A Month of Sexual Happiness: Day 15

It’s my husband’s turn to open the door today and 15 is a big ‘un! It really does feel like he gets all the big doors! He carefully slides his finger under the flap to reveal…


This little bag of romantic red rose petals!


They’re all tied up in a black sheer storage bag. The petals feel exactly like false flowers feel, very synthetic. They are a really lovely vibrant red colour and would make a beautiful contrast to a white or cream bed spread.


My husband really liked todays door, he found them really sweet, which I found so wonderfully endearing. I love him. He’s looking forward to spreading some rose tinted romance over our bed tonight, paired with some scented candles and a glass or two of good red wine. I am in for a real treat, and some slow, romantic sex, no toys or gadget required. Thank you Lovehoney calendar!


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