Fine Day for a Picnic: Guest Erotica by Posy Churchgate

I’m really pleased to announce that I have my first guest erotic author on! Let me introduce Posy Churchgate, a fellow sex blogger and erotic story author. She’s written a fantastic steamy summer erotic story for you to enjoy below. You can read many more of her sexy stories by visiting her blog pillow talk by Posy Churchgate. Be sure to check them out! 


Fine Day for a Picnic

By: Posy Churchgate


The sun beat down – Lucy could feel it toasting the skin on her arms, making her pleasantly aware of each bit of skin it touched.  She felt tingles and heat which sank into her smooth flesh and heated her blood.  The skin on the back of her legs tightened slightly as it toasted under the yellow ball’s scorching glare, raising an undertone of coconut from the sun-lotion she wore.  She rubbed her legs lazily together, distributing the burn the sun imparted, and felt an answering throb between her legs.  Without fail, Lucy got horny when she sunbathed, and the heat and moisture was already starting to gather.


She luxuriated in the energising sensation of soaking up the sun and the joy of having the whole day to do as she pleased, no work ahead but still she’d woken at 7 to make the most of her day off.  She’d showered and washed her hair, shaved her legs so they were silky smooth then slathered herself with moisturising lotion.  Next she’d treated her feet to a cute, pale pink pedicure and left her long hair to dry naturally, Joe liked it down and loose – she was meeting him at 12 for a picnic.


Now she was lying in the flat’s tiny garden, face down on a padded lounger, trying to top up her  tan.  A trickle of sweat took a teasingly slow route down from the nape of her neck into the dark valley between her breasts, the pillowy flesh there pressed together by her bikini top and her weight on them, yet she felt a tightening ache in her nipples. She hooked her fingers in the fabric at the back of her bikini bottoms, tugging it up between the fleshy orbs of her butt cheeks, she enjoyed the sensation of exposure, while wanting her tan to reach as high up her legs as possible.


Lying there, her head turned to one side, her dark, wrap-around sunglasses shielding her eyes from the bright glare, she wondered if any of her neighbours were home – perhaps the dark lean guy from the flat above who she’d never met but often saw coming home from a night shift just before she left for work.  She imagined him gazing between the gap in his blinds and being transfixed by her slender, toned body spread out for his lusty appreciation.  Would the sight of her exposed under-bottom get him hard?  Right now, was he releasing a yearning boner from his jockey shorts and stroking himself long and slow while watching her?  Would he want to drag up her bikini pants until they wedged tightly into her crack and parted her pussy lips?  Would he grab a handful of her hair, holding her in a  submissive stance while he jizzed over her bare back?  His hard erection gripped and choked to a messy climax.  She was so delighted with this fantasy she felt her pussy throb, getting increasingly warmer.  She gathered her hair up with her hands and drew it to one side and over her shoulder, pressing her thighs together, tilting her pelvis forward as she did, feeling her clit throb at being  trapped and squeezed within her juicy vulva.


Deciding to give anyone who cared to watch a good show, she turned over, making her movements slow and sensuous as a cat.  She wriggled around as if to get comfortable and smoothed her bikini top tightly over her luscious curves – the aching peaks of her hard nipples presenting themselves at the front of her costume.  She spread her legs apart till they rested on the outer frame of the lounger, her feet pointed daintily making her legs look long and lean and toned.  Lucy settled back into the striped canvas of the chair silently inviting anyone in the flats above to take a long lascivious look at her body.  She was happy to be admired, it fired the erotic fantasies she was having.


The sun beat down on her pussy, the mound of her pubis absorbed the warm rays and thrills travelled deep into the fleshy folds, where she knew the clear fluid of her arousal was gathering and moistening her gusset, quite possibly darkening the fabric with its presence.  Squinting down at herself through the lenses of her dark glasses she could see that the fabric clearly outlined her now-swollen labia – she was displaying her ‘camel toe’ but it felt good to be so horny and shameless.


