Miss VV’s Mystery’s Miss on The Go Kegel Exerciser Review

I was lucky enough to make digital acquaintance with the wonderful Miss VV, and she very kindly send me the Miss On the Go Kegel Exerciser to review! I’m someone who always wants to do kegel exercise but who really lacks motivation to actually get down and do it. So when I saw Miss VV had created a product that is both high quality and has a mobile app which can control the toy  I was really intrigued and keen to try it. The first part of this post will deal with just the kegel exerciser and the second part will go into detail about the app.

Using Miss on the Go Alone

It comes packaged in a really stylish black cardboard tube with a metal lid, it kind of reminds me of the packaging a nice bottle of whiskey would come in. I really like it, it makes a change from square boxes. Being a Canadian company the blurb is written in both French and English.


Inside the box you find a USB charging cable, full instructions (in French and English), a simple black storage bag, just big enough for the toy, and the kegel exerciser itself. The kegel balls are a bright vibrant red colour, which I absolutely adore. Too often these kinds of products are pink, which I am not a fan of. Red, however, is my favourite colour, and I’m loving the tone of these balls! The kegel balls are coated in a wonderful high end medical grade silicone, it feels lovely and soft to the touch and it has Miss VV’s logo indented on it along with some curved pattern detailing.  The balls weight is about 65g which is around the middle range for kegel balls. The first ball is a little narrower than the second, with a circumference of just over 4 inches, whereas the second ball’s circumference is just under 5 inches. The whole kegel exerciser, not including the tail, is about 4 inches long. The tail is about the same size again and made of the same great silicone. This needs to be long because it acts as your bluetooth antenna for the mobile app.


To get started you first need to charge the toy up. It’s USB rechargeable, all you do is push the pin of the charger into the charging port and plug the other end into a USB port in a laptop or wall plug. A little LED light will flash inside the lower kegel ball to show you it is charging. The light will turn to constantly on when the toy is fully charged. It only took around 2 hours for the toy to fully charge the first time using a wall plug. Miss VV’s Mystery claim that the toy can vibrate constantly on the strongest vibration setting for 2.4 hours after a full charge. I have to say I agree with that estimate. I have used it with it vibrating constantly on the lowest setting for two 2-hour sessions plus had some fun exploration with the higher settings and I’ve yet to need to charge it again! The battery life is really incredible for such a small toy.


You can use the kegel balls just as they are if you wish, they will work just fine without the vibrations on, but if you’re like me you need a little stimulation to get you started. To turn the toy on, just hold down the on button for a few seconds and the little LED light will start flashing. Then click the on button once to start the vibrations. The first vibration setting is a very low, deep and gentle rumble. It’s so quiet you can’t hear it at all unless you bring it to your ear. This is perfect if you’d like to use the toy out and about; no one would hear it buzzing through your body, even in quiet environments. I can feel the vibrations in both balls but they feel stronger in the smaller first ball, so I guess that is where the motor is, and the second ball’s vibration is transferred from the first. Click the button again and you reach setting 2; a more powerful constant rumble. This is louder but still quiet enough to use in busier settings. The supermarket perhaps. Setting 4 is more intense again, a faster, stronger and more audible rumble. The next click brings you to setting 4 which is the first pattern, it’s a fairly fast pulsing mode, with a pulse about every half second. Setting 5 is a fast oscillating pattern that feels more intense than setting 4. The next click turns the toy to off, but it’s LED will still flash meaning it can be turned back on to setting 1 with a click. You need to hold the power button down for a few seconds to turn it off properly. It’ll give two flashes in quick succession and then not flash again to tell you it is off.


To use without the app, first you need to pick your setting. I picked the lowest constant speed because I want to use these balls to give my kegel muscles a good work out whilst I do some other jobs around the house rather than turn myself on so much so I get distracted. Once the toy is gently buzzing away I covered both balls a little water based lube and pushed them into my vagina. They sit a little higher up than I had expected; 4 inches is fairly long, but they are very comfortable to wear. I can feel the vibrations nicely and this is great because it reminds me the balls are in there. I tuck the long tail forward inside my underwear so it is out of the way. This is a good position if you use the stronger vibration settings because some of them travel to the tail and you can feel them on your vulva and clit.


I wore the Miss on the Go Kegel exerciser for two hours on the first setting the first time I used them. I’ve used jiggle ball and steel ben wa balls before, and for both I’ve either given up or forgotten I was supposed to be clenching my muscles around them. With Miss on the Go those gentle vibes served as a constant reminder, and I found myself clenching both in long squeezes and in quick fire twitches without having to concentrate too much on it. They are fairly large and light for me, so I had no difficulty keeping them in. The other great feature of the vibes is it stimulates the right area that you should be working on. When I first started trying to work my kegels with some jiggle balls I really struggled to engage the correct muscles. I found I was often clenching my stomach, anus or buttocks instead. With Miss on the Go it was different, I knew absolutely that I was clenching my kegel muscles, it felt completely the right place and it was easy.


