Gpop vibrating butt plug review

I really enjoy a bit of anal stimulation, particularly during my masturbatory sessions. Those of you who’ve read my other anal toy reviews will know I’m a fan of petite plugs and I don’t really have any desire to work up to something larger. The problem with having a butt that only likes small things up it is that often vibrating parts take up a fair amount of room. This means I’m always on the hunt for a vibrating plug that’s still small. So when FT London said they were launching a new toy, the Gpop, which could be used as a small vibrating g-spot stimulator or a little vibrating butt plug, I was interested. I’m really glad FT London chose to send me their Gpop so I could give it a try.


The Gpop comes packaged in a tasteful cardboard cylinder, with a picture of the Gpop on the front and some erotic art work on the back. The top features a proud union jack flag design so that you can have no doubt that FT London are British. The top of the cylinder pops open. Inside you will find you Gpop toy, a white storage pouch with FT embossed in red on it, a red magnetic USB charging cable, and a small instruction booklet.



First Impressions

Upon getting the Gpop out of the packaging, my first impressions are really good. It is made of a high quality seam-free silicone which feels really nice to the touch. It’s soft and smooth and I love the deep blue colour, it makes a change from all the purple and black toys that dominate my toy box. I also find the shape of the Gpop really appealing. It has a bulbous head which it tapered at the tip and it has a long narrow neck. Its base is a wide finger loop which features the only button, the charging port and the FT logo. Overall I really like the design (as a butt plug, I’ll talk more about it as a G-spot vibe later) and I have high hopes for its performance.


Before the first use I charged up the Gpop. It’s easy to connect the charger to the base of the toy as it is magnetic. However, the magnet isn’t particularly strong so you will have to clip it on carefully and place it somewhere where it will not disconnect. Then plug the USB end into any USB port.


The instruction manual is, shall we say, a little sparse? It consists of several artistic pictures, two showing how you might like to use the Gpop (anally pictured on a person with a penis, or vaginally), and how it could hit your P-spot or G-spot. The other picture really only says “here’s the charger and on off switch”. There are no instructions on how long to charge for, how to know if it is fully charged, if the product is waterproof, or what the settings are. You can find out that the Gpop is indeed fully waterproof by visiting and that it has 6 vibration modes. I can’t find any info on the charging indicators, however. The user manual looks pretty but I think a little more practical information is needed.



To turn the Gpop on simply click the only button at the bottom and it will buzz into life. It does say on the website that there is a travel lock feature where you can hold down the button for 2 seconds to get it to turn on, but I can’t seem to make mine do that. The Gpop comes on at setting one which is the lowest speed constant vibration setting. I can tell straight away that these vibrations are very high pitched and buzzy. This is a disappointment for me, as I like a deep rumble for my G-spot and there is nothing rumbly about the Gpop. Click the button quickly to scroll through the other settings. Setting two and three are faster constant vibrations, each sounds more and more like a an angry bee on speed trapped in a jam jar. Setting 4 is slow pulsation, setting 5 is quicker pulsation. Setting 6 is a quick smooth oscillation from low to high then back up again. Hold the button down for a few seconds to turn it off again.


Using the Gpop Vaginally

First of all, lets talk about using it on a vulva, to get this over with. My clit hates it. The vibrations are far too high pitched and buzzy to feel good and there is absolutely no precision to it at all. If you want something to rub on your clit, this is not the toy you are looking for. Moving on to my vagina. I’m not really sure why FT London decided to brand this toy as a G-spot toy, as unless you are an absolute beginner who has never inserted anything into your vagina before I doubt this toy will affective stimulate your G-spot enough to achieve orgasm. For me, the vibrations were too buzzy for me to feel anything at all really. Buzzy vibrations aside, the toy is too slim and the neck too flexible to be able to apply any pressure to the G-spot at all. The only thing I could possible see it as being used for vaginally is if you wanted something in there to practise your kegel exercises. In fact, gripping it with your vagina and trying to pull it it out is quite a good work out, so perhaps it has a vaginal use after all? Just not the orgasmic one that was intended.

Bottom line: the gpop is not a vaginal toy. It is a butt plug and should be used as such.

Using the Gpop Anally

Thankfully, my anal nerves are much less fussy than my vaginal ones, and a little bit of buzz is no bother. Once I’d lubed up the whole of the Gpop using copious amounts of thick water based lube I slowly and gently inserted the whole Gpop into my anus, leaving the finger loop outside. I must say, it was really comfortable once in place. I love how long and slim the narrow neck is, it makes me feel confident that the Gpop will stay securely in place.

The vibrations felt really nice and really added to the intensity I was feeling from using a clitoral vibe. I also found I could move the G-pop around a little by gently pulling on the finger loop, another sensation that felt great. It really is a very nice little butt plug. The orgasms I have had while it was in have been really really intense, allowing me to feel my anal muscles contracting and releasing which each orgasmic wave.

I do find the button a little tricky to locate and press once the plug is inserted, but this is the case with all non remote controlled anal toys.


Clean up and final thoughts

Clean up on the Gpop is easy because it is seam free and fully waterproof. I just give it a good scrub with warm water and anti bacterial soap before leaving it to air dry and putting it back in its little storage case.


Overall, as a butt plug, I really like the Gpop. Its made of high quality material, its a great shape and it feels really comfortable during use. I think it was an error to brand it as a G-spot toy, as if you are buying it solely for this purpose I think you’ll be disappointed. As a petite water proof rechargeable  butt plug though, it’s pretty nice. If it had a deeper more rumbly motor it might have been damn near perfect.

I’d like to thank FT London for providing me with the Gpop free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This is no way affected my opinion of the product. 

2 thoughts on “Gpop vibrating butt plug review

  1. I’m intrigued by this toy, and impressed (in general) with the reviews I have read on FT London’s products – they seem a sex toy company which is keen to develop innovative new products.


  2. I own a similar product. it definitely made a difference in the bedroom.
    These gadgets were something I used solo. Now it’s a different story. I use this particular one with my partner. It definitely brought us closer and made our intimate adventures more exciting and fun.


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