Lucy closed her eyes and let her consciousness drift, dozing a little, while her head filled with dark dreams of being tied up spread-eagled  over some kind of altar, at the mercy of priests in white robes who arranged religious objects and offerings to their deity on her naked flesh.  Entirely helpless to resist, and yet empowered by their fanatical admiration, Lucy became increasingly wet and aroused, dreaming they were impaling her with a golden sceptre, sliding it in and out of her hungry pussy lips, whilst chanting hysterically, while Lucy’s arousal built towards a heart thumping climax.  Lucy knew that she’d climaxed for real as the throbs and pulses worked in her pussy, and she waited for them to ebb away completely before she opened her eyes.


She reached under the lounger to grab her drink and gulped down several mouthfuls, the cool water blissfully soothing to her parched throat.  Next she squinted at the screen of her phone – yikes!  Joe would be round soon and she wanted to change into something pretty.  She folded up the lounger and propped it against the brick wall of her ground floor flat before lifting the patio door to go inside.


There was no time to wash the slick off her lips, and clear strings of love juice twanged as she pulled her damp bikini panties away from the engorged lips of her vulva. She swiped her finger through the viscous substance and licked it with delight as she slipped into a fresh pair of tie-side bottoms, then shimmied into a black wrap-over sundress with spaghetti straps & a flirty flared skirt.  She put on gladiator sandals which laced high up her calves – not very practical for walking far but uber-sexy; laces and straps always made her feel like a slave or concubine!  She brushed out her long hair & applied lip gloss, ready just in time to hear the toot of Joe’s car horn outside.


Joe sat outside in a 2-seater sports car with the top down – as Lucy  came out of the building her grinned wolfishly and made an appreciative whistle.

“You like?”

She gave a slow twirl before moving to open the passenger door, he pulled his dark glasses onto his nose and she detected lust in his expression.

“Yes indeed!” His voice was deepened with desire so Lucy flashed a lot of thigh as she climbed into the low leather seat beside him.

She snaked her arms around his neck and they kissed deeply.  “Where are you taking me?”

“Wait & see,” he cautioned before putting the car in gear and speeding off on the road which led out of town.

Joe changed gear smoothly then rested a warm, possessive arm on her thigh, pushing the fabric of her dress up her leg til the black triangle of bikini pant covering her pubis was exposed.  She leaned back in her seat and squirmed towards his hand, knowing that when he cupped her pussy he would sense the warmth and dampness radiating out.

“Who’s been a naughty girl?” he asked, the growl in his voice causing an involuntary throb in her juicy pussy while he worked his finger under the elastic and slipped it inside her as he drove. hand on her thigh, sliding it to hike the fabric of her skirt up, exposing her leg and panties,

“I haven’t touched myself Sir,” Lucy wriggled with pleasure, “but I can’t help the pictures I get in my head.”


He continued to stroke and rub his finger inside her most delightfully, while steering the car one-handed, with skill.  Lucy meanwhile gave a breathy sigh and closed her eyes, letting her head fall back on the leather headrest and the sensations overwhelm her, pulling honey to the warm fleshy folds of her pussy.  He always had this effect on her, she became a boneless, compliant creature under his magic touch, losing her 21st century attitude of ‘independant woman’ to become his slave, a fuck toy to be played with in whatever manner gave him satisfaction.  He commanded that she must not touch herself or reach orgasm without his permission, and she followed his rules to the letter.  Somehow the limit on physical pleasure he imposed meant she thought about sex all the time, and consequently was ready to give and receive pleasure whenever Joe wanted it.  It also resulted in Lucy exuding a sexual self-awareness wherever she went, she often noticed men gazing at her with lust etched on their faces – sometimes Joe used this to demonstrate to Lucy how much she bowed to his control.  She dreaded and treasured these moments of humiliation in equal measure.


Lucy began to pant with building arousal but became aware the car was slowing down, Joe took his roving finger from inside her and changed down gears, bringing the car to a smooth stop under cover of some trees at the side of a country lane.  She opened her eyes and blinked in the harsh daylight, Joe slotted his finger in her mouth and she licked and sucked it clean, loving the spicy taste of her pussy while wishing it was his thick cock that she was fellating.


