A Month of Sexual Happiness: Day 23

It’s the penultimate day of our month of sexual happiness, and it’s a bitter sweet feeling. Sweet because I long to find out what’s behind the big number 24, and bitter because I don’t want the month to be over! Today is my husband’s turn to open the door, and this is his last shot for a male masurbater. It’s the right size and shape for one, and you can see the anticipation on his face as he pushes the tab down and pulls open the window….


Hurrah! It’s a male masturbater! Or wank sleeve as I so fondly call them.


It’s clear and made of squishy, stretchy TPE. The outside is smooth and flat, and the inside is filled with little nodules. The inside canal diameter is about one and a half inches, so not the tightest fit but a bit of a squeeze.


He prefers to use his wank sleeves alone, so today I leave him to it and ask him to report back after. He’s not the more descriptive of peoples at times, but his overwhelming conclusion was it was “okay”. I think the problem is he has better products, that are thicker with more texture and smaller canal diameters (his favourite is this one from Tracey Cox, and he also likes this one). To go from those to a BASICS version meant he felt the difference in quality. He also prefers stimulation from ribbing rather than nodules, but this is just a personal preference thing. Having said that, this stroker did get the job done, so to speak, so it’s not a complete let down. If you were new to wank sleeves you could well love it, and it would make a simple introduction. For my husband, however it’s not a keeper.


We’re both looking forward to what tomorrow has in store! I personally cannot wait, and I think I’ll be jumping out of bed early tomorrow to rip open that door!

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