A Month of Sexual Happiness: Day 10

Day 10 is for my husband to open. It’s a nice decent sized square window, and I’m guessing it could be one of Lovehoney’s little massage candles, which I would love. My partner eagerly rips open the door to reveal…


Oh, it’s a vibrating cock ring! Whoo-hoo! We are both pretty excited about todays door; we love our couple’s vibes, and a new vibrating cock ring is something we can both enjoy.  I’m so happy one has made an appearance.


Taking it from its window I can feel that it’s that same super soft silicone I’ve come to know and love from this collection. The ring itself is pretty sturdy with a fair bit of stretch to it, it could easily accomadate most girths. It’s the same little single speed bullet as in the finger vibe, and Lovehoney have kindly provided extra batteries for it.


Like the finger-vibe the bullet can be completely removed from its sleeve for thorough cleaning of the cock ring itself. On one side are little raised lumps for extra clitoral stimulation. Although the bullet is very buzzy, it is powerful for its size, and I can easily feel the vibrations through the silicone of the ring.


The ring is pretty stretchy, although the silicone is sturdy. It was easy for my partner to slide it down the shaft of his penis with the aid of a little water based lube. We had sex with me on top as this is the best position for me to make the most out of vibrating cock rings (I can really grind against them). Although I enjoyed a nice bit of extra stimulation, the vibrations were too buzzy and shallow to be amazingly orgasmic. Also the nodules are pretty small so don’t really add anything special. Saying that, the ring is really nice material and it stayed put and was comfortable for my husband to wear. If only the bullet was a little better I’d be happy. The bullet did cut out in the middle as well, we got it working again, but I think the connection isn’t very good. I made sure the lid was screwed on really tight and we still lost vibrations a second time (this time we didn’t bother fixing it and just concentrated on our own enjoyment instead). I’m not sure about it’s ability to create a longer lasting firmer erection, my partner said he couldn’t really tell the difference. It’s a pretty little ring though, I hope other people get more out of it than we did.

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