Womanizer 2 Go Review

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It’s well known that I’m a big fan of the Womanizer Pro 40. I rave about it every chance I get and it was featured in my top sex toys 2016. So when Womanizer let me know they had a brand new product out, I couldn’t wait to give it a try!

The Womanizer 2 Go is a brand new kind of womanizer. It has been specifically designed with discretion and travel in mind. It’s so far away from the womanizer’s original design it’s unrecognizable. The head has changed, the body has changed, how I hold and control it has changed. You know what’s not changed? How it performs. I still really really love this womanizer product.


The packaging is super sleek and stylish. I think this could be my favourite sex toy packaging of all time. It’s both attractive and practical. It is a sturdy black cardboard box with gold sides. The front is a discreet gold panel with the womanizer logo and 2 go on it. From the front it looks far more like the packaging for some expensive perfume than it does a sex toy. The back of the box has a really small picture of the womanizer 2 go on it, which looks just like a lipstick, plus a list of the box’s contents and materials and pictures of the features. Sure, the back of the box holds a few more clues as to what’s inside, but it still doesn’t scream sex toy. At the top there is a little magnet under the womanizer logo that holds the box shut. Simply open up the box by lifting the magnetic flap and pulling the front down.

I love this design because it makes for a perfect storage box. It is not too bulky (it’s only 17cm long and 5cm deep), it’s attractive, sturdy and discreet. No one would give it a second glance if it was kept with other cosmetic boxes.


Inside the box you’ll find the womanizer 2 go safely nestled in a plastic mould. The womanizer 2 go is stored with its cap on, so it remains discreet at this stage even if someone were to open up the box. It reasonably looks like it could be perfume or cosmetics. Beneath the womanizer 2 go you’ll find the USB charging cable, a multi language detailed information manual, and an extra silicone head.


The womanizer 2 go is designed to look like a giant lipstick. This is kind of hilarious (because who would have a lipstick so large?), and I’d be laughing all day long if it didn’t look so damn stylish whilst closed and if its design (other than the lipstick-for-giants thing) wasn’t so damn good. The outside is hard ABS plastic. You can get it in black and gold, white and gold, or mint and pink. I chose the black and gold version, as it is more to my taste. The plastic is really smooth and shiny, and there is a gold band where the top meets the bottom. On the top (which is the case) is the womanizer logo set in gold. On the bottom is a covered charging port and a single button. The whole thing measures 13cm in length and 3cm in width (see what I mean about it being far too big to be a lipstick?).


When you open the womanizer 2 go up by popping the case off (the side with the womanizer logo), you can see the full lipsick design in all its glory. There is a gold base topped with a deep pink silicone lipstick head. I get what they were after, something similar to a lipstick vibrator, but with the size of it and the hole in the middle of the silicone head, you just wouldn’t be kidding anyone. Having said that, it is a quirky, fun design that I quite enjoy (and just wait until I get on to using this little beauty!).


The silicone head feels really nice and high quality to the touch. I know from my previous experience with womanizers that I need to use the larger silicone head included. So the first thing I do is open up that extra head, pop off the head it came with, and slip the one with a larger hole in it on. I really love that womanizer recognize that not everyone’s clit is the same size, and they try to cater for as many vulvas as possible by including two size options with each womanizer 2 go.


Before you can use the womanizer 2 go you’ll first need to charge it up. All you need to do is remove the little silicone tab that is protecting the charging port at the bottom of the product, plug in the pin end of the charger in the hole and the other end into any USB port. I used my wall plug. The button (also at the base of the toy) will flash with a green light to indicate the womanizer 2 go is charging. This light will go solidly on when the toy is fully charged and ready to use. It didn’t take more than a few hours for me to fully charge up my womanizer 2 go.


To turn on the womanizer 2 go all you need to do is hold the button at the base of the toy down for 2 seconds. It’s good that you need to hold it down for a while because it means you are unlikely to set it off accidentally, which is great for travel. Once on, the button will glow with a gentle red light. The toys comes on to the lowest suction / vibration setting. It has six levels of intensity, clicking the button will amp up the intensity until you reach level six, at which point another click will take you back down to level one. You need to hold the button down for a couple of seconds to turn the toy off again. It is fairly loud when not in contact with the skin, but so are most of these kinds of toys. It’s the price you pay for amazing clitoral sensations.

