A Month of Sexual Happiness: Day 13

Day 13 is another little door, and it’s my husband’s turn to open it up. He doesn’t leave me guessing for very long, and charges in, pushing down the tab and opening the window to reveal….d13_1

This bullet vibe! I know a bullet vibrator straight away when I see one! I was waiting for this day, as surely, no sex toy advent calendar is complete without a little bullet vibe! I’m so happy to report that the vibe included isn’t one I’ve already got from lovehoney (like this and this one). It’s interesting that the calendar has suddenly broken away from it’s sleek black and purple theme to suddenly include a hot pink bullet! Not that I’m complaining, I was just expecting everything to fit the colour scheme.


I greedily pull the little vibe from it’s pocket and have a quick look at the instructions leaflet hidden under it. Like the vibrating cock ring and finger vibrator, this bullet comes with batteries included and a full set of spares. I really do appreciate the extra care Lovehoney took to provide extra batteries for everything in this pack. It really does make it extra special.


I’m happy to read that this little pink devil has 7 settings and is waterproof! Both key features I look for in a bullet vibe. I’m firmly back in my comfort zone. Today, my husband is taking a break and I’m spending some quality time with myself and my brand new bullet vibe (I bloody love bullets!). This one is made of a hard ASP plastic which is coated in something that makes it feel lovely and soft to the touch.


The vibrations are really powerful but very high pitched and buzzy; not my favourite variety. There are three constant speeds, each faster than the last, and four patterns. Most of the patterns are pulsating, and there’s one really odd one that has a load of different kinds of pulses, which didn’t appeal to me at all. Operation was really easy, a simple push the top button to scroll through the setting and hold it down to turn off design. I don’t have many bullets with a rounded head, so I was curious how this one would feel. To my surprise, I really liked it! By having a larger surface area to stimulate with the high pitched vibrations are dulled down a little, making them pleasant. I used just the first constant speed and a little water based lube and moved that flat head in slow circles on my clit, building up to orgasm in not too long. Sure, it’s got nothing on my favourite bullet (at the moment it’s still the Rock’s off Ignition), but I had a nice time with it all the same. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s window and hopefully some more sexual fun with my loving partner.

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