To remove the balls after a workout, I simply squatted in the bathroom and pulled gently on the tail and they slipped out. I then washed them thoroughly in the sink using warm water and antibacterial soap. These balls are waterproof up to 10 meters (or so the box claims), so you can be confident in giving them a good wash. You can also go in the bath or shower with them in for some aquatic fun. Once they have air dried I store them in their little black storage bag back in the box to keep them safe and dust free.

In the next section of the blog I’ll talk a little about using the mobile app, and about using the kegel balls as a fun sex toy with my partner as well as kegel exercisers.  If you’re convinced already and would like to order the balls, you can check them out on the Miss VV’s Mystery website here.

Using the Miss on the Go with the Mobile App

To get started you first need to download the app to your smartphone. The easiest way to do that is is hover your phone’s camera over the QR code printed on the top of the box. If your phone can read it you’ll be able to click the link which will take you to Miss on the Go on your phone’s app store. Now, my phone is an Android, so I can’t comment on how this will work for iPhone. You can also just search for “Miss on the Go” in google play store to find the app (linked here).


Set up

Once successfully downloaded and installed you’ll find the app’s logo “Miss VV” with your other apps. Open the app and it will ask you to make an account with Miss VV’s Mystery, including a username and sex. It then automatically gives you an avi as either some legs wearing stilettos and fishnets (female) or a tie being loosened (male). I really don’t like these pictures, they feel too generic and gender stereotyping to me, but hopefully this is something they’ll update in the future.  Once you’ve done that you can log in and the app will tell you if your phone is compatible. Luckily my Android Moto G phone was compatible, but my husband’s Android Huawei light wasn’t (yet he could still use the app to play with me, more about that later).

If your phone is compatible the next thing you need to do is pair your Miss on the Go with your phone’s bluetooth. Turn your Miss on the Go on by holding down the power button for a few seconds until the LED is flashing (it doesn’t need to be vibrating just flashing to indicate it’s on). Go to your phone’s setting and to bluetooth and you should see the Miss on the Go (called MISSVV then a unique code). Click on to pair it with your phone, entering the code 000000. Once it is paired, go back to your app.

In the app you’ll find a menu on the left hand side (click the picture of three horizontal lines). The first thing you need to click on is “Device” to pair your Miss on the Go with the app itself. Select your product from the menu to being pairing, it takes a few seconds to work. This stage was an absolute nightmare for me, it just wouldn’t pair and when it did (saying “you are connected to”) and I tried to play the games it was giving me the error message that bluetooth wasn’t connected. I unpaired and repaired my device several times but still no joy. I almost gave up, but then I thought I’d have one more go. I completely uninstalled the app from my phone and reinstalled it, making sure I did all the steps in the correct order (phone bluetooth, app device pairing, then games), and you know what? It worked!! First time, with no faff at all, and since then the app had worked perfectly. So I highly recommend trying uninstalling and reinstalling if you’re having trouble. My phone is pretty old so perhaps it would work better on newer compatible models or iPhones. Okay, so once you’ve got it all sorted and working you can  move onto the games.

The Games

On your home page you have three games to choose from, the first two are solo: “My Own Pleasure” and “Strong is the new Sexy” and the third one is an interactive game you can play with a partner or complete stranger if you wish: “Let the Game begin”.

My Own Pleasure

This is the app that allows you to control what setting the Miss on the Go kegel exerciser is on whilst it’s inside you. Make sure the toy is turned on (it doesn’t need to be vibrating but the LED needs to be flashing) before inserting it into your vagina with the tail outside and positioned in front of your body. This is so your phone can pick up the bluetooth signal, it won’t travel easily through flesh so make sure it’s not stuck between your legs or anything. Each of the 5 settings are indicated as points on the scroll wheel (setting 1 is far left, setting 5 is far right), you can use your finger to move the wheel to the setting you would like. It will then keep vibrating at your chosen setting until you either change it, click “Stop”, or exit the game by clicking “Done”. This is a fantastic feature because it allows you to change things up and learn what feels good without having to ever remove the kegel balls. Basically it turns your phone into a remote control for the toy. One thing to note is none of the games will work if the bluetooth antenna is underwater, so bathtime play may be limited.

Strong is the New Sexy

This one is a game to encourage you to clench your kegel muscles. With the kegel balls turned on and inserted with the bluetooth antenna (tail) to the front of your body (it won’t work through flesh but will through some knickers) you can press start. Basically what the app does is make the kegel balls vibrate at the second constant speed (setting 2) for 5 seconds. During this 5 seconds you can clench as hard as you can and try to hold it. It then gives you a 5 second break when there is no vibrations to rest your muscles, before the next 5 seconds of vibrations. This goes on for 1 minute 30 seconds, after which my kegels can definitely feel the workout. The clock on the screen counts down the time for you and is red when the vibrations are on and blue for the 5 seconds of rest. Once your minute and a half is up the kegel exerciser no longer vibrates. You can either play again or go to a different game by clicking “Done” and returning to the home page.

Let the Game Begin

This is the interactive social media aspect of the app, and I’ve got to say it’s pretty cool. As I mentioned previously, my husband’s phone was not compatible with the Miss on the Go toy, but he could still download the app. Using the alias “kate” he set up his account and logged into his somewhat more boring app.

