Thoughts on my first year of blogging

On the 25th June becomes one year old. Happy Birthday baby blog! That’s right, this blog really is my baby, and although at times I can be a really neglectful mother, I love it to pieces.

I’ve learnt a lot in the past year of blogging. I’d like to say I’m now an expert on the sex toy and sex blogging world. That’s not true. It’s not even starting to be true. There is just so much out there to explore and learn! I have, however, learnt a lot about myself. I think writing for pleasure has that effect on people. Everything I write on this blog I write for pleasure.

I wrote in my 2016 round up post that my favourite blog posts to write are my personal opinion pieces.  That’s still true now, six months later. When I write them I pour out the most personal aspects of myself, not so much to be self indulgent, but in the hope of helping or offering support to others. I know I can’t be the only person out there who struggled with their body hair, or sexual assault, or chronic yeast infections. I know there are plenty of people out there who get shit for identifying as pan or bi or queer and even more who have body image issues. There are plenty of people who have never achieved orgasm during penis in vagina sex. People are curious about polyamory and marriage, and polyamory is becoming more popular as a lifestyle choice. I write these posts hoping that the people who read them can relate. That they’ll glean some useful information from them, and it will change their outlook in a positive way.

There are many more opinion posts I would like to write. I have yet to talk about how I navigate jealousy in my relationships. I haven’t spoken at all about my mental health issues (although sometimes Twitter gets an earful when I’m feeling particularly low), or my particular relationship with bondage. I haven’t been able to put down in words my experience of an abusive relationship and how I managed to get out of it. That’s something I am determined to put out, I’m just not ready yet.

The great thing is the more I grow and learn the more I will have to explore and write about. My husband and I have agreed to try for a baby just as soon as our financial circumstances allow. That’s a journey I would love to share with you all.

The past year has been an interesting one for me. There have been good parts, and god damn terrible parts. I got married to a man who quietly loves and supports me in all that I do. I also had a mental break down, resulting in me loosing my job and home. It also resulted in me being unable to attend Eroticon UK, something I deeply regret not being well enough to do. But, with the support of my friends, family and partners I am still here. I am hopeful to gain employment soon, and to be able to live in a home of my own, just me and my husband. I am overwhelmingly grateful to all the people who have given me support.

This blog has been a positive part of my life throughout all the ups and downs. If nothing else, it has offered me well needed escapism. I have found a real joy in writing erotic fiction for pleasure, although I have realised very quickly I’m much better at writing just sex scenes than I am at plot lines and character development. Perhaps that’s something I can work on in the following year.

Sex toys remain a big part of my life. I’ll encourage everyone I interact with to try them. I have been truly overwhelmed and spoilt by all the wonderful sex toy companies and retailers who have sent me their products to review. I’m like a kid at christmas every time a package arrives at the door. I can’t wait to put it through its paces and see how my body reacts.

When I write my sex toy reviews  I try to be as honest and informative as I can be. I write them with people who might buy them in mind. There’s no point in writing a review at all unless it’s honest. Sometimes I feel like I am being harsh, but I think it’s important to let people know if a toy just doesn’t bring me pleasure. I’m quick to praise those products that make me feel great too.

Although I receive most of the toys I review for free, I do not get paid to write them. I know more established bloggers do, and I completely understand why. I’m still a small, young, fish in a great big sea of excellent sex bloggers. Keeping the blog up and running costs me money, from paying for the domain to paying for the postage on some of my giveaway prizes. I don’t resent it. The blog is a labour of love and not for profit, and I truely love being able to give away sex toys to the fantastic people who read and support my blog. If I had a job with a decent salary I wouldn’t even think about the cost of it.

However, as things stand I’m really struggling to cover the costs at the moment. If you’d like to help me out please consider donating a small amount to help me keep blogging. It’s easy to do via paypal and even small amounts will help me out. You can also support me by buying sex toys from my affiliates. Clear your cookies then click on one of the companies in the sidebar and make a purchase. I will receive a very small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to yourself. A huge thank-you to the people who have use my affiliate links to make a sale over the past year, I really appreciate your support.

Okay, that’s my sad plea for funds over. Finally, to end off this long-ass, self indulgent, reflective post, I want to thank everyone who has supported Particularly if you’ve taken the time to offer a message of support on one of my blog posts, or on social media. It means a lot to me to know that someone has read what I have written and has related in some way. Thank you to everyone who follows the blog and my social media. There’s no point shouting if there’s no one listening; you guys are the real reason why I write. Here’s to many more years of blogging!




It’s also my actual birthday, Seems like getting a year older was a major trigger for beginning a sex blog. If you’d like to buy me a birthday gift then here’s my sexy wishlists. Donating money to support the blog is more useful to me right now though. Thanks everyone. 

15 thoughts on “Thoughts on my first year of blogging

  1. Aw yay! What a journey. I always love the way you illustrate your posts yourself, it really makes them feel more personal. Good luck with starting your family ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I wish I had one of those things that you can draw on with a special pen and it sends it straight to your laptop, that would make illustrating a lot quicker and I could do more 🙂

      Starting a family is a journey I’m looking forward to, need to wait until employment and finances are all in place. It’s weird thinking it’ll be the first time semen has been inside my vagina since, god I can’t even remember when! I don’t even know if we’re both fertile.

      People don’t often talk much about the sex side of trying to get pregnant in a personal way, it all gets a bit clinical. I’d like to write a bit about that when the time comes.


  2. Congrats on one year!

    I love these types of daily giveaways, something exciting to look forward to every day and seeing the Womanizer 2GO pop up was particularly exciting news :p

    I’ve been enjoying your posts for what I actually thought was more than a year as I’ve had so many of your posts that I’ve related to. I enjoy your reviews but your personal opinion posts about things like body hair have always been my favourite (being both GenderQueer and a constant questioner I’ve never subscribed much to shaving)

    I relate most to some of the quite serious posts you’ve shared and I appreciate that there are people like you talking openly about the subjects that some of us aren’t yet ready to x

    Here’s hoping the next year is good to you and that your job and house search are successful!


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