A Month of Sexual Happiness: Day 22

It’s day 22 and this morning it’s my turn again to open up this door. It’s fairly big and square, and I’m still hoping for a massage candle under this one. With my husband sat next to me I slide my finger under the tab and pry the window open…


I reveal these heart-shaped nipple pasties! I can’t believe after most of the calendar is open we get two lingerie items in a row! Like the garter, this is another clever addition, because as long as you’ve got nipples you can wear them!


The pasties are bright red with little dimontés all over them. They are pointy for an extra pointy nipple look. On the back they have a piece of paper that you have to remove to reveal the sticky underside. Yes, these pasties just stick on to your nipples for an instant burlesque look!


Now, nipple pasties are not something I have ever been interested in before, but in the spirit of a month of sexual happiness, I give them a go. Because my mind instantly went to burlesque I decide tonight a strip tease is in order! I pair the pasties with a sexy black lace robe and some black lace up knickers, put on a slow song and put on a slow sexy show. Dancing like this can make me feel super sexy and confident in my own body.

Because I believe in equality, we swap after I’m done, and my husband treats me to a lap dance. This ends up in mutual oral sex and orgasms all round. I’ve got to say this was one of the funnest nights I’ve had with the calendar. Sometimes all it takes is some nipple pasties for inspiration to strike. I hope I can convince him to give me lap dances more often.

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