Lucy felt dreamy with lust and disassociated with reality, but she tried to snap back into the moment as Joe reached back for the picnic and opened his door.  Lucy swung her legs out of the car and felt him deliver a delightful stinging spank to her buttocks as she rose out of her seat.  She bit her bottom lip and treasured the heat and smarting sensation, then set off in pursuit of Joe’s strides along the footpath.


The vista of swaying barley heads and butterflies in the leafy hedgerows was idyllic, the sun burned down from a bright blue sky.  They didn’t have to walk too far before they came to a stile which Joe helped her climb over, Lucy let her skirt hike up high knowing he was gazing at the black triangle of damp fabric covering her cunt.

“Are you horny baby?” He held both her hands and nuzzled at the fabric of her dress, biting at her nipples with his teeth, he tugged insistently on each hard nub and she groaned with the slight discomfort which shot pulses of lust direct to her pussy.

“What are you wearing?”  He parted the crossover neckline of her sundress and revealed that she was still wearing her black halterneck bikini top.  “This is typical of you slut, you want to flaunt yourself.”

Before Lucy could protest that she’d been in a rush to get ready, he pulled apart the two triangles that made up the bikini top, so that her breasts were bare.  Her small upturned mounds were whiter than the tanned skin around them and her aroused nipples brown and hard with desire.  He then loosened the tie at the side of her dress so that it gaped at the front, falling away from her breasts entirely.  Bending his head Joe bit and sucked on each nipple in turn, tormenting and teasing the responsive peaks of flesh until Lucy wanted to cry out with desire.


“Flaunt yourself, slut. I shall get pleasure from showing you off.”

Lucy trembled with humiliation.  Although nobody was on the path at present, it was a popular route as it led to the river bank; it was likely they would bump into other people and she knew she was forbidden to cover herself until Joe gave her permission.  She began to stride along, up ahead of him now, so he could enjoy the view of her curvy rear moving under her flimsy dress as well as the looks of surprise, from the jogger who passed and the man in a baseball cap whose 2 panting spaniels ran up ahead.


Soon they were at the river where there was a little more shade, Lucy had felt the midday sun burning on her breasts (unused as they were to total exposure) and looking  down she saw a pink flush on her skin.  She continued to walk but once they neared the shade of a few young trees with slim trunks, Joe suggested they stop and set out their picnic.  He spread out 2 rugs and patted one to indicate where she should sit, then he set about removing food from the cooler he’d brought.  There were small sandwiches,  squares of orange and yellow cheese, salad vegetables in individual containers alongside tikka spiced chicken, and skewered prawns with sun dried vegetables.  For dessert he had provided bowls of cherries, strawberries and sliced nectarines while to drink he’d brought sparkling water and a chilled white wine – she guessed Sancerre by the shape of the bottle.


Joe passed her a tumbler of wine with ice and she sipped appreciatively and nibbled on a brie sandwich.  He had gone back to normal ‘date’ behaviour and she soon forgot she was sitting there with her breasts on show while they chatted and laughed and fed each other delicious picnic food.  Lucy began to feel more relaxed as she drank the wine, but she could see herself reflected as 2 images on the blackened lenses of his sunglasses.  She liked how she looked with her nipples on display and she enjoyed the faint jiggle of the orbs of her tits as she moved, so very deliberately she began to let the cool, condensated side of her wine glass rest against her taut nipple.  It felt good and Lucy licked her lips and looked at Joe’s sunglasses, which hid his eyes.


“You like that?” he asked in a soft voice, Lucy just bit her lip and nodded.

Joe reached behind him and she heard the clink and tinkle as he rummaged in the ice cubes, drawing out a dripping handful and holding it against her other breast.  Lucy sucked in air, the cold wetness a shock, but was thrilled nonetheless by the ache and burn it produced in her teat which was now tightly clenched into a hard brown stalk of throbbing nerve endings.  The melt water dripped down her warm torso and she lowered her glass of wine, pleading with her eyes for ‘Sir’ to press the ice against her other breast too, which he did.  Lucy groaned with lust, she dropped her head back and parted her thighs, the pulse in her cunt had begun again and she wanted to be used by Joe, teased and punished, her true purpose being that of a sex toy for him to command and control.


He nibbled at the pulse point in her exposed neck, teeth grazing in a way which she knew would leave a bruise, he often marked her like this and she gloried in the bites as a sign of his love and possession.


