controls are plain and easy to reach and to push. I’m sure there will be some customers who will really miss the leopard print and crystal jewel button, but I’m really pleased with how aesthetically pleasing the Pro 40 is.

Okay, on to the good stuff. To get started you just click the power button once. The whole head will glow with a sexy red light. It comes on at speed one, which is very gentle suction and quiet vibrations. It’s so quiet it’s almost inaudible. If you’d like a little more power all you have to do is press the plus button on the handle, it’s got ten levels of suction and vibration. What I love about this toy is the starting speed is so gentle, it can just tease you to orgasm in a way very few toys can. To turn it off again just hold down the power button for a second or two.

It can take a little practise to find the exact best position for the silicone head over your clitoris. I started off by putting a little water based lube around the rim of the head. This is really useful because it helps the toy to create a seal on your clit. I then spread my legs and my labia to expose my clit and positioned the head on it. I’ve used the Womanizer Pro 40 in a few different ways which I’ll outline for you here so you can have an idea of what it feels like.


The first is to go slow and gentle for the ultimate orgasm. If you’ve got the time this can really be something special. Start off on the lowest level and relax. Let it slowly tease you in to arousal and think sexy thoughts. Move the head around until you find that exact right spot, then keep it there. Gradually you’ll feel the orgasm growing, and it’ll get more and more intense. If you can, let the lowest setting take you over the edge. I personally need to crank up the speed at the last second to explode. It feels like the most amazingly slow and sensuous oral sex; incredible.

If you need a quick fix, the womanizer can still be your friend. I found if I use a good bullet on my clit as a warm up to get nice and fully aroused, then add the Womanizer Pro 40 on half speed to my clit it can literally drag the oragasm from me. I’ve also found I can use it as a great nipple stimulator (I kind of wish I had 2 of them so I could put one on each breast). It also feels amazing if you can get a sexual partner to wield a favourite dildo or G-spot vibe while you hold the Womanizer pro 40 on your clit.

I have managed to hold it in place during rear-entry vaginal sex. It’s tricky though because the toy works on suction you really need to keep it still, so the movement of sex can easily knock you off course. However, if you do manage it you can experience the miracle of feeling like you’re receiving oral sex whilst being fucked.

I can also confirm that the Womanizer Pro 40 is indeed waterproof. I’ve had it on directly under the tap and I’ve taken it in the shower with me, with no problems at all. I love that it’s fully waterproof now, it means I can wash the head thoroughly safe in the knowledge I won’t damage it.

The box is sturdy enough for storing the Womanizer Pro 40

Overall, I love the Womanizer Pro 40. Clit suction toys are really incredible, they won’t fail to impress anyone with a clit who loves oral sex or gentle clitoral stimulation. The Womanizer Pro 40 is easy to hold and operate, and it leads me to explosive, intense orgasms. What more can you ask for from a clitoral toy? I’m trying to think of downsides to this toy, and I honestly can’t think of any. They ticked all of my normal top requirements: waterproof, rechargeable, silicone, sturdy and pretty packaging, and they went the extra mile to include extras like a USB wall plug and a replacement head. It is on the pricy side at 99,00 € or £84.99. However, they’ve reduced the price greatly from their previous model which starts at 189,00 € or £149.00. For the price, it does really feel like a luxury and well made product, and it is by no means the most expensive clitoral toy out there.

I love the new look and I’m excited by the progression of Womanizer as a company. Looking back at their products you can really see their journey. They are a company who seem to have taken reviewer’s, blogger’s, and customer’s critiques into account and have worked hard to perfect their product. And it’s really working. I’m excited to see what they put out next. In fact, I saw in the products pamphlet they sent along with the toy that they are creating the Womaniser “Inside-out” which will have an insertable vibrating arm, along with the suction clitoral stimulator. If they manage to perfect it, what a wonderful toy that will be!

*I would like to thank Womanizer for sending me the Womanizer pro 40 in exchange for an honest review. This in no way changed my opinion of the product or affected my review.

Buy the womanizer pro 40 here.

You can buy the Womanizer X Lovehoney Pro 40 here (UK) or here (USA).

18 thoughts on “Womanizer Pro 40 Review

  1. I have the womanizer w500, and while almost everything about the pro40 sounds great (being waterproof must be fantastic and the price tag is easier to swallow) I love the buttons being placed in the back of the toy: I find it very easy to use them. I don’t know if I could get used to them being in the belly of the toy.


      1. Sorry to hear that, it must be frustrating for you. Did you contact womanizer for a new one? They would’ve been in warranty. I’ve had mine since last Dec, I use it regularly and luckily it is still going strong. It gets me off so quickly though that I don’t have to use it for long.


    1. I did twice and never a response, disappointing… Best toy when it works but customer service and reliability needs work. Glad yours has had no issues yet.


  2. Hi Sole,

    Thanks for your comment. I’ve not tried the w500, so I’m not sure how they compare regarding how easy it is to reach the buttons. I don’t have any problems with the pro 40 in this regard though, I just hold it so my thumb is over the + and – buttons. I have heard from some other bloggers that they prefer the round shape of the pro and w500 though, so that could be making a difference too. If I try out another one I’ll be sure to pay attention to the button placement and report back if there’s a difference in ease of access 🙂


  3. Between the Pro40 and the Satisfyer, which do you think would work better for someone with prominent labia on one side? The Satisfyer’s silicone looks like it might be more comfortable (I haven’t seen a Pro40 in person yet, but when I try the other Womanizer models on a finger in stores the thin rim feels a little seamy), but also like I might have trouble with the positioning and seal…


    1. Hi Trix, I think either would work for you. It is easiest to get a good seal on the clit by having your legs open and holding your labia apart, so in this way it shouldn’t really make a difference. My clit is fairly large so I swap the head the comes on the womanizer for the spare one, which is larger and works better for me. The satisfyer head is one size but is pretty large so is okay. I think either would work for you. The satisfyer head is flatter and oval shaped, where the pro 40 is round. For me, this doesn’t make much difference to the ability to create a seal over my clit.

      I think the main advantage of the pro 40 is you can control the suction better and it starts at a more gentle level. The lowest level on the satisfyer is pretty intense!

      If I’m 100% honest with you, since getting the pro 40 I rarely, if ever, reach for the satifyer. I’m not saying the satiafyer is a bad product, its not. But the womanizer pro 40 is better in my opinion.

      Obviously everyone is different and some people would disagree and prefer the satisfyer.

      Hope this is helpful to you, wish I could give a more straightforward answer!


    2. OMG
      The best orgasm I have ever had…it sent me to the moon! I put the lubricant on the silicon cup and like any toy I experimented to get the placement and seal in the exact place on my clit, but once you do, prepare for lift off and an orgasm that will go on and on and on with the most incredible sensation you have ever experienced. I came intensely within a minute on the lowest speed and continued to have multiple orgasms, changing the speeds up! The suckling sensation was divine on my throbbing clit. The Womanizer Pro40 is a must for all vaginas and is definitely out of this world‼

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  4. Womanizer Pro40 bought Nov 2016, broke 3 months later after light use. Very effective in its job but does not last long for the money paid.


    1. Oh no! That sucks! Did you try talking to the company you brought it from or womanizer to see if they could replace it for you? Sounds like it was faulty! Thankfully mine is still going strong…


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