A Month of Sexual Happiness: Day 19

Today my husband eagerly opened window 19, it’s another square door today and with so many surprises already discovered I couldn’t even begin to guess what’s behind it. He pulls it open to reveal….


It’s another cock ring!


This is the first toy we’ve opened that’s not made of that lovely silicone, and to be honest I’m a little disappointed.  I like cock rings, but we’ve had four already and I was looking forward to a little variety. This one is different though, it has a cock and a ball loop. It’s made of a squishy jelly type material that I’m a little cautious of (I believe it’s TPE). This material is porous so I can’t see us using it for the long term. The inner diameter is very narrow, and it has some extra nodules which might help it to grip the base of the penis.  Although it’s not such an exciting item today, we still want to take it for a spin, and my husband thinks the smaller diameter might mean it is more restrictive and hence more effective.


My husband found it really easy to get on; it’s super stretchy so he just stretched it and with the aid from a little lube on the shaft of his penis it easy slid to the base of his penis. Then the testical ring was easy to stretch over his balls. He said it felt snug but not uncomfortable. We had sex then with me flat on my back and him on top of me. He felt that it made is erection harder throughout the session, although like the earlier silicone ones, it was difficult to tell if it actually made him last longer. Although we like the feel of the material of the silicone cock rings better, this one was better functionally because he could tell it was making his erection harder. He’d definitely use it again.

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