Share our Shit Saturday 4th Nov #SOSS

Share our Shit Saturday #SOSS is a way for everyone to show some support to all those sex bloggers out there working so hard to produce high quality content for you all to enjoy. Sex bloggers, like any other kind of blogger, rely on social media, affiliate sales and ad revenue to spread our message and fund our blogs. The problem is, no one likes us. Social media such as facebook and twitter do not allow us to advertise our blogs through them, because of “adult content”. Big companies such as Amazon often refuse us as affiliates for the same reason despite Amazon selling sex toys. Google doesn’t value our blogs if they contain any nudity. You’d think things would be gradually getting better, but you know what? It’s getting worse. Twitter is shadow banning sex bloggers, treating them as if they are automated porn bots. Patreon, a service many sex bloggers use to to help support their writing, now are limiting what sex bloggers are allowed to share.

All of this is a problem. Companies are so frightened of sex that they push us away and do not think that we have many valuable readers, or that most adults have an interest in sex related content, be it sex ed, adult products, or porn. They don’t see that the people who read sex blogs are also people who shop at Amazon and Tesco, and buy clothes and food and gifts for their families.

Share out Shit Saturday has been set up as a hashtag on Twitter #SOSS. If you enjoy reading a sex blogger, consider sharing their posts. I think the more people who come out and say, “hey I read this stuff, and I am unashamed”, the more likely companies are to begin to value us. It doesn’t have to be on Saturday, or with a hashtag, or even on Twitter.  Just clicking share after you’ve read something good would be a help.

So, this is my small contribution to #SOSS. I’m hoping to post these weekly or fortnightly. Here’s what caught my eye in the last week or so. I highly recommend you give all these bloggers a read, and share your own favourites. Happy weekend reading everyone!



Fancy reading a review of something completely different? Well Cara Sutra has reviewed a BDSM breath control gas mask. It’s something I’ve never seen before, and Cara gave it a thorough test.

Visit Cara Sutra here

If that doesn’t stir your interest, perhaps this will: Joanne’s Sex Machine Reviews has reviewed a monstrous Frankenstein dildo! I find it pretty damn scary looking. See the dildo in all its disturbing glory, alongside fantastic artwork by Joanne herself, and read all she has to say about it.

Visit Joanne’s Sex Machine Reviews here

If you’re completely over Halloween and don’t want to venture down anything spooky at all, Little Switch Bitch has reviewed an intriguing new vibrator. It’s self lubricating, a concept I have yet to come across myself. Want to find out more?

Visit Little Switch Bitch here

Personal / Sex Ed

Girl on the net has written a fantastic piece about her feeling on going on top. She talks about the expectations of riding cowgirl from porn and about how that influenced her. I relate to a lot of what she said. It’s very insightful and I’d recommend everyone having PiV sex give it a read.

Visit girl on the net here

Aurora Glory has written a very informative piece about about Agalmatophilia, a fetish for dolls, mannequins or statues. This is something I knew very little about, and reading Aurora’s piece definitely taught me something new.

Visit Aurora Glory here


Scandarella has a fantastic spooky and creepy Erotic story this week, called Son’s of Satan. Are you missing the halloween spirit already? Then give this fantastic piece of writing a read.

Visit Scandarella here


Le Journal has a Queen Bee to giveaway to North America:

Visit Le Journal Here

And of course, Epiphora is running her annual competition, this time celebrating a decade of blogging, with LOADS of fantastic sex toys to be won:

Visit Hey Epiphora here


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