Share our Shit Saturday 18th November #SOSS

It’s Saturday and time for a quick round up of some of my favourite sex positive post for this week. For a bit of background on #SOSS, have a read of my original post. Remember to support your favourite sex bloggers by sharing their content. You can also have fun and discover new bloggers by following the #SOSS hashtag on Twitter every Saturday (or Sunday morning if you want to catch them all).

There are seriously so many fantastic sex positive voices out there now, what I share is a very small snippet of all the brilliant content you can discover. I’m sad I don’t have time to read it all. I’m going to try to be varied in the bloggers I post, because I worry about #SOSS becoming a bit of a popularity contest with the same blogs being shared over and over again. Not that the popular blogs aren’t good, they are great, but I think the spirit of #SOSS is to get more voices heard. So I’m going to try my hardest to seek out bloggers I haven’t read before, and I’m going to try to make myself painfully aware of my own bias towards my favourites. Of course I’ll still include the popular blogs too, I’m just trying to cast my net a little wider. Hope you enjoy reading!


Nat has reviewed a realistic vibrator from Lovehoney’s new mantric range. I love the look of this whole range and its no frills philosophy. Find out how Nat got on with it over at her blog.

Visit cooler than a glass dildo here

Kelvin is an intersex trans blogger and he has reviewed one of his favourite packers, the new york toy collective Archer. Read his insightful post using the link below.

Visit Cyborg Dicks here

Bondage God has reviewed some hittech cuffs, that are meant to prevent that pins and needles feeling you get during bondage play. But do they work? Find out how bondage god got on with them.

Visit bondage god here

Sex Ed / Personal

Emmeline Peaches has written an excellent and very informative piece about Uterine cancer, it’s an important read for everyone with a womb.

Visit Emmeline Peaches here

Girl on the Net has written a very thoughtful post, exploring how anxiety and depression affected how she felt about sex, and how her partner helped her. I found it a  really touching piece.

Visit Girl on the Net here


Posy Churchgate has been writing some seriously sizzling BDSM erotica, and her latest installment was put up this week, including pet play, dominance and bondage. Have a read and go back and read all the installments if you enjoyed it.

Visit Posy Churchgate here


This week it’s all about glass!

Luv Bunny is celebrating their one year blog anniversary and has got a lovely Fifty Shades Freed Glass Dildo from Lovehoney to giveaway, open to the UK only.

Visit down the bunny rabbit hole here.

If you’re not in the UK, Sunny Megatron has a harness glass dildo to giveaway to USA residents only.

Visit Sunny Megatron here.

3 thoughts on “Share our Shit Saturday 18th November #SOSS

  1. Hi Miss Jezebella, wow, that was a roll cal of several blogs I hadn’t stumbled across before so I shall be busy following those links!

    Thanks for mentioning my erotica, I’m very flattered it sizzled for you!

    Liked by 1 person

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