A Month of Sexual Happiness: Day 24

It’s the final day of our month of sexual happiness, and it’s a bitter-sweet feeling. On the one hand, I’m sad this is our last day sitting side by side in anticipation of the sexual delights that will be revealed. On the other, I’m excited to find out what’s behind our extra special massive door, and what kind of treat I’ll be in for. I smile gleefully at my husband and begin to carefully open the big flap…..


Ahhhh! It’s lovehoney’s award winning desire clitoral vibrator! This toy has been on my wishlist for so long, I am super happy it has made an appearance! What a great way to end the calendar! Although why it is a hot pink colour and not the beautiful purple I have no idea. I guess they wanted to make it special for the advent version? You can also get it in a special fifty shades of grey black edition too.


It’s made of fantastic high grade silicone, and it feels wonderfully soft in my hand. It has a shiny metal circle, which is so shiny I can see my reflection in it. The shape is kind of like a bent almond, it gets smaller towards one end which is also curved forwards. I guess the idea is that this can cover your whole vulva and put some pressure on your clit for more direct stimulation.


It is USB rechargeable so to get started I have to charge it up. This bit was a bit scary, because you have to pierce the silicone the first time you charge it. I was scared I’d break it, but actually all was fine and once I’d plugged it in to my USB wall plug it flashed nicely to tell me it was charging.


Once it is charged I can’t wait to give it a go. I hold down the plus button to turn it on and to my delight the vibrations feels wonderfully rumbly and deep! They aren’t super strong, but for me being deep is more important than loads of power. There’s eight different modes that you can get to by pushing the middle button, with a good range of pulsating and oscillating patterns.


For my clit I enjoy constant stimulation, so I keep it on constant and press the minus button to get it on a good warm up level. I put some water based lube on the curved underbelly of the toy and start using it on my clit and vulva. I’m used to the harsh power and pin point precision of a bullet, so at first I thought the vibrations were too weak to do much. How wrong I was! In a weird way, this toy made my vulva feel warmer and warmer, and my orgasm built up so gently and steadily that it felt absolutely delicious. When I finally came it was an all body relaxation effect, with wave after wave of blissful pleasure washing over me.

I truly love this toy, and I can see it being used a lot more in the future. Maybe next time I’ll let my husband join in!

If you’ve been following me all month I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my experiences with these new toys. I have had a great time, even though not every toy was a winner for me. Tomorrow I will do a conclusion post where I wrap up my experience with the calendar as a whole, so come back to check that out.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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