A Month of Sexual Happiness: Day 18

I’m up and out of bed first this morning and it’s my turn to open door 18. I’m so impatient waiting for my husband to get up so I can find out what gift is in store today! I make some coffee as a attempt to lure him, and finally he’s up and sitting next to me, the calendar is in my lap as I get to work opening door 18.d18_3

Oooh, its some double kegel balls! My husband is not bothered about these at all, but he’s happy that I’m happy.


The balls are made of the same lovely velverty silicone I’ve come to expect from this calendar. They have two free roaming balls inside them that are rattling around, you can hear them if you give them a good shake. The balls are quite large and light (4.4 inch circumference and weighs about 70g), perfect for beginners.


The piece of silicone that hold the two balls together is a bit small. It makes me nervous that the  balls could break apart, so I’m going to be very careful with them. The balls have a long tail that acts as a retrieval cord. In my opinion the tail is unnecessarily long, but that’s not too much of a problem.

Being dust-magnet silicone, the balls quickly gathered up the small amount of dust on the outside of the calendar while I was photographing them. They didn’t arrive dusty.

So today I am practising my kegel exercises! This is something I should do more often really. I add a little water based lube to each ball and easily slip them into my vagina. The tail hangs out annoyingly and I tuck it towards the front of my body. When I’m walking around I can feel the loose weights moving around a little, reminding me that the balls are there and that I’m supposed to be clenching. These kegel balls are pretty large light for me, so there’s no effort at all required to hold them in. It’s up to me to squeeze to get the most of the work out! When it’s time to remove them I just pull on the tail quite firmly (it stretches) and they easily pop out. Then I can wash them thoroughly with warm water and anti bac soap.

I think these balls would be great for beginners, I love the material they are made from and that the weights have a little jiggle to them to remind you they are in there and you need to squeeze!

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