A Month Of Sexual Happiness: Day 8

Today it’s my turn to open up the window and see what’s inside. The door is a middle sized rectangle and is giving me no clues as to what lies beneath it. My my husband by my side I cautiously open up the flap to reveal…


Wait… What is that? I have no actual clue as to what it could be. I pull it from it’s compartment and find out


It’s some purple velcro handcuffs! They are made from a tough canvas type material with velcro on each side and a metal clip in the middle to hold them together. The velcro is a clever touch because it means you can adjust the size of the cuffs easily to fit most wrist sizes. The clip and velcro design is also great for beginners to bondage because you can easily let yourself free. It gives the illusion of being restrained with the safety of knowing you can get out if you need to.


Tonight, it’s my turn to be restrained. My husband cuffs my hands behind my back as I sit in a chair and uses a clit toy on me to bring me to screaming orgasm. I thoroughly enjoyed giving up some power and letting him take control.


Cuffs are a new item for us, and although I had fun, stylistically I prefer the silky retrains; they’re more versatile and feel nicer to the touch. However, we’re enjoying new things and I can’t wait to continue our month of Sexual Happiness.

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