A Month of Sexual Happiness: Day 14

It’s my turn to open up the window today, yippee! With all the surprises we’ve had so far I wouldn’t like to begin to guess what’s behind this decent sized rectangular pocket of joy. I’ve eagerly pop it open to reveal….d14_2

Oh! It’s more restraints! They’re the same as the handcuffs from day 8, but bigger and thicker, these ones must be ankle restraints!


They’re pretty comfortable and adjustable, much the same as the handcuffs I’ve already described. In fact the extra row of velcro these have make them much more versatile than the handcuffs; you could use them to restrain ankles or wrists easily, because they will go really small or really big.


Now we have the full kit, my immediate thought is can we clip all the restraints together to really restrain me? This would be a new position for both me and my husband. We rush to the bedroom to try it.


The short answer is no, I’m not that flexible. But we had a great laugh trying it. We did manage to get it all clipped together with my hands on top of my ankles and me sitting up and bend forward. But then the question of “now what?” came up and I just couldn’t stop laughing! It was a really uncomfortable position and there wasn’t really any access to for him to do much to me (plus all that giggling probably wasn’t much of a turn on). So he unclipped me and we had a nice cuddle and a chat. Some days that’s what you really want anyway. Perhaps we’ll thinks of a great way to use this ankle cuffs in the future, for now I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning and door 15!

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