A Halloween Tale

I woke up naked, startled, as if I’d been falling and had suddenly struck the ground. My breathing was fast and shallow, my stomach felt sick like it held some deeply unsettling secret. The whole bedroom was bathed in the orange light of the large harvest moon. Jasper was sleeping soundly next to me, his beautiful pale skin almost shining in the moonlight. I settled back into the warm deep sheets of the duvet. “It was just a dream” I thought. Jasper moved closer to me in his sleep, his hand cupped one of my soft breasts, his hard chest pressed against my back. I felt warm and safe, and slowly I drifted back to sleep.


The morning light shone pale through the curtains. I rolled over and groaned, grasping sleepily for Jasper’s warm body. I stroked playfully over his shoulder blades, yearning for him to awaken and be with me. He let out a sigh and rolled over. “Morning beautiful” I whispered. He looked at me, then his eyes widened in a shocked stare. “What’s wrong with your breasts?!” he croaked, fear filling his face. I felt my flat, smooth chest, my mind suddenly jolted alert. My beautiful breasts, pride of my torso, were gone. All that was left was two perfectly formed nipples in the center of pectoral muscles. In a panic I reached between my legs, hoping my wonderful vulva would be there in all her glory. A look of horror spread across my face as I felt the two heavy testicles and large flaccid penis that now drooped between my legs.


My panicked eyes met Jasper as I saw him expose a pair of magnificent breasts upon his own chest. His expression was one of deep confusion. “P-Penis?” I stuttered out. He slowly shook his head. My mind was racing. Something obviously happened last night, our sexual organs have changed, and we’ve no idea how or why or how to turn them back. I breathed in deeply, trying to calm the panic in my chest. I took stock of the situation: I was still me, I still felt like Jezebella, despite my lack of a vulva. A thought spread across my mind, and a playful smile came across my lips.


“What is there to be happy about?!” Jasper exclaimed frantically.

“I was just thinking, what if this is temporary? What if we only have this one day to find out what the opposite set of genitals really feels like? We’re thinking about this as if we’re cursed, but what if it’s a gift?” I explained. “…But I don’t know what to do with a vagina, I’ve no idea how to work it” said Jasper. My smile broadened and I raised an eyebrow craftily “But I do” I crooned.


I kissed Jasper deeply, running my hands through his soft hair. I felt the tension in his body begin to melt away, his kisses became more passionate. I moved my hands down his back and felt him shudder in pleasure. I began kissing down his neck, making my way slowly towards his breasts. He gasped as I licked his nipples, my hand caressing the other breast. I felt the nipples harden under my touch. “Oh, wow, that feels good” he whispered sinking deep into the bed.


I felt a tingling in my groin as my penis hardened, a completely new sensation to me. I knelt up to look at my new erect penis. It grew out straight and hard from my body. Jasper looked at me looking. He reached out his hand and gently stroked the head of my penis. I felt shudders of pleasure run down my spine. My hands went back to Jasper’s soft, warm breasts, pinching the hard nipples and watching him gasp in response. He tightened his grip around the shaft of my penis.


With one hand I slowly reached down and began to stroke his lower belly and the soft hair on his pubic mound. “Is it okay if I….?” I asked. “Yes, curiosity and desire have overwhelmed me” Jasper smiled and slowly worked a gripped hand up my shaft. I ran my hand down towards his vulva, my fingers caressing the soft hair there until they met wet labia. I gently parted his wet lips. He let out a gentle moan as my fingers found his rock hard clit, swirling his warm wet fluid around it in slow circles. “Oh wow” he whispered. I quickened my movements, my soft tongue licking his rock hard nipples. I felt his body begin to shaking under me, convulsing in pleasure. I sucked his warm breast, caressing the nipple with my tongue, keeping my movements on his clit fast and steady as it grew wetter and wetter. Suddenly Jasper let out a long deep moan, louder than I’d ever heard him moan before, his body writhing under my touch as wave after wave of intense pleasure flooded his body.


Panting, he stared intently at me “that was the best orgasm of my life!” he exclaimed in disbelief. I smiled up at him, my erect penis harder than ever. “I want to know what it feels like to fuck you” I said. I was worried he wouldn’t be ready for that step, but I yearned to know what it would feel like to let my penis delve into his hot, wet cunt. He looked at me coyly, then opened his knees, spreading his legs wide and inviting me in.


I leant over him, kissing him deeply, the tip of my penis just resting against his clit. I ran my fingers over his breasts, relaxing him “I’ll take it slow, okay?” I said, my voice calm and reassuring despite my rising excitement. I moved the head of my penis down, feeling the heat of his slick vulva. I pushed just the head into his hot, wet cunt, the tight heat sending shudders of pleasure down my spine. “Is this okay?” I croaked, desperate to plunge deeper into his wonderful body. He reached down with his large hands and grabbed my ass, pulling me deep inside his cunt, dripping with arousal. The feeling in my penis was amazing; I began to rhythmically thrust as every inch was squeezed by his cunt, one hand holding tight to his hip to keep him in place. Jasper let out a moan as I began to use my free hand to play with his clit, fucking him harder as I felt his cunt contract even tighter in response to my touch.


All of a sudden I came in a quick, sharp intense release of pressure. I felt fluid being forced from my penis as I ejaculated in hot bursts, my kegel muscles tensing. I was breathing heavily. Jasper was smiling, barely containing his laughter. I withdrew my penis and started giggling too, as he allowed his face to crack and the laughter to burst out. “I think I’m cursed!” I burst out between the giggles. We wrapped our arms around each other, tears of mirth running down our faces, interrupted only by the little kisses he kept planting on my neck.

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