Lovehoney Thrill Seeker Remote Control Vibrating Love Egg Review

I enjoy vibrating Love Eggs, and when Lovehoney were looking for people to test a new one they have developed I lept at the chance. It comes in black, pink or purple. I’m not a fan of pink and the purple is a little too bright for my taste, so I’m very happy that they sent me the classic black model to test and review.


The thrill seeker love egg comes in Lovehoney’s modern packaging, which is sleek and simple in its design. It features a picture of the product and simple operating instructions along with a description of the different features of the love egg. Inside the box you’ll find a plastic case that contains the egg, the remote, and 5 little batteries.


The love egg itself takes 2 N-sized batteries, whereas the remote takes a single L sized battery. The two extra batteries are N-sized, so replacements for the love egg itself, and I really appreciate that Lovehoney made the effort to include spares because these little batteries can be difficult to source cheaply (one of the reasons why I hate them). The box also advises you to remove all the batteries after every use and I really agree with this. N-sized batteries will last a whole lot longer if you take them out of the toy when not in use!


The egg and the remote are made of ABS plastic, it feels hard and smooth to the touch and it’s coated in something that makes the egg feel really nice and soft. It’s got a stretchy rubber-like retrieval tail attached to one end. To get started you unscrew the egg into two halves, insert the N-sized batteries, then screw it back together. It won’t work alone, so you next have to take the back off the remote (designed much like TV remotes) and put the L-sized battery in, then put it back together again. The remote is very light and simple in design, the black is contrasted with lovely silver features on the two buttons and the Lovehoney logo at the bottom. Once you’ve got the batteries in place for both the egg and the remote you’re ready to go!


Clicking the power button makes the remote buttons light up with a bright blue light and the egg buzz into life, and wow, are those vibes powerful! I must point out here the vibes, although powerful, are very buzzy, shallow and high pitched, so if you’re a fan of deep rumbles this is not the toy for you. Pressing the function button on the remote changes the setting. It has 3 constant speeds, each faster, more powerful and louder than the last (the third setting is super loud so I’d avoid this one if you are playing in public as it’s clearly very audible through my body), it then moves on to the patterns. There are 7 different patterns which are a mixture of oscillations and pulses, sure to keep things interesting. While we’re on the remote, I just want to mention its range: it is really impressive. The box claims 10 meters, and although I’ve not tested this distance, it works fine with my husband controlling it from the other side of the room, no delay or anything, so I’m pretty impressed by it’s range.


In my first use of the egg, I warmed up first using a favourite bullet vibe, then when I was nice and aroused I added some water based lube to the egg then slipped it into my vagina easily. Once it was in place I used the remote to turn it on. This it when me and the egg fell out. Weirdly, I could hear it much more than I could feel it, I thought it would be less audible once inside my body, but this little buzzy devil is louder than first appears. I played around with the settings, going for the pulsing ones which usually get me going, and switching to constant and oscillations when the pulses weren’t working. I came to the conclusion that the high pitched buzziness, although powerful, did absolutely nothing pleasurable to my vagaina. I even did an experiment, while I was using a clit vibe with the love egg on, I switched it off to see if it changed how much pleasure I was getting from the clit vibe. It made no difference, proving that egg was doing very little to contribute to this particular wank session.

Once I was done I removed the egg by squatting and gently pull on its retrieval chord, which stretched so much I was worried it would snap! This is definitely a feature you need to be careful of (a snapped chord would make getting the egg out a bit tricky). Clean up was easy with warm water and antibac soap, as the webpage (but not the box) claims the egg is waterproof. The seal doesn’t seem that good, but it might well stand up to water as long as you screw it on tightly. Then I removed the batteries to keep them nice and full for the next go.

Since the first use I tried it again 3 times, just to be sure, and every time it has done very little for me.  I tried using it on my clit, working my kegel muscles on it and combining it with other toys, and still no joy. Saying that, everyone’s anatomy and sensitivity is different, and what doesn’t work for me may still work for you. Also if you know you like buzzy vibes this may be perfect for you.

Overall, I’m disappointed. This little egg had so much promise; it’s beautifully designed, its remote is fantastic (very responsive with a great range), it’s simple to control, got lots of settings and is even waterproof. However, none of these things really matter if it can’t give me pleasure. Hopefully other people will get more joy out of it than I did, but with an RRP of £29.99 I don’t think it’s worth it.

If you think you’d get on with it better than I did you can buy it from Lovehoney here.

*Lovehoney sent me the Thrill Seeker Remote Control Vibrating Love Egg free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This in no way changed my opinion of the product. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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