A Month of Sexual Happiness: Day 21

21 is quite a large door and today it’s my husband’s turn to pop it open. He’s still hoping for a stroker, but this door is definitely the wrong shape for that. I’m hoping for something massage-related, but given this door’s dimensions I’m thinking it’ll be another bondage item. He makes quick work of prying open the door…


To reveal… some kind of lace in plastic wrap… What is that?


I take it from it’s wrapper to find out it’s a sexy black garter! This is a real surprise, as I really didn’t expect to find any lingerie items in a sex toy advent calendar. I think it’s a clever addition, because garter belts will fit most sizes and be to most people’s taste, particularly in a classic black colour.


I’ve never worn a garter so this is a first for me, be it a very tame first. I decide to take this reveal as a suggestion for tonight’s play, as we have been doing tonight, and today’s theme is lingerie! I get dressed up in my favourite lingerie set, with the garter slid up on my thigh, all ready to surprise my husband.


Needless to say, I get all the right compliments and the evening progresses into sexual bliss.

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