Seriously, this app is super boring if you don’t have a friend with a toy to play with. His menu looked like the above screen; he only had “Invitations” and “Settings” and his home screen just said “Waiting for invitations”. I actually really like this aspect; what it means is only people with a toy can invite other people to play with them. If you don’t have a toy all you can do is sit and wait for someone to invite you. This means women are unlikely to receive lots of unsolicited requests from strangers. However, if you would like to connect with a complete stranger you can. You can browse through pretty much everyone on the app. It’ll tell you their user name, age, gender, and they can choose to write a little bio. It’s pretty anonymous as everyone’s avi’s are the same and it’s username only, no email address. So if you get off on strangers controlling your balls, this is the app for you!

Back on my more interesting app, I can search for users based on their age and gender, or I can click “I know who I want” to select my husband “kate” from my user history. Once I click that it comes up with a loading screen and asks me if I am feeling Submissive or Dominate today.

Kate, on his app, gets a pop up from me saying I want to play, which he can either accept or reject. It then puts us into conversation with each other. Kate gets a message saying I am feeling either dominate or submissive (that’s all clicking those options does, it doesn’t change the game at all, although it might change how your partner plays with you). You can chat much like you would in any other app like facebook messenger or whatsapp. Clicking on the camera lets the app access your phone’s camera so you can send naughty (or innocent, whatever takes your fancy) photos to each other instantly. This would be great for long distance lovers who’d like some intimate pics to turn them on.

Now Kate can control the Miss on the Go through their phone, without being anywhere near it! As with the other games you need for the LED to be flashing on, the kegel balls to be inserted  (it’ll work with them not inserted, but that’s not the point) with the tail outside your body and your phone within easy reach (the instructions claim 10 meters functionality, but if your talking to someone it’ll be closer than that anyway….unless you’re really really tall and your arm is over 10 meters from your vagina). As in the “Your Own Pleasure” game, there is a scroll wheel with all 5 settings on. Kate can move this wheel to the setting he wants and he gets a single word to describe each setting  (setting 1 = “Whisper”; setting 2 =”Blush”; setting 3 = “Shiver”; setting 4=”Heart Beat”; setting 5 = “Euphoria”). None of these words really tell you what the setting is except the “Heart Beat” one, but I get the sexy vibe they were after. Once kate has picked a setting, the kegel balls magically vibrate at the chosen setting! I can then respond on my phone with a slide scale bar indicating how much that setting is turning me on (from “Meh, could be better”, to “Hmm now we’re talking” to “Ah-Mah-Zing!”). Kate then gets this feedback in his own app on the “Pleasure-o-meter” which also has 3 phrases for each level (“Come on, turn me on!” to “Yeah, keep going!” to “Your a Champ”). You could, of course, ignore this feedback and talk in the messenger telling your partner if a setting feels good or bad.

The great thing about this game is it is fun! I have used it while my partner is still at work and I’ve been lying on the bed with him controlling the Miss on the Go and me controlling a favourite clit toy. In this way, the Miss on the Go transforms from a way to encourage kegel exercise to a fun interactive sex toy! I love the rumbly vibrations, and although they are not powerful enough to get me to climax alone, this is not what they are intended for, and they do add and extra level of pleasure and stimulation to a clitoral orgasm (engaging kegel muscles can lead to a more powerful orgasm).

Once the game is over (you can exit at any time), I get to rate Kate as a user. This is probably a good feature if you are playing with strangers and someone was saying mean things to you or sending your unsolicited dick pics or something. You can rate them badly and other users will see. Kate gets to see how I rated his game based on my pleasure feedback during the session.

Overall I’ve had a great time with Miss on the Go in the short time I’ve had it. It has definitely made kegel exercise more fun and the app is a great way to stay intimate with your partner over long distances. I love that my phone also works as a wireless remote so I can control the toy and change it’s settings whilst it is in my vagina. The battery life is fantastic and the material is really high end silicone. The app was a pain to get working, but once it was I loved it (except for the avi pics). I can imagine they will develop this feature even more. What I would really like to see is some kind of feedback or tracking aspect, which could track your kegel progress by showing you how many times you used the Miss on the Go and how long for each day. This might keep me motivated! Right now, I’m looking forward to working out my kegels more often and getting a lot of use from this toy in the future.

Miss VV’s Mystery is a new Canadian sex toy company and I’m really excited to see how they will develop and improve Miss on the Go and it’s app, and what products they will put out next. If the quality of Miss on the Go is anything to go by we can expect some pretty exciting things.

If you’d like to purchase Miss on the Go, you can find it on Miss VV’s Mystery website here.

I am also very pleased to announce that the fantastic Miss VV herself has promised me another Miss on the Go to giveaway as a blog competition! With a special “Strong is the New Sexy” New Years theme, this giveaway will launch on New Year’s day so you can make getting Kegel fit your New Year’s resolution! Keep your eyes on the blog competition page, and my Twitter and Facebook for details of this great competition coming soon.

*Miss on the Go was sent to me by Miss VV’s Mystery free of charge in exchange for a review. This in no way altered my opinion of the toy.

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