A Month of Sexual Happiness: Day 16

Door 16 is a great big square door and it’s my turn to open it! After all that romance last night I feel closer to my husband than ever.  I’m eager to know what’s inside today’s door so I quickly pry open the window…


To reveal this amazing butt plug! Hurray! It’s made from the same high quality silicone that all the calendar toys have been made from so far, which I absolutely love.


As with most silicone, it’s a dust magnet, so please excuse the dusty photos. This butt plug has a gentle bend to it aimed at stimulating the prostate, and a large flared t-shape base to stop it from travelling too far. However, my husband is not yet ready to try an anal toy, if he was this would be the exact beginners plug I would buy him.


I’m always up for a small, silicone butt plug, so I have a go. I have heard that these curved plugs are not only great for putting pressure on the prostate, but that they can also help to direct a penis (or dildo) towards the front wall of the vagina during sex, helping to hit the G-spot. I decide to put this into practise by inserting the plug before some doggy style penetrative sex. It was a little tricky for me to insert as it’s not as tapered as my other plugs, so the start is wider. With patience and a lot of lube I manage to get it to sit comfortably inside. I’m happy to report it does do the trick and my husband had me squirting and shaking in no time. It also was very comfortable to wear and didn’t move out of place at all. I’m sure we’ll use it for many more fun times in the future. And if there does come a time that my husband wants to explore anal play I can sterilize the silicone and let him have a whirl.

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