Satisfyer 1 Guest Review

I was feeling a little overwhelmed by Satisfyer products to review (and a little overwhelmed by life in general, but that’s another story), so I decided I needed a little help. I asked Lovehoney sex toy reviewer CaptainMeow if she could possibly help me out. I was really glad when she agreed. Below is her fantastic and very detailed review of the Satisfyer 1. I’d like to thank Satisfyer for sending me the Satisfyer 1 free of charge in exchange for an honest review and CaptainMeow for providing the review. You can find her on Twitter here.

I find pressure wave toys (sometimes called suction toys) really intriguing. I don’t really understand how they work. They seem create a seal of sorts around the clitoris with the silicone nozzle heads. Nothing ever touches the clitoris itself and there isn’t really a sucking action. Instead, a surface sat just on the inside of the nozzle head pulses away and forces air down towards the clitoris in waves, effectively stimulating the clitoris with air. I should note that I’m deducing this entirely based off the Satisfyer 1 which has a nozzle head so large it is possible to see in it and stick my finger down the nozzle and touch the pulsing membrane (more about the design later on).


The Satisfyer 1 is part of the seemingly ever-expanding range of Satisfyer pressure wave toys, and is currently the cheapest of the lot. It’s marketed on their website as being a “must-have for globetrotters” which I believe would be down to it being battery operated (no need for travel adaptors) and the rather slim size – although if we’re going by size alone for discretion, then a bullet vibrator would clearly come out tops. As far as pressure wave toys go, this is not much smaller or larger than current offerings on the market by both Satisfyer and epi24 with their Womanizer products.  I’ve included photos of the Satisfyer 1 next to the Womanizer W500 to show the size difference.


Product specifications:

The Satisfyer 1 is made of ABS plastic with a silicone nozzle that’s fixed onto the body and cannot be removed. It is only available in a rather deep purple which I personally find quite pleasing. The body is nicely tapered making it easy to hold on to and the very end of the handle opens up to the battery compartment. It is also meant to be waterproof and fully submersible. One thing I didn’t like about the body is how prominent the gaps are. I was not expecting a luxury toy, but this makes me wonder if at some point the sealant on the inside will give way and the toy won’t be safe to use underwater. I elaborate more on waterproof concerns below.


You need two AAA batteries to operate it and the batteries are not included, so be sure to pick some up beforehand! It’s a single push button operation. Tap it once to turn it on and hold for 1-2 seconds to turn it off. It has 11 speeds that you cycle through with that one button. As with the other Satisfyer toys (apart from the Satisfyer 2), the speeds are arranged in a ‘pyramid’ pattern: tapping the button brings you up the speeds from 1 to 11, and then it descends from 11 back to 1. This is actually quite different from many single button vibrators that increase from the lowest to the highest speed and then jump back at the lowest intensity.



At this point, it is worth mentioning that I struggle with orgasms (spoiler: I didn’t orgasm with this either, as is normal for me). I’m also quite the power queen even with this category of toys. I’ve read other reviews of Womanizer toys say that the top speed on Womanizers are too intense to use, but on occasion I have bumped mine to maximum speed and liked it there.

Back to the task at hand. I ran into difficulty before I could even put the batteries in. I could not get the battery compartment open. I generally find it tricky to get a good grip on really smooth objects like completely smooth bottle or jar lids. Having said that, I have never previously had to fight a sex toy to get batteries in. Something about the plastic on the Satisfyer 1 made it slip and slide in my hand as I tried to twist it open. Once it was open and I had the batteries in, screwing it back on was a battle too. I was very tempted to put a pair of pliers to it, but that would probably have dented the bottom. If you have grip issues, this might be something to note.


As with all sex toys, the first thing I did was to test the noise level. I turned it on, the power button illuminated with a white light, and I bumped it all the way up to the top speed. This toy is remarkably quiet. All pressure wave toys get quieter when the nozzle is placed flush against the skin, but this one stayed quiet even without anything in contact with the nozzle. It’s a toy I would definitely feel safe using with other people home – just not in the same room!

During testing, the first thing I noticed was that this produces rather weak pulsations – so weak that I didn’t find myself needing to use any lube with it. It’s not entirely unexpected considering it is battery operated. I proceeded to bump up the intensity and noted two further things. One, that the pyramid system makes it tricky to figure out where I’m at with speeds. Unless I was actually counting, I tended to overshoot the max speed and eventually found myself going down the speeds. The second thing I noticed was that the speed increments aren’t always equal and smooth. Somewhere midway up the intensity ladder, there’s a larger jump in intensities. It could be that the more expensive models have smoother transitions throughout.


Nonetheless, I really liked the sensations from this toy. It’s not anywhere near strong enough for me, but the sensations were very enjoyable and quite arousing. It really is a shame that it’s not stronger. It would probably work well for those with more sensitive clitorides. As for me, I mainly used it purely for the sensations but found myself reaching for something else when I wanted a bit more. Using it this way did mean that I was using it for 10 minutes at a time which drains the batteries quite quickly! I did not find much difference using it in the bath either. Cleaning it was easy in that I could just run it under water, but because the nozzle is so wide, you do have to stick a cloth in it to wipe it dry. Don’t store it away without drying it out!


There have been concerns about waterproofing too. Curious Kitt, Sex Bloggess, and Aurora Glory had trouble with their Satisfyer toys, all of which claim to be fully submersible and waterproof. Sex Bloggess wrote about it in her review where one of her Satisfyer Penguins, the Satisfyer 1, Satisfyer 2, and the Pro Deluxe all had signs of corroded batteries or waterlogging after being submerged. I personally had no trouble with submerging my Satisfyer 1, but I have only done it a few times. I’m aware that those toys are on the cheaper end, but if they are advertised as being waterproof, then it should be responsible advertising.


This is an affordable version of pressure wave sex toys and it certainly does feel like it was not made with longevity in mind. It doesn’t feel incredibly cheap but does leave me wanting in both design and function. I especially disliked the pyramid system of cycling through intensities. It was incredibly frustrating to work with and I never knew when I was on the decline – I don’t want to be counting speeds while pleasuring myself! I would honestly only recommend this toy if you know that you only need weaker vibrations or just want to see what the fuss about pressure wave toys is all about. As I mentioned, it’s incredibly quiet and I enjoyed the sensations. You may find it works brilliantly for you, but similarly it might leave you somewhat unsatisfied. Either way, it will give you an idea of what these toys feel like, bearing in mind that there are more powerful ones out there.

If you’d like to buy your own Satisfyer 1 you can find it here (UK), or here (USA & CA)

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