A Month of Sexual Happiness: Day 4

After the last few days of sexual fun I am super excited to open today’s door. So far I’ve been very impressed with the quality and the style of the products in this lovely calendar. My husband must be pretty happy too, today he actually got out of bed on the first alarm and yelled “lets go open sex toys!” I couldn’t help but giggle with happiness at that. Today was my turn to open a door again. Number four is pretty small, not the tiniest, but smaller than yesterday’s three. I could not begin to guess what’s inside it.


I slide my finger under the flap to reveal….


Some, uh…. cock rings maybe? Yes, I pull them all out to find out there’s not one, not two but three silicone cock rings in there! They are this fantastic pack!  They feel amazing to the touch, I can’t stop petting them! The silicone is really smooth and velverty and completely seamless. They’re also pretty stretchy. There are three sizes, small, medium and large, and we’re not sure exactly how to position them. The smallest one still looks too large to be effective at blood restriction when worn on the shaft. The largest one I think would fit well over my husbands penis and around and behind his testicles (much like the larger ring on our Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Vibrating Cock Ring). My husband is still a little dubious on if they’ll do anything for him, but he’s willing to give it a go, in the spirit of a month of sexual happiness.


We have only used vibrating cock rings thus far, mainly to add in extra stimulation for me, so I’m intrigued how we’ll get on using just plain ones. We head to the bedroom to find out…

After some experimentation we find out that the middle sized ring fits my husband best if he slides it down his shaft and stretches it over his balls (they are really stretchy). Once on I like how it looks; it pushes everything forward. During sex I didn’t really notice much difference. He said he thought it made him last a bit longer, but it was difficult to tell for sure. Perhaps we need to go tighter and try the smallest one to really see a difference. However, it was comfortable and looked good, and didn’t make anything worse or more cumbersome. I think we both agreed we prefered our vibrating cock rings better, for extra stimulation to both of us.

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