Coco De Mer Emmeline Pleasure Wand Review

Coco de Mer is Lovehoney’s top of the range super luxurious branch of sex products. A lot of care has been taken to make sure Coco de Mer toys ooze elegance. Each is made from high quality materials in a warm chocolate brown and bronze colour scheme which sets Coco de Mer apart from all the black, purple and pink toys that dominate the sex toy world. All that elegance comes at a price though, and it’s a steep one, with the top three toys costing £139.99 ($199.99 on the US site). Coco de Mer are clearly aiming for wealthy clientele, who perhaps frequent their London boutique of the same name.


The Coco de Mer product Lovehoney asked me to review is the Emmeline pleasure wand. Less of a wand, the Emmeline is more of a classic vibrator. It has a straight shaft with a bulbous head, aimed at vaginal and clitoral stimulation. The Coco de Mer Emmeline pleasure wand is soon to be featured in the new Fifty Shades of Grey movie, Fifty Shades Freed. You can briefly see it in this trailer, at about 0.42 secs in.  This is unsurprising, given that Lovehoney have the exclusive contract to make sex products for the the Fifty Shades of Grey Franchise (check out the Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker collections). Also, the Coco de Mer Emmeline pleasure wand is exactly the kind of product I’d expect Christian Grey to own; expensive, luxurious and elegant. I’d also expect him to own the Coco de Mer bondage range too, but I digress.


Bare with me for a moment here, because I there is a lot to say about the Coco de Mer Emmeline pleasure wand’s packaging. The outer box is a rich chocolate brown colour. On the front at the top you can see a single eye peeking at you from a cut out hole. At the bottom is the product name and the Coco de Mer logo embossed in bronze. On one side of the box is an outline of the Emmeline pleasure wand in gold. On the top is the Coco de Mer sea coconut logo. The case feels lovely and thick to the touch, I think the card has been coated in something to give it a little texture. It’s these little extra touches that make Coco de Mer’s packaging so special.


When you slide off the outer box you are presented with a beautiful portrait of the lady who was peeking at you through the hole. This, I presume, is Emmeline. She looks like a elegant upper class Lady from ye olden times. I’m not very knowledgeable about period fashion so I wouldn’t like to even begin to guess which period of history she is supposed to be from. It is a very pretty picture, and I guess it could lead to some fantasy role playing, if you were into pretending to be an upper class lady of yesteryear who’d just got her very first vibrator. Or perhaps its aimed at the upper class ladies of today who have some lust for the elegance of rich women before they could vote. Who knows? There is no doubting this box is exquisite, and has a feel of old fashioned romance about it.

You’d think that’d be it right? Eye through the two-tone outer box leading to beautifully colourful portrait being the big reveal? But Coco de Mer were not done yet! When you open up the top of the inner box to get at your toy the inside top is covering in little red line drawings on a cream background. They look like tiny illustrations from romantic poetry books. On closer inspection, you will notice the images are actually erotic. There are vulvas and tits and dicks exposed everywhere, and young men egergly caressing the women, surrounded by woodland creatures. It’s very compelling, in a slightly odd kind of way. I wish the whole inside box was decorated like this, then I could turn it inside out and maybe make it a feature somewhere. Alas, it’s only the top flaps.

Inside the Box


Inside the box you get a little instruction booklet with the same portrait of Emmeline on the front, a USB charging cable, and a chocolate brown leather and gold storage case. The inclusion of such a high quality storage case sets Coco De Mer’s products apart from its competitors. Rarely will you find a discreet storage case made from actual leather. The zip has a little gold Coco de Mer charm on in. The oval shaped top of the case has Coco de Mer indented on to it. The inside of the case is silk lined and printed with little sea coconuts. It really is a fitting storage solution for such a high end product.

First Impressions and Specs

On first inspection of the Coco de Mer Emmeline pleasure wand it completely lives up to the luxury promise of the packaging. The rich brown silicone feels amazingly silky soft to the touch I can’t help from running my fingers up and down it and rubbing it against my cheek. The silicone is very high quality and completely seam free. There’s a rich bronze metallic band separating the controls from the shaft, which gives Emmeline a much needed accent of colour. Below this band Coco de Mer is written above three push buttons that control the vibrations.

The Coco de Mer Emmeline pleasure wand has a straight, rigid shaft, there is pretty much no flexibility to it. This means I will be able to apply firm pressure whilst using it, a feature that is beneficial for a vaginal toy. The head is bulbous with a narrow center. I’m pretty excited about this shape, I know it can help target my G-spot. The Coco De Mer Emmeline is quite a petite vibrator, with a total length of 7.5 inches, and insertable length of 5.25 inches and a maximum circumference of 4.75 inches. If you are a big fan of long or girthy toys, this might not be the best product for you. Having said that, I think the petite design is fitting for the elegance of range.

Charging up the Coco de Mer Emmeline Pleasure Wand

The first thing I did after taking the Coco De Mer Emmeline pleasure wand from its safe foam mould in the storage case was to look up how to charge it. There are no obvious charging ports in the outside of Emmeline. To find the charging ports you need to unscrew the base of the Coco De Mer Emmeline pleasure wand from the top, which is divided by the bronze band.

