A Month of Sexual Happiness: Day 11

Now, day 11’s door is very long and slim. It’s probably the longest window on the whole calendar. I’m pretty convinced it’s a classic vibrator. It’s my husband’s day to open to door, and he says to me “you think this is a vibe, right?” while he slips his fingers under the tab and opens up the window to reveal….


“Oh my god, it’s a flogger!” I exclaim. This is another completely new toy for us. Although I’m interested in it, spanking is hard limit for my husband; he doesn’t like any pain or shock to be delivered to him. I quickly take it from its packet and run my fingers through its faux leather throngs. They feel really nice and soft to the touch, kind of like suede. The handle is made from textured faux leather, which gives it a lot of grip, and it has a wrist loop at the end so you can’t lose it.


Now, although my partner still looks a little worried, I’m running my fingers through the throngs and telling him how soft and nice they feel. He loves sensory play, and being stroked in general and I just know he’d enjoy the flogger being used like a tickler on him. I reassure him I will never spank him with it (unless he wants me too). I also tell him I’d like to be spanked with it by him, if it’s something he would be comfortable with. He says he might do it, but only lightly. I test the flogger with a good hearty twack to my thigh. “Hah! I didn’t even feel that!” I exclaim joyfully. It makes a really loud noise but delivers only a gentle sting. This is a perfectly gentle introduction to the role play aspect of spanking without any of the pain.


In the bedroom I’m wearing a little black mini dress and he is just in his boxers. First of all I play with him, stroking the flogger all over his body, and as I expected, he really enjoys the sensations it brings. Then he tested it out as a spanker, by giving his own arm a good thwack. He’s happy to discover like I did that it doesn’t really hurt at all, but you can make a monster noise with it. He says he’s happy to have a go a spanking me, but wants guidance and reassurance, which I’m more than happy to provide. I start off lying next to him on my stomach, dress hitched up to reveal my bare bum cheeks. He gives me a few light test hits. I encourage him to go harder. He gets a little bolder and I decide to change things up by lying across his lap. I can feel his erection through his boxers. He gets the wrist flick just right and delivers some impressive blows to my butt. I’m pretty wet by this point and we end up having some fantastic sex.

Well, Lovehoney, you keep surprising us with this calendar. Not yet half way through this beautiful calendar of joy and already we’ve experienced more new sensations than I thought we would and I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone into play areas I hadn’t even considered before. I can’t wait to continue this journey.

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