“I purchased something with you in mind, my dirty girl.”  he growled, reaching into the ice container again.  This time when he turned he pulled her bikini top back over her tits but poured a few ice cubes into each triangle, so the cold lumps were held in place against her sensitive skin;  continuing the throbbing ache which made both her nipples and her pussy clench and tighten.  He rummaged deep in the cool box and pulled out a pair of black webbing and velcro straps which were joined with a metal clasp.  He attached a cuff strap round each of her wrists then undid the clasp, while drawing her arms backwards, he used the clasp to re-fasten them behind one of the slender trees.


She was captive!  Sitting on her haunches her knees were already pulled slightly apart and now with the tree at her back and her arms straining but held in place, she felt exposed and unable to resist.   Fear and panic swirled around her mind, but was mixed with great excitement.  Lucy realised that Joe knew her better than she knew herself.  This was a fantasy she’d had since she was a child playing with the boys; she loved to be tied up, with no power to defend herself.  In those days it had resulted in stolen kisses but she remembered one boy had lifted her skirt to peek at her panties.  Today she both hoped, and understood, that Joe would take whatever he wanted from her, and she would love it and beg for more!


Joe drew her legs wide apart and moved the fabric of her dress completely out of the way so he could easily get at her pussy, raised as it was by her sitting on her heels.

“Someone’s excited,” he breathed deeply, and Lucy too caught a whiff of her arousal, that spicy scent that was musky and warm, unique to her.  He deftly untied the bikini bottoms on either side and pulled the fabric away, exposing her wet swollen cunt to his gaze.  Lucy too looked down in fascination at her juices glazing the naked lips and the protruding nub of her clitoris standing proud of her labia.

“What a lovely sight,” Joe admired her.

Reaching again into the ice container he grasped a small lump which he stroked teasingly around the fleshy outer lips, Lucy groaned at the sensation, the piercing cold drawing a trail against her heated flesh, and the melt water running down her pussy in a tickling dribble which added to the general wetness which coated her inner thighs and dripped from the dark gap between her legs.


As Lucy struggled to keep silent and manage the pounding of her heart, which was making her feel both light headed and heavy-limbed,  Joe reached towards the picnic and selected a couple of slices of nectarine.  She watched as as he crushed and ground the soft, juicy fruit into the folds of her cunt, pressing and rubbing it against her eager clitoris, the fruit bruised and broke apart and the sticky fluids joined her own while she felt a tingle from the slight acidity.  Joe repeated his actions, pressing the slices of nectarine against her, using his fingers to push the pale orange pulp inside her a little way.


“Gotta get my five-a-day” he said (in reference to Government advice on fruit consumption) before he dipped his head to the fork between her thighs and began to lick and suck, eating her out with his lips and tongue.  He thrust his fingers in and out of her too, first one, then a second.  Lucy tried not to moan, her eyes were clenched tightly shut, her focus entirely on what Joe was doing with his mouth, taking her clitoris in and sucking hard to make the little bud swell and throb.  He licked and plundered with his fingers and sucked and nibbled  until she felt delirious with desire, colours bursting behind her eyelids and her pelvis thrusting forward to let him get as much access to her as possible.


Lucy’s breasts began to thaw a little, the ice was totally melted and her nipples throbbed and tingled deliciously as the numbness reduced.  She also became aware of the scrape of the bark at her back and the chafe of the coarse straps against her wrists.  She knew it was kinky, but she hoped the bindings would leave a mark, to remind her how her ‘master’ had bent her to his will.


“Bite me,” she moaned, twisting her wrists as if she wanted to escape her bonds.

At first he didn’t seem to hear her, his head buried deep between her thighs, he was working a third finger inside her while she bucked and thrust her pelvis, her climax building.

“Bite me, Sir,” she groaned louder and he looked up at her, licking his lips.

