LELO Sona Review

I’d like to start this review with a disclaimer. If you’re only interested in the product review, by all means move on to the non italics below. I was in many minds about whether I would post this review. On the one hand, I would like people to be able to read reviews for products they might be interested in buying, particularly the high end products. On the other I did not want to support LELO as a company. My reasons for doing so have to do with the ethics of LELO and their past treatment of both bloggers and their own customers. Their many shortfallings have  been documented thoroughly by Dangerous Lilly, which you can read here and here.  So when LELO contacted me asking me if I would like to work with them I politely declined, not wanting to become an affiliate of such an unethical company and push more customers their way. So how did I end up with this toy? I responded to a post on the Lovehoney forum, saying I would be happy to test a new “clitoral suction toy” for them. This was a secret tester, meaning the only information I had about it was that it was some kind of clit stimulator. It wasn’t until I got the email from Lovehoney saying it was on its way that I knew it would be a LELO product. It seemed like such a waste to not include a thorough review of the LELO Sona on the blog, now that I have it and have used it. But I want you to know, as you read this review, that I am bias. I do not like LELO. I do, however, like Lovehoney, so if you are going to purchase a LELO product I’d recommend you do so from them, as their return policy will protect you more than your LELO warranty. 

I’m a big fan of clitoral suction toys; I love my Womanizer and Satisfyer toys and  so when Lovehoney asked for secret testers of a new one I jumped at the chance.


The LELO Sona comes packaged in a tasteful black cardboard box, nothing special, but it is nice and stylish. Inside the box you get a sachet of LELO lube, a USB charger and the Sona.


The front of the LELO Sona is made from seamless silicone, which feels really nice to the touch. The back is made from shiny metallic plastic, with LELO inscribed into it. I think this makes the product look tacky, as the silicone is much nicer than the plastic, but nevermind.

At the base of the LELO Sona is the charging port. It is a open circle, which makes me nervous about how waterproof the toy is. I like chargers to be magnetic or sealed in some way. The openness of this one feels like a cheaper option. To charge the LELO Sona up you simply plug the USB charger into the base of the toy and a USB port. I used a wall plug. The buttons flash with a bright white light while it is charging and stay constantly on once the toy is fully charged.


There are 3 buttons on the silicone side of the the LELO Sona. The buttons flash with light each time you click them. To turn the LELO Sona on you hold down the + button for a few seconds. It comes on at the lowest intensity. Clicking the + button will increase the intensity. There are nine levels. Clicking the – button will decrease the intensities and turn the toy off.  The central button changes the setting. There are 8 different functions, a mixture of pulses and oscillations.


I would  like to point out that the LELO website for this product goes on about how “silent” and “discreet” the Sona is. It out right suggests that the Sona is silent. This is a lie. The LELO Sona is noisy, particularly on the patterns. It sounds a bit like a tiny drill doing sporadic patterns. Sure, when it is contact with skin it is a lot quieter, but it is still not what I would class as a discreet toy. It’s not a problem for me, but if you need to be quiet this is not the best choice for you.

The LELO Sona is different to the other clitoral stimulators I have tried. It uses sonic waves to pulse air at the clit. There is a cup at the top of the toy which you place on your clitoris. Inside this cup, you can see a kind of mechanical plate which pulses very quickly up and down. This pushes air out causing a very quick tapping sensation.


In use, the I have to say the LELO Sona is genuinely incredible. The pulsations feel really intense on my clit and bring me to orgasm very quickly. Its a difficult sensation to describe, it’s as if my clit is pulsing, but in a really good way. It draws the orgasm out of me so quickly I don’t have time to think about what is happening. My body tenses up and I end up shaking and moaning, speeding towards a fast and hard orgasms. The patterns also drive me wild and I feel like they are even more intense than the constant speed. This is rare for me as I usually don’t get on well with patterns. Something about the oscillations just make me want to come right away. And the oragasms are satisfying, despite all the speed.

I also found the Sona to be a great addition to PiV sex. The toy is curved in an arch shape. This meant I could rest it easily on his stomach while I was on top, and the cup was left at the right angle and position to be in contact with my clit. The shape didn’t make it any easier to hold on to during solo play, but during sex it did mean it could easily and comfortably fit between our bodies. The LELO Sona helped me have a toe curling, very vocal orgasm during this sexual session. I stopped using it after this first orgasm but the extra sensitivity it had left me with lead me to have a further 2 orgasms very soon after, using just my partner’s penis.

However,  I don’t like that the LELO Sona doesn’t have any warm up modes. The lowest settings are really really intense for me. It reminds me of the Satisfyer pro 2 in this respect. I like a little gradual teasing to lead up to my orgasms, and with the LELO Sona there is no option to do this. For this reason, I still prefer my Womanizer pro 40, for being the only toy of this type that I can use to slowly edge myself up to an intense and fully satisfying wonderful orgasm. The LELO Sona is more of a quickie kinda toy.

Overall, I have been very pleasantly surprised by the LELO Sona. I have discovered a new and intense sensation in the sonic waves and I think it may become a toy I reach for during sex often.

If you’d like to buy your own LELO Sona, you can find it here (UK) or here (USA) or here (AUS).

I’d like to thank Lovehoney for sending me the LELO Sona free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affected my opinion of the product.

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