Sh! Bliss G-Vibe Review

The Bliss G-Vibe is a lovely little silicone g-spot vibrator created by Sh!. It comes in simple yet stylish packaging; a lovely rich purple box with the toy featured proudly in the center. On the back of the box are some simple operating instructions and a list of features. Sh! even included a sachet of water based lube to get me started. First impressions are good.


Open up the top of the box and you can pull out the Bliss G-vibe encased in a plastic mould. It is simple to pull the two halves of the box apart and get at your new toy.


The Bliss G-vibe is a petite vibrator, measuring only 12cm in insertable length. It is a rich deep purple colour, in line with Sh!’s branding, a colour I really enjoy. Upon removing the Bliss G-vibe from its packet, the first thing I notice is how nice and high quality the silicone feels. It’s velvety smooth to the touch and practically seamless. It really is lovely for such a low budget toy.

Although the Bliss G-vibe is small, it has a really great shape to it, with a bulbous head that leans forward to target your g-spot. I also imagine this could be a good shape and toy for prostate stimulation. Alas, lacking a prostate I have not tried the Bliss G-vibe for this purpose. The head is flexible, you can easily bend it back and forth.


The Bliss G-vibe is powered by one AA battery. It is not included with the product so make sure you pick some up when you purchase it. To get started, just unscrew the white plastic base, insert the battery and screw the base back on. Make sure you screw the base on tightly and that it is properly aligned, because this will mean the Bliss G-vibe remains fully waterproof.


The vibrations of the Bliss G-vibe are controlled by a single push button at the base of the toy. To turn the vibrations on just click the button once. The button will light up with a bright blue light and the vibrations will start at the lowest constant vibration speed. Keep quickly clicking the base to scroll through all the settings. Setting 2 and 3 are constant speeds, each faster than the last. Setting 4 is a gentle oscillation. Setting 5 is a quick pulse. Setting 6 is very quick jitter. Setting 7 is two short pulses followed by one longer one. Click the button past setting 7 and the Bliss G-vibe will switch off. You can also turn the Bliss G-vibe off when you are on any setting by holding the button down for a few seconds.  The light under the button changes to reflect the vibration mode, e.g when it is oscillating the light dims then grows brighter in time, which is pretty cool. I could see it being fun for an observer to know which setting you were using.


In use, the Bliss G-vibe just didn’t blow me away I’m afraid. The vibrations are high pitched and buzzy, and I really need a deep rumble against my G-spot to achieve orgasm. The Bliss G-vibe is also too narrow, soft and flexible to apply the firm pressure the I like against my G-spot. That being said, it was a great warm up toy, and the head did manage to massage my G-spot in a way that felt very nice. Unfortunately it just wasn’t nice enough to get anywhere near orgasm. However, if you are a beginner to insertable toys or on a budget, or you know you like your vibrations to be of the high pitched buzzy verity, this might be the ideal toy for you.

I also found that the head of the toy makes a pretty nice clitoral vibrator.  It wasn’t enough for more than a warm up for me, because my clit really needs precision, but it did feel pretty nice. It’s also fairly quiet, perfect for those people who are nervous about being overheard. I would be tempted to recommend the Bliss G-vibe to a vulva-possessing beginner to sex toys.


Overall, there’s a lot I like about the Bliss G-vibe. It is made of lovely silicone, it looks good, it’s fully waterproof and it takes only 1 AA battery. It’s low price, at only £25, and has 7 settings to play with. I think it would make a good beginners toy, or a toy for people who know they like buzzy petite vibes. For me, however, it just doesn’t get me there. I need more of a deep rumble and a wider girth to get off.

If you’d like to buy your own Bliss G-vibe you can find it at Sh! here.

I would like to thank Sh! for providing me with the Bliss G-vibe free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This in no way altered my opinion of the product. 

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