A Month of Sexual Happiness: Day 3

It’s my husband’s turn to open the door again today, and number three is pretty massive. I’m trying not to be jealous that we seemed to have planned this so he gets to open all the big windows, no fair! After yesterdays reveal of that lovely little finger vibrator I am too interested in what’s behind this door to be really jealous.


He pokes at the window and expertly rips it open to reveal…


Wait, what is that? It kind of looks like a satin storage bag, which although useful, would make for a pretty boring play time today. He gets it out the window, unfolds it, and opens the plastic packet, to find it is two of these wonderful satin restraints!


The restraints are lovely, they are made of silk satin material which feels wonderfully smooth. My first impulse is to run one across my upper lip, just to test its smoothness. They are black with a gentle satin shine, a really classy look, and not too feminine which I love. They also perfectly match the blindfold we got on day one, I can see a bondage look progressing nicely! At one end the restraints are sewed into a triangle peak, with a little lovehoney symbol label. At the other end the restraints are sewn over to form a loop. Like the red ribbon restraints I’ve had from lovehoney in the past, you can easily form a comfortable wrist or ankle cuff by passing the pointed end through the little loop to form a slip knot which can be tightened. The restraints are fairly long too, giving you plenty of material to tie your lover up with.


The calendar has spoken! Today we shall enjoy some bondage play!

I used both restraints to expertly tie my husbands hands to the bed posts and teased him with my hands and mouth until he was begging for more…. Lets just say it was an explosive time for both of us, I totally got off on the power trip and he loved all the attention being focused on him.

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