The Gvibe² Anatomical Massager Review

The Gvibe² is a completely new style of sex toy from ft London. Rather than a straight shaft, the Gvibe² splits half way down into two separate flexible ends. It boasts 3 powerful motors, one in each tip and one in the center just above where the toy splits. The idea behind this new toy was that it would expand inside the vagina and leave the user with a feeling of fullness without the need to insert a really girthy toy. I was intrigued by this idea and I’m very glad ft London send me a Gvibe² to review.

Packaging, Design & Features

The packaging the Gvibe² comes in is well designed and stylish to look at. It includes a beautiful artistic image from erotica artist Elena Mirosedina which I love. It’s a sturdy cardboard tube with a rope handle. To get it open all you need to do is remove the seal and pop the union jack top off. Inside, protected by a foam mold, you’ll find the Gvibe², a USB charging cable, a storage bag and a little manual that has lovely sketches of ways in which you might like to used the Gvibe².


The Gvibe² comes in three colours: black, purple or light blue. I chose the light blue because it’s bright and fresh and makes a happy change to all that black and purple that already dominates my toy box. First impressions of the Gvibe² are good. The silicone feels really nice and smooth and although there are faint seams running down the whole length of the toy on each side it seems like a high quality product. At the base of the Gvibe² the handle has a finger loop which is coated in a hard shiny silver plastic. On one side of the handle is ft’s logo and on the other are three control buttons.


The manual suggests fully charging the Gvibe² before first use. The base of the Gvibe² has two magnetic balls which the charger sticks to. I plugged the other end into my USB wall plug and left it for a full charge, which took a couple of hours. There are LED lights which light up under the buttons. They flash when the toy is charging and remain constantly on once the product is fully charged.


After the Gvibe² was fully charged I had a play with the settings. To turn it on you just click the + button. It comes on at the lowest constant speed, which is a very very gentle rumble. At this speed the toy is so quiet you can’t hear it at all. You can click the + button to increase the intensity of every setting up to nine times. Nine levels of intensity for every setting is pretty impressive! Clicking the – button will reduce the intensity. Once you get down to intensity level one, click the – button will switch the toy off. Pretty easy to remember: + turns on and up, – turns down and off. You can also hold these buttons down to increase or decrease the intensity if you prefer that to clicking.  The middle ~ button changes the function. As I have already said, function one is constant speed. Function two is a slow pulsation, function three is a quicker pulsation. Function four is a quick oscillation (wave), function five is a slightly different oscillation. Function six is in my opinion, the most fun, and it’s an alternation between the motors on the two tips and the motor in the middle of the toy. Clicking past function six will bring you back around to constant speed (function one) again.


What I really like about this method of control is that there are only 6 functions to scroll through, so it is easy to play around and find the setting you like or change things up a bit, whilst keeping the toy at your prefered level of intensity. It is also very easy to up or down the intensity a bit if you need to, without changing the function. The buttons are very easy to push, which is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because no one likes wrestling with hard to push buttons in the heat of the moment, but a curse because it’s easy to accidently push them. The motors are also very quiet, this is definitely a toy I’d consider to be discreet, I doubt anyone would hear it through a closed door even on the highest setting.


The Gvibe² has been designed to be a versatile sex toy with many different applications. In the user manual are sketches of suggestions of how you might like to use the Gvibe². Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying a few of these out with a willing male partner. Here’s a few of the highlights with the corresponding sketch.

Use with a Vagina


The first one is what the Gvibe² was originally designed to excel at, I think. The idea is that you can hold the toy together whilst you insert it into your vagina, then it will open up once inside, leaving you will a feeling of fullness. One fork’s motor will stimulate the G-spot, the other the P-spot (yes women have one too) and the central motor will stimulate the sensitive nerves around the vagina’s entrance.

Once I’d applied a generous amount of water based lube to the Gvibe² I found it a little slippery to hold closed. As such inserting it into my vagina got a little tricky, but I did eventually manage it. Once it was in, I didn’t have a large full sensation that I was expecting. Perhaps the flexibility of the toy has something to do with this, or maybe my vagina is pretty cavernous and I can’t really tell when it is being internally pushed open. Either way, the vibrations felt nice inside and I enjoyed playing around with the different settings and intensity levels. However, this method did not make me orgasm. I didn’t even come close. I had fun thrusting it in and out and perhaps if I had loads of energy and could thrust frantically for a long time it could have got me there.


I repeated this method on a separate occasion with still no joy, so I don’t think it was a one off. I’m frustrated because I can see a lot of thought went into this design and I can see how is could be a great idea. It may work out better for other vagina owners. For me, I think the problem is I need a lot of firm G-spot pressure to orgasm from an internal toy, and because the very design of the Gvibe² is to be flexible there is no way I can apply the pressure I need. I’ve tried angling it different ways, twisting, thrusting, all the settings but it just can’t get me there. However, not all is lost. The motors are nice and deep, if not all that powerful, and there is more than one way to use this toy!


