A Month of Sexual Happiness: Wrap Up

I’m looking back and thinking about the joyous month I’ve just had, thanks to Lovehoney and this calendar. When we first embarked on our epic journey of sexual happiness, never did I ever think my boundaries would be pushed the way they have, or that I would learn so much about myself and my partner. When I opened up that clit clamp, I knew I my sexual experience was actually very limited. Although I was terrified of it at first, I embraced the suggestion to jump out of my comfort zone feet first and see what my body can do.

I always thought I was the sexually advanced one in my marriage, but I’ve been humbled. I’m still wide eyed and excited, and I’m learning all the time about the sheer variety of sexual play and possibilities that are out there. I feel overwhelmingly grateful that I live in both a time and place where I safely explore my own sexaulity and get great joy from my life. cal_2


I asked my husband what his favourite toy was from the box. He said it’s the finger vibrator; a toy that he uses to give me pleasure. If that’s not true love I don’t know what is.

For myself, it’s the flogger. I fucking love that thing! I often play with it, running it’s throngs over my arms and neck while I’m just sat on the sofa watching TV. It’s like it’s a new pet of mine. And I never would have thought to buy a flogger for myself.


Although I have loved every minute of my month of sexual happiness, I would change up a few things if it were me creating this wonderful calendar. For one, I don’t see the need to include a total of 5 cock rings. I would’ve passed on the last one. Another thing I would have passed on the ankle and wrist cuffs and just included 4 sets of the beautiful silky restraints. This, I think, is a personal preference thing, I’m used to DIY bondage and the silky restraints are just so versatile, whereas you can’t do much more with cuffs than just cuff. I think the restraints are prettier too. Instead of these items I would have loved to have seen something massage related, either a lovely massage candle or some oil, or even LH’s massage rocks (I’ve always wanted these rocks though! Been heavily hinting but alas, they’ve yet to make an appearance in my Christmas stocking). Another great thing to include would have been a water based lube to use with all the lovely silicone toys.

As it’s Christmas, I wanted to end this post with a note of romance. I truly love my husband, and I’m so glad he was willing to go on this sexual journey with me. A moment I will always  treasure is when we opened door 15 to reveal the fake rose petals. My reaction was kind of meh, these won’t get me off, but he really loved them and the romance they promised. I look forward to many more months of sexual happiness together.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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