A Month of Sexual Happiness: Day 2

It’s day two of my month of sexual happiness, and today it’s my turn to open the door! This one is a little smaller and square shaped and I have no clue what it could be. My husband is eagerly waiting to see what’s in store.


I push my finger into it and pull the flap back to reveal….


This lovely little finger vibrator! It’s been brighten up from it’s fifty shades of grey branding to be a lovely bright purple colour. I am really happy with today’s door. I don’t have any finger vibrators, so I’m very excited to try one.


There’s a useful little instruction page telling me I need to remove the bullet from it’s silicone sheth, unscrew the top and remove the paper tab in there that’s keeping the batteries from running down. There are 3 extra batteries included for when these run out; a really nice touch.


The purple silicone feels really nice to the touch, it’s really high quality and velverty. It’s got three little lumps on it for extra clitoral stimulation. The bullet is single speed and although it’s high pitched and buzzy, the vibrations can be felt throughout its silicone sleeve. I also love that you can remove the bullet completely, fairly easily, which means you can give that silicone a through wash (the bullet is only splashproof so should just be wiped with a damp cloth).


I was really excited to try this little beauty out, and then my husband uttered those magical words I’m always happy to hear: “Can I use it on you?”. The great thing about a finger vibrator is it makes your partner feel more involved in stimulating you, more so than when they are simply holding a bullet. It is also so easy to get in the right position, and can be easily used during penetration without the worry of dropping it. We had a lot of fun playing with different fingering techniques on me, the little finger vibe really encouraged exploration. I found out my favorite was when he used the finger vibe on his thumb to stimulate my clit and used his first finger and middle finger to stimulate my G-spot. What a stroke of genius that was!


I have recently found out my husband enjoys having his balls and perinium stimulated with light vibrations, meaning I can take a turn wearing the vibe and touch him during sex. This worked best when I was sat up on top and can reach behind myself to get at his balls.

Todays door has been a lot of fun. We experimented with the finger vibe in lots of new ways and I think I am gradually learning just the right spots to touch him with a vibrator! I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s door and another sexual adventure!

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