A Month of Sexual Happiness: Day 1

I’m sitting on the sofa with my husband. The calendar sits between us. This is the first door we get to open and it’s a pretty big one! I’m excited, and so is he. I ask him if he wants to open up day 1 or day 2. He looks at day 2’s window, and goes for day 1. It’s bigger after all, and this way he doesn’t have to wait a day his turn.


He opens up a the big flap to reveal…


This beautiful lovehoney blindfold! It’s slightly different to that one in that it’s little lovehoney logo label is black instead of red. It’s very similar to the blindfold I got in the tie and tease kit I reviewed for lovehoney, except it’s a little thinner. It’s made of wonderfully soft padded felt material on the inside and beautifully sleek black satin on the outside, very stylish. The stitching is good and it has two elasticated straps to hold it in place.


It’s pretty slim meaning it’s not the best blindfold, I can easily see between the gap either side of my nose, but having it on blocks out most of the light and encourages me to keep my eyes closed.


Now, the main point of this calendar, in my eyes, is to encourage sexual exploration between a couple, rather than just a way to get a lot of products. And Day 1 means sensory deprivation play! I absolutely love being blindfolded, so I’m super excited for the evening’s sex session. I have a few reasons for loving it. One is that I tend to be in control during sex, and losing my vision encourages me to take a back seat and let my partner have control, something I enjoy doing. Another reason I love it is it stops me seeing myself and being body conscious, I find I relax more and my sense of touch is heightened. My final reason is it releases my partner. He feels more confident in his movements and is willing to explore more if I can’t see him.


I had a great time today playing blind. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for day 2!

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