“Why not?” he smiled, fucking her harder with his hand, letting his thumb rub against her clitty while pumping in and out of her cunt with his fingers, so he latched his mouth onto her breast, on the inside of her cleavage, so if she wore a plunging bra his ‘brand’ would be clear for all to see.  He sucked long and hard, never stopping the movement of his fingers in and out of her pussy, which squelched with a moist sucking sound, and Lucy came.  Hard and long, with clenches and thrusts that washed over her in waves, she bucked into his hand like a bitch on heat. She thrilled to the pound and stretch of his strong fingers invading her pussy and the hard ache of the bruising bite he was making on her breast.


“YES! Yes!” she’d tried to stay quiet for too long and the words burst from her lips with enthusiasm, Lucy experienced the release of an earth shattering climax, always better when Sir had excited her but denied her release previously.


When he withdrew his hand, she moaned at her emptiness, but he crammed his fingers in her mouth and she sucked and licked them with enthusiasm, tasting a hint of nectarine juice along with her own lubrication.  With his free hand he undid his jeans to release his swollen cock.  She watched with delight as he got to his feet, her mouth was now level with his swollen member and she was allowed to take it and suck on it.  She stretched her mouth wide and let him sink the full length into her, tilting her head back against the tree and relaxing her throat.  Joe rested one hand on the trunk of the tree and the other to the side of her head and Lucy did her best to suck and lick him the way she knew he liked.  Having the tree trunk behind her head hindered a little, but she was able to slurp and lave with her tongue, her nose buried in the musky hair at his groin while he snagged his other hand in her hair.  Soon he wanted to hold her head still and thrust with his pelvis, effectively fucking her mouth.  Lucy to kept her throat relaxed, her teeth covered with her lips and created a tunnel for his cock, things were happening too fast for a strong suck to be achieved.


Joe began to grunt and speed up his movements, then suddenly he pulled back, while proceeding to pump his member with his free hand.  He grunted as he jacked his hand back and forth, wanking a steady stream of cum over Lucy’s surprised face and chest.


“That’s my girl!” he laughed as he surveyed her dripping face, “swallow what you can!”  He hooked his finger and scooped a great glob from her neck and fed it into her mouth.  She sucked it up efficiently and licked away the sperm around her lips.

“Thank you Sir,” she said, as he had trained her.  “More please.”  So he scooped up more from her collarbone and dripped the viscous substance into her open, obedient mouth.


Further up the bank, on the opposite side, Lucy spotted a couple of fisherman arriving and depositing their landing gear and rods, ready for some sport.  They could probably see her and Joe, but he made no effort to release her from her bonds, in fact he left her sitting with her legs apart and decorated with cum while he tidied the picnic back into its respective containers then into the cool box.  He used one of the rugs to wipe most of his seed from her face, and then he kissed her deeply, as she sat, still tied to the tree.  She felt sure the men were casting curious looks in their direction, but she was still at Joe’s mercy.  At last he undid the clasp that held the wrist cuffs together behind her back and she was able to release her arms and rotate them to restore circulation.  He helped her to her feet and she felt the tingle of pins and needles as the blood flowed freely up and down her legs again.


The moisture on her pussy was cooled now, and her back was a little sore from the scrape of the tree bark.  Lucy examined her wrists and saw that struggling in the cuffs had left raw red lines on each, then she tugged her bikini top back into place, admiring the blue and purple love bite Joe had made to mark her as his – it was a perfect ellipse where he had bitten and sucked – she felt a swell of pride.


“C’mon sweetheart,” he smiled, kissing Lucy tenderly on the lips.  “You did well today.  Let’s go home and get you cleaned up.  As a reward we can do anything you want this evening.  Watch a movie, binge on wine and chocolate, go for a fancy dinner?” he suggested, stroking her buttocks affectionately as they walked back to the car.


Sliding her eyes to the side, she admired his handsome profile and chose her words carefully.  “Punish me please Sir.  I want you to tie me up again and have your way with me.”


To read more erotica by Posy Churchgate visit her blog pillow talk by Posy Churchgate. 

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  1. Thank you Petra – hot & bothered is a good state though, right? So glad you enjoyed it. Great to be contributing to Miss Jezebella’s awesome blog.

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  2. What a great story! It got steamy for me at “Deciding to give anyone who cared to watch a good show, she turned over, making her movements slow and sensuous as a cat.” From there it was scorching! Thanks!!😘


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