Inside the lower portion of the Coco De Mer Emmeline pleasure wand you will find the charging port. Simply plug the charger into it and the other end into a USB port. I use a wall plug but you could also use a laptop or PC.

A little LED will flash while the Coco de Mer Emmeline is charging and will stay solidly on once it is fully charged. This took a couple of hours. Once it’s fully charged simply remove the cable and put it safely back in the box or storage case then screw the two halfs of the toy back together. Make sure they are properly aligned and screwed on fully to keep the Coco de Mer Emmeline waterproof.

Controls and Settings

The Coco de Mer Emmeline pleasure wand is controlled by three push buttons at the base of the toy.


The bottom button is the Coco de Mer symbol. It is the on / off switch and changes the setting. Click it and Emmeline will buzz into life. Click it more to change the setting and hold it down for a few seconds to turn Emmeline off. The plus and minus buttons above it turn the intensity of the vibrations up and down respectively.

The Coco de Mer Emmeline pleasure wand comes on at lower-middle intensity. You can turn it down one notch. There are nine levels of intensity you can scroll through. There are six different settings you can choose from. The first is constant vibration. The second is a quick racing oscillation. The third is an even quicker oscillation. The fourth is a quick pulse. The fifth is a strong pulse followed by a weaker pulse, and is slower than the previous modes. The sixth is three pulses which ramp up, each stronger than the last, then ramp back down again. I find the patterns on the Coco de Mer Emmeline a little odd. They are unlike anything I have felt before, and I would have expected at least one to be the standard heart beat or strong, steady pulsing I know my G spot likes.  Perhaps the designers were trying something new, or perhaps it’s a feature of the motor. Either way, I’m not a huge fan of complex patterns so don’t hold out much hope of me falling in love with these ones.

The motor is fairly discreet. Even on the highest settings, it isn’t very loud and I’d be surprised if you could hear it through a closed door and a duvet. On the lower intensity settings the vibrations are nice and deep and rumbly, but like many vibrators it becomes harsher and more buzzy as you get to the top levels. For that reason I keep the Emmeline on the top-middle levels for finishing, rather than cranking it up all the way. If you’re a power queen who only likes deep rumbles I’m not sure this toy would do it for you.

Using the Coco De Mer Emmeline Pleasure Wand

I didn’t warm up before getting the Coco de Mer Emmeline out. It’s petite size made me think I could use it from cold, so to speak. I was right about that. I lubed it up with some water based lube and turned it on the the constant speed, keeping it on the second to lowest intensity that it turned on at. I used it first to massage my clit. The silky silicone and deep, rumbly vibrations felt lovely there and I could feel myself becoming aroused. If you are a fan of broad stimulation on your clit, e.g. from a mini magic wand vibrator, then you are likely to really enjoy the Coco de Mer Emmeline on your clit. I’m a fan of pin point precision for my clitoral vibrators, so it won’t do much more than feel nice to me. It was a great way to warm up though.

I next started teasing the entrance to my vagina with the Coco de Mer Emmeline pleasure wand. This felt really good, and due to the silkiness of the silicone and the slick lube I had applied it soon easily slipped inside my vagina. It was then that I first really appreciated the shape of Emmeline. My vagina clenched around the bulbous head in much the same way as it does a love egg, squeezing and directing the vibrations towards my G-spot. I gently pulled on the end of the Coco de Mer Emmeline pleasure wand and my vagina pulled back.

The rigidity of the Emmeline pleasure wand meant I could apply firm pressure to be G-spot, and I could feel the orgasm building up inside me. I had a play with the various settings, which did little more than tease me. I ended up back and constant speed at a higher intensity, and stayed there until I’d had a lovely g-spot orgasm. I won’t say it’s the quickest or most intense orgasm I’ve ever had, but it felt good none the less.

I can see myself using this toy along with a clitoral vibe to add internal pleasure rather than using it alone. The shape of the toy means my vagina will grip it so I can have my hands free to wield another toy.

Clean up is very easy because Emmeline is 100% waterproof. I just washed it in soap and warm water and left it to air dry.

A secondary use of the Coco de Mer Emmeline pleasure wand is it makes a great little massager. I’ve used it to help get knots out of my neck and shoulders. Its smaller head means it’s much more precise than my mains power magic wands and can really work those knots out.

Summary and Final Thoughts

The Coco de Mer Emmeline Pleasure wand is a delicate, elegant, luxury sex toy. It has exquisite packaging and a beautiful storage case. It is made from high quality materials and its motor is decent and discreet. The shape works really well for my vagina, although I found the patterns of vibration underwhelming.

I think the Emmeline would make a really special gift for someone with not a huge amount of sex toy experience. If you have a lot of money and the price tag doesn’t put you off, it is a lovely product to purchase for yourself or as a gift. I could see it making a fantastic Valentine’s gift. However, if your income is more average I’d say there are functionally better toys for less money. The Lovehoney desire range is a perfect example of this. They have great motors, are made from high quality materials and come with a lovely storage case, and they are half the price of the Coco de Mer products.

If you’d like to buy the Coco de Mer Emmeline pleasure wand you can find it here (UK) or here (USA) or here (AUS) or here (EU).

*I’d like to thank Lovehoney for sending me the Coco de Mer Emmeline Pleasure Wand free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This is no way affected my opinion of the product.

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