Eggs and Rabbits: Toys for a Sexy Easter!

Y’know what’s better than chocolate? Orgasms. So if you’re browsing the aisles looking for the perfect easter gift for that special someone in your life, why not give them the gift of a really great wank session? You know you want to. Unlike chocolate (a fleeting fancy), great sex toys are the gift that keep on giving, again and again and again. Instead of trying to choose between milk or dark, toffee or caramel, feast your eyes on these easter treats. Maybe you could even spare a little cash to treat yo self this easter?

1. The Easter Bunny

Rabbits, Rabbits, where do we even start? Surely a rabbit is the most popular, if not the most common, sex toy in the world? With so many to choose from you might be at a loss as to where to begin. Here’s a few that caught my eye. They might just suit the lover in your life. Remember rabbits make as decent anal toys as they do vaginal ones, so if your lover doesn’t have a vagina it doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy a buzzing easter bunny. The ones I’ve picked out are made from silicone for hygenic and body safe fun.



Okay, so this one is almost out of the budget range, but £36 is such a good price for all that this little bunny is! You’d be hard pressed to find all this for under £40. It is made of silicone, it’s rechargeable and it’s waterproof. Best of all, it’s got the cutest little face on it! Perfect for your sweetheart! If it tickles your fancy, find it at Sh! here.

The Middle Ground


What’s better than orgasms? Chocolate and Orgasms of course! The lovehoney desire rabbit vibrator is waterproof, rechargeable and made of super velvety silicone. Best of all, this gift sets comes with a load of tasty truffles to enjoy. You can get it on sale at the moment for only £30, but even at full price (£60) it’s a pretty damn tempting. Find it here (UK) or here (USA, sorry US, your version doesn’t include chocolate).


The Happy Rabbit 2 is waterproof, rechargeable, made of silicone and affordable at only £49.99 at the mo. It is pretty in pink and is shaped to hit your G-spot or P-spot. If you think this bunny is what your lover wants to hop on to this easter you can find it here (UK) or here (USA).



The Demona Wave vibrator may not look much like a rabbit but it sure makes me hop with joy! It’s rechargeable, silicone, waterproof and has a wave motion in the shaft that is to die for (or more specifically, to squirt for). If you’re in the UK or europe, you can find this deep purple beauty for £86 from Sh!


If price is no object, you can’t get much fancier than the we-vibe nova. Waterproof, rechargeable, silicone and shaped to hit all your sweet spots, the nova promises a lot. And for £109.99 it better deliver! It can be used with an app for extra features and wireless control. Sure, it might be a weird ass looking rabbit, but who cares if it makes your lover come, right? You can find this wonderous robot here (UK) or here (USA).

The Wild Card


Just look how cute the happy rabbit finger vibrator is! Like all the other bunnies I’ve mentioned, this little pink beauty is silicone, waterproof and USB rechargeable. You can just slip it over your finger and hop it all over your lover’s sweet spots. What a great easter game for two (or three, or four, if you’re feeling adventurous!). This little beauty is on sale at only £12.50 today, with a full price of £24.99. If you think it’d make the ideal easter bunny you can buy it here.

2. The Easter (love) Egg

Vibrating love eggs! What an obvious choice for an extra special easter gift! These little beauties can be used for external or vaginal stimulation, and if you’re super brave you can even take them out and about on your easter egg hunts! You can use them to work those kegel muscles, or just as a brilliant wank-aid. Personally, I like to have one in to amp up the pleasure I feel from a good clit vibe. Whatever your preference, a little vibrating egg is sure to bring your partner hours more joy than the chocolate variety. Here’s a few you could invest in:



This little stylish wired love egg takes AA batteries. It’s made of a hard plastic and is splashproof. It’s pretty and cost effective at only £16.99 and at the moment it is in Lovehoney’s 2 or £25 offer! Perfect for treating yourself to a little something as well as this easter egg delight! Find it here (UK) or here (USA).





The ABS plastic Lovehoney Thrill Seeker remote control love egg comes with batteries included and has a remote control with great range. At the moment its £29.99, not too bad for a pretty little toy. Although this egg is not my favourite, it could bring you some easter joy. Find it here (UK) or here (USA).



For an extra £10, you can get the Rocks-Off duet, a clever little love egg who’s remote doubles as a little clitoral vibrator. Nifty, huh? It also comes with batteries included and is made of ABS plastic. I think it looks lovely in pinkish purple, and is sure to impress any lover with a vulva. Find it here (UK) or here (USA).



The Lovehoney Desire Vibrating love egg is rechargeable, made of super soft silicone and is bound to delight any lover with a vagina. If purple is your colour, this one is a deep delicious shade. It’s up for £59.99 at the mo, with a free gift included. Find it here (UK) or here (USA)


If you are feeling super flush, you can get an even more luxurious love egg. The Coco de Mer Emma comes in beautiful packaging which adds an extra level of class and sophistication to this orgasmic easter egg. It will set you back £119.99 at the moment, including a free gift. Find it here (UK) or here (USA).

The Wild Card:


Can’t decide between a rabbit or a love egg? Why choose! The tokidoki x Lovehoney range has exactly the toy you’re looking for. It’s a wired vibrating love egg that has a cute silicone removable bunny ears sleeve. It even has pictures of cute bunnies with wings shooting love heart arrows on the controls! Who wouldn’t want it as a thoughtful easter gift? It’s £29.99 for all that easter cuteness at the mo.  Find it here (UK) or here (USA).

3. For the Penis in your life

If your partner has a penis and is a fan of penis stimulation, don’t worry there are the perfect easter eggs just for them! That’s right, I’m talking about penis strokers (or wank sleeves, as I fondly call them), that come in pretty egg packaging. They’re called tenga eggs, and they are as cute as anything. My personal favourite as a gift is this extra-special love heart one.


It looks just like a romantic easter egg, ey? Find it here (UK) or here (USA).

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