Share Our Shit Saturday 25th November #SOSS

It’s Saturday morning again and I’ve got a cold and a bit of a headache, so I apologize for the briefness of my descriptions. But enough about my minor winter ailments, here’s a few posts that stood out to me this week, in amongst all the black friday sales posts and gift guides (but seriously, guys, if you’re going to buy an adult product make sure you go through the affiliate links on your favourite sex blogger’s website, it means we get a cut of your sale and it won’t cost you any extra). For a bit of background on #SOSS, read my original post here. As I mentioned last week, I’m still trying to cast my net wider and share blogs I haven’t shared before. Hope you enjoy reading & remember to support the sex blogging world by sharing our shit.


This first review I have been looking forward to for a while. I worked with Unbound for my anniversary giveaway back in June, and they let me pick a piece from their kink jewelry range to giveaway. I chose a beautiful pin wheel necklace, inspired by Amelia Earhart. Joanne Sex Machine reviews won it, and she has reviewed it along with some stunning photos, it really is a lovely way to display your kink.

Visit Joanne’s Sex Machine Reviews here.

Phallophile has reviewed a rimming butt plug, but they used it for vaginal use. For a detailed and different perspective of the b-vibe butt plug, visit Phallophile reviews below.

Visit Phallophile Reviews here

Livvy Libertine has reviewed a really bright, lime green, G-spot vibrator:

Visit Livvy Libertine here

Finally, Scanderella has reviewed a wicked looking leather whip. Into your impact play?

Visit Scandarella here


Cyborg Dicks has written a hot piece of erotica featuring two trans men in a Sub / Dom scenario.

Visit Cyborgdicks here

Sex Ed / Personal

A poly princess has written an excellent and very personal piece about the physiological symptoms of anxiety and depression, and just how debilitating they can be. This one resonated with me so much, I can really relate and empathise (I touch on physiological symptoms in my post about depression). It’s worth a read, particular if you have a friend or partner who struggles with their mental health.

Visit A Poly Princess here

Ever wanted to know the pros and cons of the various eco friendly menstruation products out there? Well Oh Glow have written a really useful and thorough guide. It focuses on South African products, but you can get an idea of the different options out there, even if you chose another brand. Give it a read if you bleed:

Visit Oh Glow here


Cara Sutra has launched her Christmas Giveaway, where you can win a sexy bundle worth over £200! Best of all, it’s open worldwide!

Visit Cara Sutra here

Candy Snatch has also launched a Christmas Giveaway, open to the UK only. You can enter to win a Rocks Off Joycicles bullet vibe.

Visit Candy Snatch here



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