A Month of Sexual Happiness: Day 12

After yesterday’s shock reveal I’m excited for what is in store for us today. Half way through now and loving every moment of my month of sexual happiness and exploration. Its my turn to open up the door today, and 12 is a very teeny tiny window. What joy could reside behind such a small window? I’m eager to find out… I slip my finger under the tab to reveal….


Some stylish black foreplay dice! I’m actually super happy that these little black beauties made an appearance, I was hoping there would be some kind of sexy game inside and dice are the perfect size for a sex toy advent calendar! These ones are really stylish as well, they are a shiny black plastic with the words written in a silver cursive. They’re light but still a pretty decent size and won’t easily get lost mid game.


Die 1 has instructions on it: stroke, suck, kiss, massage, blow and lick. Die 2 has body parts on it: inner thighs, nipple, lips, stomach, penis or clitoris (my favourite) and ? which allows you to choose the area of your choice. These dice make for a very simple yet fun game where everybody is a winner!


We have a great time taking it in turns to roll the dice on our bed, both sat completely naked. The results were both funny (he was just blowing on my nipples at one point) and really, really hot (who wouldn’t want a dice to instruct a sexual partner to suck on your clit?). I reckon we got through about 4 roles each before it just progressed and the dice were forgotten. Definitely a game we’ll play again!

I’m so excited that we’ve had so much fun already and we’re still only half way through! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us for the rest of the month.



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