For the second go I tried using the forked ends for some clitoral stimulation. This works very well. The tips can give pretty precise stimulation which I prefer for clitoral orgasms. I found out if I placed one fork on my clit I could use the other one to stimulate just inside my vagina. This felt particularly nice if I rocked it back and forth, keeping the top fork in constant contact with my clit. I felt like this might bring me to orgasm. However, I really needed the fork in my vagina to be bigger or to point upwards for some G-spot action, to really drive me wild. I did try a variation on the image show, where I had one fork on my clit and the other on my perineum rather than inserted into my vagina. In this position I loved it! The deep vibrations on my clit and perineum brought me to a joyful orgasm, hurrah! This is a technique that bares repeating!


This method pictured above simply doesn’t work for me. It’s really difficult to hold the toy closed to the right amount around my clit whilst it is vibrating. I couldn’t feel anything at all. I’m just too fleshy to be able to get the toy close enough to squeeze with the tips, which is where the motors are. Nope. Won’t be trying this again.


This last position was the most difficult to get into. I like small vibrating things in my anus so I thought it might be fun to give inserting one fork anally and one vaginally a try. It took a few goes to get it to work. At first I tried to hold the Gvibe² together and insert the ends vaginally and anally simultaneously. This did not work, because the ends fan outwards it’s really difficult to get them into the right position. I gave up on this method altogether and instead focused on inserting the fin anally to begin with. This worked better as I was able to angle the Gvibe² downwards and gently and slowly push the toy into my anus (with the aid of a lot of thick water based lube). I then managed to bend the top fork to get it into my vagina and turn the toy on. What I really didn’t like about this sensation is the way my perineum was stretched. One fork was pushing my anus down, the other my vagina up, causing a slight stretching sensation that I found unpleasant and almost painful. Although the vibrations did feel nice, the anal fork poking downwards didn’t do anything for me at all other than feel unconfortable. It wasn’t a lovely orgasmic experience and I don’t think I’ll be trying again.

Use with a Penis


My partner likes having his testicales played with, naturally that’s the first place on him I put the Gvibe². He isn’t a fan of strong vibrations so he really enjoyed the very gentle lower settings. He said they felt nice and added a little extra sensation to a hand or blow job. It was pretty easy to hold the Gvibe² in place and move it around a bit on his balls. I wouldn’t say it exactly drove him wild, but he enjoyed the sensations.


The next obvious move was to use the Gvibe² up and down the lubed shaft of his penis. I applied a few expert strokes, while he had a little play with the settings. However, the problem in this position is that the central motor isn’t quite close enough to the shaft and the motors on the tips of the wings don’t make contact at all because they bend outwards. As such this method did very little for my male partner and we soon gave up and turned to other things.

Use as a couple

Our very favourite method of using the Gvibe² is actually not pictured here. I’ll try my best to describe it though. Imagine flipping the Gvibe² in the image above so that it rested on top of the penis. My partner was lying flat on his back, the Gvibe² was resting on his stomach, with the central motor on the top bit of his shaft and the wings of the fork either side of his penis pointing down towards his balls. I then got on top, facing him, and his penis went inside my vagina. In this position I could grind against that central motor, much like a good cock ring. However, I found it was so much better than a cock ring. It stayed in place and kept contact with my clit throughout all of my (& his) enthusiastic thrusting and grinding. I slowly realised I’d found something the Gvibe² is really really good at. It was an awesome couple’s vibrator all along! It really added something special to our sex session and my orgasm was definitely encouraged and more intense due to its triple motors. This is something we’ll definitely use it for again.


This blow job enhancer has yet to be attempted. I’ll report back with a vivid update once we given it a whirl.

Cleaning & Final Thoughts

Clean up with the Gvibe² is pretty easy given that the toy is fully waterproof. You can just give it a good clean with soap and warm water. There are, however, several nooks and crannies that gunk can get stuck in. I find it particularly difficult to clean between the fork as the gap is very narrow. As the Gvibe² is made from high quality non porous silicone I don’t worry about it harbouring bacteria though, I just take extra care to make sure all of it is washed thoroughly after each use.

Overall, I think I like the Gvibe². Initially I was let down by its performance in my vagina, but I’ve found some uses for it that I really enjoy. I applaud ft’s efforts to create something new. I love the easy to use controls, the bright blue colour and silicone the toy is made from. It’s got three motors that deliver rumbly vibrations which I really appreciate. I cannot dismiss the Gvibe² as a gimmick that doesn’t because it is a toy I feel I will use again. It is truly versatile, and if you buy it with this in mind and are willing to experiment with different uses I think most people will find joy in it. Unfortunately my test partner is not into prostate play, so I don’t know if it would work well as a prostate vibrator. If it does that’s another fun use for this strange looking sex toy.

If you’d like to buy your own Gvibe² you can pick one up here (Canada / USA), here (USA) or here (UK)

* I would like to thank ft London for sending me the Gvibe² free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This in no way altered my opinion of the product.

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