A Month of Sexual Happiness: Day 17

So here we are, day 17, and it’s my husband’s turn to open the window again! I’m excited because it’s a pretty big one… I hold his hand while he opens up door 17 to reveal…


Oh my god, it’s nipple clamps! After the cit clamp I was expecting some nipple clamps to make an appearance. I haven’t ever tried them before but I like nipple stimulation so I’m curious to see how I get on with these.


They are joined with a metal chain and have rubber tipped crocodile clip style clamps. They even have an adjustable screw so you can make them pinch tighter or more gently. As a beginner this is definitely a feature I would look for. I love the look of these and I think the metal silver and black will look really sexy once they are in place.


Later on, I ask my husband to help me get the clasps on. He starts by touching my breasts, pinching the nipple and finally gently sucking them until my nipples were nice and erect. Then with the screw open so the clasps stayed fairly large we began the task of trying to attach them to my nipples.


Unfortunately we completely failed, after about half an hour we gave up. We tried lots of methods, read some blogs, watched some instructional videos, but something about my nipple size and shape was just not playing ball with these particular clasps. We did manage to get them to attach to both of my husband’s nipples, so I know they do work, but they just wouldn’t stay on mine at all. If we did manage to grab one, the clasp would just slip off instantly. It was becoming a bit of a mood killer, and although my husband wanted to keep trying because he thought I’d really enjoy it, I made the decision to stop and process to some more sex acts. I will come back to them, or perhaps buy a different style that might work better with my nipple. Great idea to have behind the door, and I think they work great for some people, but alas, today is not my day for nipple clamps.

5 thoughts on “A Month of Sexual Happiness: Day 17

  1. These is the exact pair I have and I love them although they can me incredibly painful especially when I remove them. Are your nipples small? You might want to try clamps geared towards men. Clover clamps are worth looking into as well. They have more of a “grip”. Good Luck! I’m sure you will be enjoying that delicious blend of pain and pleasure very soon 🙂


    1. Thanks for taking the time to write to me! My nipples are kind of middle sized I guess, my husband could get them on his so I thought I might have the opposite problem; that maybe my nipples are too big? They just kept sliding off mine… I think you’re right, I should give another style a go, definitely ones with more grip would be a good thing! Have you got any recommendations? 🙂

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