Win a Luxury Kegel Exerciser and Get Kegel Fit this New Year!

It’s all over! The winner of this giveaway has been drawn and contacted! Thank you to everyone who entered, particularly those who shared the contest on social media, you’re all brilliant! A huge thank you to Miss VV who very kindly donated the fantastic prize of a Miss on the Go Kegel Exerciser!  

It’s finally the end of 2016, and time for a new start. As we make lists of our plans for the new year, perhaps some resolutions, perhaps some new ambitions, health and fitness is often a common theme. A part of the body that often gets forgotten in all our plans for better health and wellbeing is the kegel muscles.

Kegel exercise is important, both for better bladder control and for stronger orgasms. If you’ve never tried to work out your kegels, don’t worry help is at hand! Miss VV’s Mystery  has very kindly donated a  Miss on the Go Luxury Kegel exerciser worth $169.00 that you can enter to win! This is a fantastic prize (you can read my very thorough review of Miss on the Go Kegel Exerciser here) and would make a great start to 2017.  So what are you waiting for? Enter the giveaway below!**

Win a Miss on The Go Kegel Exerciser!

Happy New Year Everyone!


** One winner will be chosen at random on the closing date to receive a Miss on the Go Kegel Exerciser direct from Miss VV’s Mystery. Entrants must be 18 years old or over, and live in a country/region where it is legal to ship sex toys. Entrants will be liable for any customs charges that may incur when posting the prize outside of Canada. 


10 thoughts on “Win a Luxury Kegel Exerciser and Get Kegel Fit this New Year!

  1. Another great competition, thanks Jezebella ☺️ My plans for 2017 are to be more organised, de-clutter you house, lose weight and exercise. x

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  2. My goals for the year include getting in better shape with no set deadlines or weight goals (no pressure, low key works best for me), working on improving my mental health, and spending more time trying to develop my blog!

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