A Month of Sexual Happiness: Day 7

Day 7 is another long thin door, like door 6, and I’m completely perplexed as to what could be inside it. A bullet vibe perhaps? A little penis sleeve maybe? It’s my husbands day to open and I eagerly lean over as he opens up door number 7…


Inside there is no mistaking these fantastic beginners anal beads! Although they do not have any fifty shades of grey (darker) branding, making these lovely little beads unique to the lovehoney advent calendar!


I gleefully take them from their window and feel the wonderfully velverty smooth silicone they are made from. It feels absolutely wonderful, I am so happy Lovehoney made all the toys in this case from this lovely luxurious material. This is a toy for me, as my husband isn’t keen on anal play on himself. There are only three small beads, the first a little smaller than the other two, with a large finger loop at the bottom for safety and ease of retrieval. There’s quite a lot of spacing between the beads, which I like the look of. Being fairly new to anal play I love that these beads are small, non intimidating and flexible.


In use I found them really easy to insert, the beads are so small all I had to do is add some anal water based lube and relax and all three easily popped in. I found the easiest technique to insert them was to gently push on each bead in turn. If you post from the end the whole thing bends and nothing happens. Once in place I had a pleasant filling sensation, much like I feel with a small butt plug. I used a vibe on my clit while my husband held the retrieval loop, ready to tug as soon as I orgasmed. This was great fun because he got to watch me and still participate in his very important role as anal bead tugger. As I climaxed he removed them swiftly, adding extra sensation and drawing my attention to the pulsing of my anal muscles. I think these little beauties may well become a regular fixture in our sexy sessions.

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