I can see here what womanizer have sacrificed to make this more compact travel version. Unlike their other designs you cannot scroll up and down the intensities; the button only allows you to go one way, which is up. They have also reduced the number of intensity levels by sacrificing the lowest most gentle levels. Although I love the lowest setting on my womanizer pro 40, I can understand why they made this decision. Starting at a more intense level does not bother me, but if you really need to be able to up and down the intensity easily, and you know you only like the very gentle settings on a womanizer, you might not like the womanizer 2 go.


In use, the womanizer 2 go was simply wonderful. I actually found the rectangular shape of the womanizer 2 go easier to hold and maneuver than my pro 40. It was easier to sit the suction head on to my clit. I think because of its pointed tip it is really easy to know where the end is and direct it onto my clit without having to look. I found for me the best position for an orgasmic seal was to have the pointed end just below my clit, which will then sit nicely in the hole. I can easily click the button at the end with my thumb to up the intensity, but to be honest setting 3 is the most I can handle so I didn’t need to touch that button much to enjoy myself.

The silicone tip felt really nice against my clit and the suction felt absolutely incredible. It’s difficult to describe exactly how the womanizer toys feel. Its kind of a mix between the feeling of a partner sucking on your clit during oral sex and a good deep vibrations. The womanizer 2 go soon brought me to a vocal and very satisfying orgasm, no extra tricks required. I also used the womanizer 2 go whilst having penis in vagina sex. I was on top and I found that it’s smaller, lightweight size made it easier to hold on to during sex than my other clitoral suction toys. I had the most incredible whole body screaming orgasm during this sex session thanks to the extra clitoral stimulation from the womanizer 2 go. Seriously, I have a lot of love for this giant lipstick.


Clean up is really easy because the womanizer 2 go is waterproof, and you can remove the silicone head to clean it really thoroughly. Although the packaging does say the womanizer 2 go is waterproof, the manual suggests you remove the silicone head and clean that, then just run a damp cloth around the rest of the toy. You can then just pop the lid back on it and it will stay clean and safe until you next want to use it. Perfect.

For storage, I removed the plastic part that the toy sat in when it came so as not to have to fiddle around with anything, and just kept everything neatly together in the box.


Overall, I really like the womanizer 2 go. Yes, I do miss having the lower suction settings, and being able to up and down the intensity without having to click all the way around to go down, and the idea that someone could think it was a real lipstick is laughable, but the positives by far outweigh the negatives. I think everything that is great about the other womanizer models has been captured in a smaller and discreet package. The shape and size of the toy works for me, and the quality of the toy is phenomenal. I hope it comes across in the pictures just how pretty and well put together the womanizer 2 go is.

If you have a womanizer that you love and you would like a smaller one for travel the womanizer 2 go is perfect for you. If you would like a discreet, lower cost but still high quality womanizer, this is also for you. I think the womanizer 2 go is likely to become the a toy I grab often during sex, as well as being my new travel buddy. For solo masturbation, I think the gentle suction of the womanizer pro 40 will still be a winner for me.

If you would like to buy your own womanizer 2 go you can find it here (USA) or here (UK) or here (AUS).


*I would like to thank Womanizer for kindly sending me the Womanizer 2 Go free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This in no way altered my opinion of the product. 

11 thoughts on “Womanizer 2 Go Review

  1. I want this so much!! I have the Pro40 and a Satisfyer1, I’m a fan of this type of stimulation. And I do a lot of travelling so this is ideal! Thanks for the fab review ☺️

    PP x

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  2. I own 2 of the previous models (w500 and pro40) and both do great things for me. Well, all the air-pulse toys I own, in fact. I’m very curious about this model and it’s fantastic that you have included it in your giveaway. Many thanks!!

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  3. Fabulous review! I also own the Womanizer Pro and the Pro40 and can’t wait to try out this new model. Love the cute design. Maybe I’ll give it to myself as an early birthday gift. 🙂

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  4. THIS IS THE BEST SEX TOY EVER! So cute too! It’s my wife’s new favorite toy. She uses it and has an orgasm almost immediately! We saw it on Conan O’Brien and immediately bought one. This little lipstick works wonders!


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